Fill the House: File Folder Activity (Great for students with Autism, ABA, and more!)

Are you loving my file folder activities?  Wait until  you check out my newest one!!
Students will have fun working on house vocabulary with this fun, easy to use and prepare file folder activity.

Tons of sentence strips included to encourage expanded utterance length!

Follow up activities and MANY review worksheets included!

Skills targeted in this pack:

  • Answering questions
  • Expanding  utterance length
  • Following directions
  • Color, around the home and furniture vocabulary
  • Verbs
  • Object function
  • and more!
This activity took about 15 minutes to prepare and can be used over and over to review around the home vocabulary!  Students can pick a house item mentioned in the directions page, place it into the house, and then use the same pieces to complete the follow up activities included.  Can they identify which rooms they belong in?  Can they belong in more than one room?
Although I LOVE seasonal/holiday activities, I do love concepts/vocabulary themes that I can use any time of the year!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

Elf on a Shelf Fun!

Other than the usual stuffed elf on a shelf and book, I was looking for a fun, "speechie" way to incorporate the elf into my speech room.  

After browsing on Amazon, I found these great products!!

Can you already see how "speechie" some of the above can be?!

  • Hide and Seek: can work on prepositions, answering questions, and following directions.
  • Naughty vs. Nice: well hello social skills!
  • Floor puzzle: you can give a piece of the puzzle each time students produce a target speech sound, students can guess what the puzzle will be using their predicting skills, and more.
  • Matching Game: KEEP READING!
You are in luck, I have the matching game and it is a great way to work on SO many speech and language skills.
This adorable game uses the elf on the shelf concept but if you aren't fan (I know many are scared, or just are not a fan!) that is OK! You can leave the "elf" in the box!

This game has TONS of elf images and the elves are doing different actions.  YES!  We can work on verb tenses, describing, prepositions, answering questions, and even the plural form of "elf!"
This is a regular memory matching game so students will easily know what to do.  This game also comes with "bonus" game cards which you can include in the game or leave out depending on your preference.
The game came with instructions on how to use the bonus cards but you can totally make up your own rules!  The wild card means students gets a bonus point, but you can also have it mean they have to answer a speech question, they can pick who goes next, or anything!

The lose a pair card means they have to hand back a matching pair they have already found.

The take elf card means they can hold the toy elf on a shelf.  Whenever a new student picks this card, that elf has to be handed over.  The student with the elf at the end of the game gets 4 bonus points.  Students with the most points (not necessarily matches) wins.  I like this fact because those with weaker memory skills still have a chance to catch up and win!
You can also use the elf toy for pretend play, following directions, working on prepositions, amd more!!

My students loved this game!  It was such a fun way to work on so many skills with one activity!

Disclaimer:  This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

Turkey Claus Fun!

I was reading a new story to my students today and working on answering questions and I had an "ah ha!" moment!
I knew this book would be great for answering questions, predicting, sequencing, and Christmas vocabulary.  But.....this book is also great for using Story Grammar Marker!!

What is Story Grammar Marker??  It is an amazing program created by Mind Wing Concepts, Inc.  It uses manipulatives tools to teach students how to express important details in a story.  It is great for teaching story retelling or telling personal narratives.

Why is this book perfect for Story Grammar Marker?  Well, there's a problem, several attempts to solve the problem, and a solution to the problem.  The turkey has different emotions that he feels at the beginning, middle, and end.  You can very easy use the graphic organizers provided in this program to help students organize their thoughts while reading the story and/or after.  We worked together as a group completing the graphic organizer.  Then, my students got to take turns using their notes and the Story Grammar Marker manipulative to share the story in their own words.  My students did great!!
Disclaimer: This post contains an Amazon Affiliate link.

Harry the Hot Chocolate Interactive Story & Comprehension Activities!

Are you loving my interactive stories?  Haven't heard of them yet?  These stories are fun, interactive, and come with several vocabulary/comprehension activities related to the story!!  Your students will have fun adding the pieces to the story while working on their speech & language goals at the same time!  Keep reading to learn more about my newest one!
Have fun working on winter vocabulary, prepositions, sequencing, answering questions, and more with this winter themed interactive story.

Print and laminate the interactive story.  Bind with binder clips or a binding machine and add Velcro to attach the interactive pieces.  You can also use it as a cut and glue activity by just printing and stapling it together.

As you read each page, have students add the “hot chocolate items” to the space indicated.

An image is included as well as bigger interactive pieces.  This can be used as review or as a larger visual while reading the story.

Review worksheets are included.  These worksheets will target comprehension/answering questions, sequencing, and vocabulary.
You can access this activity by clicking HERE!

Ornament Yes/No Questions FREEBIE!!

Looking for a new way to work on answering yes/no questions for the holiday season?!  Check out my newest freebie added to my TpT store!!
What's included and how can you use it?

  • An empty Christmas tree
  • 16 ornaments with yes/no questions on the cards
  • A review worksheet is provided as well
  • Students can answer the questions on each ornament and then add them to the tree
  • Feel free to make it into a file folder game and use Velcro to add the ornaments to the tree!
Click HERE to access this brand new freebie!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Holiday Photos - Differentiated Language!

Are you loving my differentiated activities?  Want one for the holiday season...keep reading to learn more!!
What does this activity include??

  • 8 holiday related photos
  • Each photo has WH questions based on the picture shown
  • A short story related to the photo
  • Variety of WH questions based on the short story 
  • Variety of higher level thinking questions based on the story (inferencing, drawing conclusion, cause/effect).
  • Graphic organizers
  • Visual aids
Your students will love these cute photos and you can easily use this activity with a group of students working on different goals or functioning at different levels.  You can also use it with various groups in a day that are at different levels.
You can access this activity by visiting my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

What's in your cart -- linky party

Have you heard?  Another TpT sale is around the corner!!  Another reason to be excited for December!!

Before I share with you the items that I have in my TpT cart (I love sales & I love shopping on TpT!)...I will remind you of some new items in my store: onto what is in my cart...I will be honest with you..I keep shifting around and adding.  It is so hard to decide I want it all!!!

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