Holiday Photos - Differentiated Language!

Are you loving my differentiated activities?  Want one for the holiday season...keep reading to learn more!!
What does this activity include??

  • 8 holiday related photos
  • Each photo has WH questions based on the picture shown
  • A short story related to the photo
  • Variety of WH questions based on the short story 
  • Variety of higher level thinking questions based on the story (inferencing, drawing conclusion, cause/effect).
  • Graphic organizers
  • Visual aids
Your students will love these cute photos and you can easily use this activity with a group of students working on different goals or functioning at different levels.  You can also use it with various groups in a day that are at different levels.
You can access this activity by visiting my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

What's in your cart -- linky party

Have you heard?  Another TpT sale is around the corner!!  Another reason to be excited for December!!

Before I share with you the items that I have in my TpT cart (I love sales & I love shopping on TpT!)...I will remind you of some new items in my store: onto what is in my cart...I will be honest with you..I keep shifting around and adding.  It is so hard to decide I want it all!!!

Why SLPs need TpT...linky party!

I am so excited to host today's linky party!  Many SLPs out there are probably asking themselves "why would I get materials off TpT vs. other avenues/creating themselves?" Keep reading to see why I prefer to get my materials off TpT.  Scroll to the bottom to see other SLP blogger linked up.  Click their links to hop to their posts on the same topic!
Instant gratification:

  • I love that I click "purchase" and I have my resources at my fingertips!  I can open on my iPad, print in black-and-white quickly at work, or prep ahead of time and print/laminate so I have these resources forever.
  • I often have a moment during a session..."I wish I had..." or "next time I must work on..." and as soon as session is over (if I have time, otherwise my first free second) I hop on TpT to see if that idea/goal/concept is already out there for me to grab!
Students are kept motivated and engaged:
  • By having TONS of materials my students are never bored
  • I can always find a material using a theme/graphic/topic that motivates my students (such as superheros, Star Wars, fairy tales, and more).
  • I am always introducing new games and reinforcers into the mix.  They never know walking into my speech room what they are going to get!
  • Most activities I've purchased on TpT encourage interaction between the students which is always a bonus.
Designed for SLPs by SLPs:
  • It is always nice to know activities and ideas have been tested by SLPs just like me
  • Someone out there said "I need something to work on ____ like ____" and they created it and shared it with the SLP community.  How amazing?!
What are my favorite finds so far on TpT?
Yes, this SLP TpT seller loves to purchase from other SLPs too!  Check out posts from other SLP bloggers below to see why they buy on TpT!

Help Santa Get Ready! Interactive Story & Comprehension Activities!!

Are you a fan of my interactive stories?  Are you looking for new and engaging Christmas themed materials?!  Keep reading about my newest product!
This book is easy to put together and use.  You can laminate and use with Velcro or print, staple, and use as a cut and paste activity.  The choice is yours!

Each page has a space for students to add a vocabulary item.  They can add the item to the clothesline that is mentioned in the story.  As the story continues, they will see Santa getting more and more clothes on!
A larger image of Santa is included as well as bigger clothing items that they can add to their Santa as they read the story or use to retell the story in their own words.

Included in this activity pack are several worksheets that can  be used as review.  These worksheets will target comprehension/WH questions, vocabulary/categorization, sequencing, and following directions.
You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist -- product review and big news

A while back I was asked to participate in providing stories/information about helping students with Autism to go to the dentist (an obviously tough situation with sensory issues, social difficulties, and more).  To my surprise....jump ahead time...I received a copy in the mail of a brand new book!  Introducing Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist by Marla Roth-Fisch.
This book goes page by page to help students know what to expect at the dentist.  It gives tip for parents as well.  In the back of the book, the author lists tons of stories submitted by parents, therapists, and more.  Guess what I found while I was reading this section....MY STORY!
I was even more excited to see that my story was written on the same page as Katie from Playing With Words 365!
Click HERE to check out more about this book.  I recommend it to parents of children with Autism that struggle with going to the dentist.  Definitely add this book to your list of recommended reads for parents!

Thanks to Marla Roth-Fisch for giving me the opportunity to help her out with this publication and sending me a copy of the finished product!  It was so excited to see my "name" in print!

Disclaimer: This pots contains Amazon Affiliate links.

Color By Basic Directions: Great for students with Autism, ABA, and those working on following directions & expanded utterance length!

Are you loving my feed the monkey and feed the snowman activities?!!  Do you want a print and go version?!  You are in luck!!
Use these fun seasonal/holiday worksheets to promote requesting and expanded language while working on following directions!!

Sentence strips included and visual instructions on each page!  Pages incorporate seasonal/holiday vocabulary to work on that skill as well!
Seasonal/holidays included:
-Back to School
-Valentine’s Day
-St. Patrick’s Day

Skills targeted in this pack:
–Answering questions
–Expanding  utterance length
–Following directions
–Color, season/holiday, and part-whole vocabulary


Grab this pack by clicking HERE!!

Winter Fun Finds! (where I found them & how I plan to use them!)

I was busy ordering new prizes for my students on and I had to spend a little bit more to get free shipping...oh man DANGEROUS!!  Well...they got me!  But it is OK because I found fun new ideas to add to my speech room!
Disclaimer: Please ignore the GROSS floors and wall surrounding the picture above!  It was the only way I could display everything I got in one picture without totally exposing my entire therapy room, sorry I must remain anonymous!

OK back to the blog post!

Above you will see: hot cocoa bean bag toss, emotions plush snowballs, and a build a snowman game!  How do I plan to use them?

Hot Cocoa Bean Bag Toss (by the way how cute are the marshmallow bean bags!):

The emotions plush snowballs:
  • Working on emotions vocabulary
  • Working on character traits vocabulary
  • Students can build a snowball tower as a reinforcer
  • "hot potato" but with the snowballs.  Students will have to pass the snowball around until the music stops, the person holding the snowball will have to answer a question!
  • Use these with my bowling pins
  • Can use with Speech Room New's snowball fight activity!

Build A Snowman:
  • Following directions
  • Snowman/clothing vocabulary
  • Prepositions
  • Reinforcer with any target
Now that you are curious on these items, click below to learn more about them and how you can get them for yourself!  
I love finding activities that I can use for the season.  These will definitely help motivate my students during the cold winter months.

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