Cookies and Milk Roll & Color! Open-Ended Activity (FREEBIE!)

Are you looking for a fun, calm, and motivating activity?  Are you looking for ideas to use with the story "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?!"  Check out my latest no prep activity FREEBIE!

Just print, grab a dice, and go!

Students can roll a dice to determine the amount of cookies and/or milk they can color after completing any task!

Want to make it a competition?  Here are 2 ideas:

  • The student that colors their entire sheet first is the winner!
  • One page for 2 students or 2 teams, one team "milk" and the other "cookies."  Which one can be colored first?!
I decided to use this activity with a fun game I have in my toy closet.  Students got to pick a cookie from the jar after they completed a task to determine the amount of pictures to color!

Used this one today and they had a blast!!  It was a fun and motivating way to also work on counting!

You can access my latest freebie in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

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Producing Descriptive Sentences Printable Book!!

Did you like my Producing Complete Sentences Printable book???  I  know my students have enjoyed the activity and I got GREAT sentences out of it!  I decided to make another one with a focus on describing/adjectives!

Work on expressing and/or writing descriptive sentences with this fun printable book!

Just print, cut at the lines, staple, and go!

A sample page is provided for your students.

Each page has visual question prompts to elicit a complete sentence with nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

A page with sample adjectives to select from has been provided!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

Betty the Butterfly: Interactive Story & Comprehension Activities

You asked, I answered....I was unable to get an Easter story together in time, sooooo I have been working hard to get another spring one together!!

Use this pack to address the following goals:
-WH questions
-following directions
-and more!!

Students will love adding the spring activity pictures to each page of the book.  Use Velcro if you laminate the book or make it a cut and glue activity so students can bring home and read to homework helpers!

A large visual mat and images provided to retell story or to use while reading.  I have students take turns retelling the story.  Who can remember the most in the correct order?!?!

Several worksheet provided as well!

You can access this story in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

Like them all?!  Grab the bundle!!   This one has been added so if you own the bundle, redownload!

SLP ways of using FROZEN!!

Have you ever had an AH HA moment?!  My students were singing "Let It Go!" and I realized..."hey this is a teachable moment?!"  I decided to come up with a list of ways to use this movie in your speech sessions!


  • There are some vocabulary concepts our students may not know in the movie!  Just use the song "Let it go."  You can give them the lyrics or show them a sing a long version on You Tube.  There are tons of words to teach such as: isolation, distance, limits, rage, and crystallizes.  They can use the context clues of the movie to figure it out!
  • Categorization: can they think of all the frozen/cold concepts used in the movie (i.e. ice, storm, snowman).
  • Sequencing: can your students retell the movie to you?!
  • What is the main idea of the movie?  Characters?  Setting?  Problem?  Solution?
  • What was the cause of the winter?  What was the effect?
  • What do you predict Frozen 2 will be about?!
  • Why is it funny that Olaf wants summer?  You can show them the You Tube video of "In Summer."
  • Why was it surprising that Ana chose Elsa over a boy at the end?
What else?!
  • Verb tenses
  • Articulation --- pull out words from the movie with your student's target sound!
  • WH questions
  • Compare/contrast Ana/Elsa, winter/summer, etc.
  • and so much more!!

Students are SOOOOOO motivated by this movie, why not use it?!

Basic Foldables for SLPs....FREEBIE!!

What are foldables???  Foldables are an easy way to make lessons interactive.  Students can use their creativity, follow directions, and can have a project they are proud of.  I have created a fun new freebie that includes a variety of EASY to use foldables in speech!

Just print, copy for each of your students, fold and cut along the dotted lines.

Students can write on the back with the prompts I have provided.  Then, they can write under each flap created based on the prompts given.

I recommend making a model for your students to follow.

Foldables are provided to address the following speech and language goals:
-Articulation: students can write target words in the flaps.
-Sequencing: recalling details from a text and for organizing how to complete a task

-Producing complete sentences

Classroom teachers are using foldables too!  A great way to give your students practice with a classroom activity!

You can grab this freebie in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

Rainy Day Ryan: Interactive Story & Comprehension Activities! (PERFECT for spring!!)

Woohoo!  My newest interactive story is ready and available!!  Right in time for April showers bring May flowers lessons!!

This activities follows the same format as my other ones...helps the students know what to expect!

What does this activity include?  A cute little story with interactive pieces for students to insert into the story.  It also has a story retelling mat and larger images for retell or so that multiple students can participate at at time!

What skills can  you address with the story and the four comprehension worksheet activities included?

  • Sequencing
  • Answering questions
  • Prepositions
  • Categorization
  • Following directions
  • Recall of details
  • Predicting
  • and so much more!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

You can also grab the WHOLE bundle by clicking HERE!!  If you already own this bundle, redownload it go grab the newest story!  It has been added!

Teaching Multiple Meaning Words (MMW) with baseball!!

Take me out to the ball game!  It is baseball season!!  Did you ever realize how many multiple meaning words are used in that game?!!  It is such a motivating way to teach this concept!!

I use this idea often and decided to put it together to share with all of you!  What does this activity include?

-A visual image that helps demonstrate the two meanings of words commonly heard in the game baseball.  I substituted the meaning used in baseball with the others.  Can the students find the errors?  Can they figure it out on their own?  If they cannot...I have sentence prompts provided for you to help guide them!!

-A worksheet for documenting and practicing the multiple meanings used in the visual image.  Can your students write the two definitions in their own words (or use in sentences...your choice!)  They can also illustrate the two meanings for themselves.  This is a great way for more practice and to ensure understanding!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!  I'm sure your students will love it as much as mine have!  My students even wanted to create their own visual images for themselves!!

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