Fall TpT/Blogger Meetup in NYC!

This has been one of those weekends I will remember forever.  When I started this little "blogging" journey, I never had any idea what it would lead to.  I have learned so much about education, creating materials, and I truly feel like I have become a better SLP because of it all.  I love doing this and plan to stick around...so you better not get sick of me!  

Anyway, just like an athlete would hope to play in an all star game to meet other players from around the country, I got to attend an all star event held in NYC at the Teachers Pay Teachers headquarters!  This amazing company that has providing me with so much, opened their doors on a Saturday and invited myself and other local sellers and top sellers from around the country to view their office and collaborate with each other.  The only word I can use to describe this experience is WOW!  So much creativity and love for education in ONE office!  Here is the picture Teachers Pay Teachers took of everyone and posted on their Instagram account.

So, I get to the office, which is in a beautiful and super modern office building in NYC.  Here is the view I got when I got off the elevator.  And yes, this SLP was the FIRST seller to arrive.  That was even after spending a half hour at the Starbucks across the street.  Yes, that was a bit awkward, but it was nice to have a one-one-one chat with the super friendly TpT team.  I got to ask them my questions without a ton of people surrounding.

I also got to take some office photos before people arrived :)

Here is the wall of Facebook comments TpT displays.  They display so much amazing stuff around their office.

They also fill their office with cover photos of TpT products and they rotate them monthly.  There is no rhyme or reason how they are selected but they do.  They even have a wall of photos displayed for when they have business meeting and visitors.  They like to show off the amazing things teachers and educators do for their site.

They utilize an open floor plan for their staff this way everyone can easily work together.  They also have huge screens to display Instagram images throughout the day.  However, for today, it was filled with our conference agendas!  We came up with the topics we wanted to discuss and there was no leader or true "agenda" more just topics.

Here is a view of one of the conference rooms we used to collaborate.  We discussed SO many things like tips/tricks, copyright, blogger vs. wordpress, Pinterest/Facebook, and so much more!

 Here was a pencil that was used to make bouquet table arrangements.  So stinking creative.

They even have an office room with a Smart Board so they can try out the different Smart Board products and trouble shoot any technical difficulties a buyer or seller may have.

It was so incredibly amazing that I had to stay out in the city after and go sight seeing and hang out with other TpT sellers longer.  Can you blame me?!

First, I went to grab yummy mac & cheese (recommendation of the famous KG fonts) with I Teach What's Your Super Power, Fabulous in First, and Rosie Rambles!

Then I went around the corner to meet up with a ton other sellers eating at a different restaurant and had a glass of sangria with the fabulous Science Penguin!

Then we all took Ubers and went to take a sight seeing boat ride around the Hudson.  When we got to the pier, KG was waiting there with Insomnia Cookies (the box was covered with KG fonts! How cool!?)

I hung out a little  bit after, wandered around NYC with amazing talent,  but I had to take the train home unfortunately.

I learned so much and was so inspired by each and every person I met.  Whether they had their TpT store open for a year or 8 years, everyone taught me something new.  I also was shocked to see that I could teach some people things which was so amazing.  

I cannot wait to participate in other TpT events and see where my little "blog" and "store" will go in the future!  I cannot be anywhere without you, my readers, that take the time to read these blogs, check out my TpT store, and follow my social media accounts.  xoxo

Teaching Main Idea Worksheets and Activities!!

Looking for a new way to teach main idea and supporting details?!  I am constantly trying to find new ways to help students comprehend the concept.  I have created activities to teach main idea using an umbrella!  Why an umbrella?!  A main idea COVERS the whole story or all of the details!

What does this pack include?
-visual aid to comprehend the umbrella main idea strategy
-A file folder sorting activity

-Several worksheets to practice sorting details under the correct umbrella/main idea

-Write the details worksheets: based on photos provided in the umbrella graphic organizer

-What's the main idea of passages provided worksheets: Students will read a passage provided, and take notes on the umbrella graphic organizer provided.  Then, they can practice writing the main idea into the umbrella using their details!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

Thank You Tags for SLPs! (FREEBIE!!)

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to thank teachers for their help and cooperation?!  Do you like brightening others' day?!  Do your coworkers love candy?!  Check out this new freebie I added to my TpT store!!  Did I mention it is free and takes seconds to assemble!

thank you tags SLPs

Just grab a cheap bag of candy, ribbon, a hole puncher, and a scissor.  Print these tags out, cut them apart, punch a hole in the corner, and attach to candy with ribbon.  Now, I recommend finding a yummy candy that contains nuts to make the tags make sense and more fun!  Just make sure your colleagues are not allergic to nuts!


There are two versions of this tag included!  One for scheduling and one for IEP meetings!!  Grab this freebie by clicking HERE!!

My Favorite Things: Clip Art & Fonts!

I have had a lot of people ask me about how I create my TpT products.  Well, I am not going to share all my secrets but I will share where I go to begin.  In order to create any image or product, I must purchase clip art and fonts.  It is how my images POP!

When I first started with clip art, I started with freebies that artists provided on their TpT store.  This way I could learn, start with some products, and then decide which clip artists I want to invest my money in.  I learned right away I tend to use the same artists.  Now 3 years later, I have a HUGE collection of clip art (that is forever growing!).  I search for specific themes or just for page borders!  Here are a few of my favorite go to clip artists.  Yes, I use more because sometimes I find something specific in another store.  But when I need something, I tend to go to these first.

Remember, if you are creating anything and selling it, you must give credit to those artists that provided you with the clip art!

Now, if you are looking for a symbols provider.  My go to provider is now...
I love how they are constantly updating their image selection and you can request an image that does not exist.  They now provide images in black and white too which is great for the print and go worksheets (and I don't have access to color at work so when I need to print there, I prefer without color, it prints better that way!).  If you do not already have a membership with Smarty Symbols, I highly recommend it!  It is a great and easy way to make sentence strips and visual aids.  We all know how much our students need visuals!

Now, onto fonts! I LOVE FONTS!  Almost obsessed.  I get upset when I see a coworker  use a font that comes with Microsoft.  Granted, I can't use my fonts at school, so there I have to use the ones that come with Microsoft.  But I often make things at home and save it as a PDF so I can print and use it at school.  If I did not save as a PDF, when I open the file at school, my fonts are lost!

Here you can see my favorite font artists.  Yes, I use others, but these are my go to ones!  As you can see, I clearly use most KG fonts and that is why I invested in a lifetime license of hers.  For the others, I just purchase a single font commercial license for each font.  Yes, for Hello Fonts, KG fonts, and DJB fonts, you can try them out for FREE by downloading them on TpT.  But if you are going to use them commercially, you MUST purchase a license!

You may see above some fonts that look familiar.  They are featured in my TpT products.  Some of my older products have older fonts, but I have been busy updating my products to include these fonts since I just love them.  They really help make my products POP!  There are tons of tutorials on YouTube on how to do creative things with fonts and I have been busy watching and learning so much!  I want to know everything there is to know to make my products and images look the best that they can be.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the behind the scenes of Speech Time Fun.  I love being creative and sharing my ideas with all of you!

Story Elements Road Trip! QR Code Fun!!

Have you been loving my QR code activities?  Are you looking for more activities to address curriculum vocabulary and concepts?  Have fun understanding and identify story elements (character, setting, problem, and solution) with this fun QR code activity!

What is included?
-Visual aid provided

-Graphic organizer to document responses through the activity

-Students will pick a card, read or have it read to them, and they must use their knowledge of story elements to answer the comprehension question provided.  They can check their work using the QR code.

-The student with the most cards at the end is the winner!

-Review worksheet is included!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!!

Check out my other QR code activities by clicking HERE!!

Like them all?  Want the bundle!  Click HERE!  (already have the bundle?  this activity has been added!)

Celebrating 6K Facebook Followers!

I am so honored to say that 6,000 of you follow my Facebook page.  You chose to click "like" and get updates on latest products, therapy ideas, giveaways, and just other random FUN!  To celebrate YOU I am holding a giveaway!!

6 people can win, YES SIX, 6 TpT products of your choice from my store (sorry no bundles!), enter the rafflecopter below!!  With 6 winners....your chances of winning are even greater!!  Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Top 10 Ways SLPs Can Stay Connected With Classroom Teachers!

Are you struggling to stay connected?  Do you have a crazy caseload like mine and work with tons of teachers?  Do you lack common prep time to stay connected and touch base?  Here are some ways that I try (keyword is try, not all teachers are completely receptive to all of these!  Disclaimer: I do struggle constantly but at least I try!)

1.  Email:  It is just a quick and easy way to send a message to let teachers know how their students are doing in your room.  They can read it when they are free and available, can reread it if they need to grab information for themselves, you can easily attach copies of graphic organizers or visuals that are effective with your mutual students.  I try to send an email monthly with updates on progress.  I prefer email most because it gives you a record that you contacted them.  You can prove it if they claim that they "didn't hear that before."

2.  Photocopy machine meet ups: OK so this isn't the best method but sometimes you bump into a colleague at the photocopy machine and while you are there waiting for things to copy, why not chat about a student.

3.  Mailboxes:  I like to keep a generic memo template that I can easily fill out about a student or group of students in that teacher's class.  I can remind them to send me copies of vocabulary lists they are working on in the classroom so that I can carry it over in my therapy room.

4.  Picking up your students:  Sometimes those brief moments of going to the students' classrooms can remind the teachers to tell you something about that child's behavior or progress.  Everyone is busy and stressed and sometimes just being forced to see your face can remind them to touch base.  You can also easy grab any handouts being used in the classroom.

5.  Leave your door open!  You will be surprised how many teachers will pop in while they are passing by from dropping off students at specials and will stop in quickly to tell you something.  They also like to see what kind of things you do in your therapy room.  The more I leave my door open, the more looks of "wow, I thought she only worked on the /r/ sound all day..who knew she also worked on ___" I get.

6.  Send your students back with memos!  It is a great way to easily just pass along a message.  The message could even just say "ask me what I learned in speech today."

7.  Encourage your teachers to view the speech notebooks.  Remind them that it isn't private and just for the parents.  They can read what you worked on and what you assigned for home practice.  They can easily see what prompts and strategies you are using and are hoping to carryover.

8.  Hold workshops!!  In my district we are forced to attend a certain amount of districtwide workshops and some can be run by teachers and others that are not administrators.  I have held workshops to explain what I do, share strategies, and had a forum for teachers to come and speak with me about their students and get credit hours for doing so.

9.  Bulletin boards:  If you have a display outside your therapy room, hang up visuals and strategies for teachers to view in passing.  It is a quick way for them to view what goes on in your therapy room, even if they don't intend to ask.

10.  Team meetings:  try to organize them if they don't already exist.  It is great for all providers and educators working with a particular student to be on board and addressing the same needs.  The worst is when you show up to a parent meeting and the team has not met prior!

Overall...it is important to remember we are all busy and stressed.  But it is always good to make the effort and to keep teachers in the loop.  We do all have the same common goal, our students' success!

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