Board Games Visual Aids! (PLUS GIVEAWAY!)

Do you wish you can promote communication using your favorite board games?  Have you noticed that most SLPs love using the same board games?!  I decided to create a visual aid board for each of my favorite board games to promote language.  I picked my favorite phrases to teach and vocabulary from each game to create a board jam packed with ways to promote language and social interaction!
You can print and laminate the visuals and put on a binder ring to hold them all together, or you can leave the boards in the actual board game boxes so they are always there and ready to use when you take out that game.  If these visual board are too overstimulating, you can always cut apart the cards and use them separately!

What games are included:
-Chutes & Ladders
-Connect 4
-Grannies Candies

You can access this pack in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

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Speech Page: Product Review!!

The generous and awesome folks over at Speech Page has provided me with 2 products to try out and review for all of you!  I decided go with a new theme, AAC!  I have many low functioning students, and I am working with them this year to use conversational scripts to expand utterance length for the purpose or requesting and interacting in activities.  I thought these would be PERFECT!!
What is the Speech Page? 
They are a speech materials company that sells ready to go laminated/Velcro-ed materials.  They come ready to go in a large zip lock bag.  Check out their website!

This fun activity comes with 4 themes/pages:  magic, snacks, toys, and food.  Students must request an action regarding one of the two images on the page.  They can use the visuals/AAC cards and hand them to the SLP to request an action or can use it to help elicit a verbal response.  The cute images and themes are so motivating!  My students loved asking to put things into the magic hat!
The pages have Velcro and even slits in the page so I was able to put the different images "into" the hat!

This activity comes ready to go for $20.99.

This activity comes ready to go with four pages/themes: school bus, fishbowl, snowballs/sled, rabbit/carrot.  Do you sense a 4 seasons use?! Um, I DO!  Students can use the visuals/AAC cards to hand to SLP to request or use to elicit verbal responses to help put the puzzle pieces together.  What do they need?  Can they ask?  Can they guess what the puzzles will be?  You can use this as a reinforcer for another game/activity as well!
I felt for this activity, sentence strips were helpful to elicit "I want the ____."  This activity comes ready to go with all pieces cut and Velcro-ed for $26.97.

These activities are great for lower functioning students.  I do feel that sentence strips are helpful to help promote expanded utterances.  You also have to teach your students how to use the visuals/cards to request.  You also must make sure your students are motivated by these activities in order to be motivated to request!  

New Blog Design...Let's Celebrate!!! (TpT Giveaway!)

I have FINALLY redesigned my blog!  This has been a project a long time coming and I am so glad I finally got it done!  I am so excited to finally share it with all of you!!  Take a look around, it is still the same web address so you can easily find me but I made things nice and easy for you to find!  I cannot wait to hear what you think of it!!

To celebrate, enter to win a TpT product from my store of your choice (sorry, no bundles!)

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Going To A Library: Language & Pragmatic Skills!

Build language and social skills with a library theme!!  This activity follows my restaurant, grocery store, and post office activities currently in my TpT store.  Like those?!  You will like this one too!  This is a great packet if you like to do life skill themes!

In this packet:
-Sorting Items:  Students can sort the pictures by whether or not they will find them in a library.  

-Compare/Contrast:  Students will complete the Venn Diagram to compare/contrast school library vs. public library.  Students will also complete a Venn Diagram to compare/contrast the internet vs. library.

-Library Vocabulary Matching:  Cards contain a vocabulary word with its definition.  You can use these to teach vocabulary and for memory matching games to practice.  A worksheet is provided to review.

-Following Directions: Print and laminate the bookshelf and place it in the center.  Print and laminate the library items and place them next to or around the bookshelf mat.  Read the direction cards to your students and let them use the mat and items to complete them.

-Scenario Cards:  Students can practice expressing what they would do if they are in the situations provided.  A board game is provided to use as a reinforcer/motivator.

-Create Your Own Library Card:  Students will get to use their creativity and design their own library cards!  Students can share their work to promote language and conversation.

-The Librarian Has:  This activity can be used as a file folder activity.  Print and glue onto a file folder the male and female librarians.  For each item card, students can use the sentence strips provided to express which one has the item.  This activity can also be used to work on “who” questions, pronouns, and possessives.

-Library Scavenger Hunt: If you are fortunate enough to go on a field trip to a library, use this worksheet to have students know what to look for.  They can check off all the different items they locate!  Who can locate more??

-Parent letter: Feel free to send this letter home to let parents know about your library theme.  This will help with carryover of skills.

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

New School Year, New Personal Professional Goals!

I cannot believe the summer is over and we are back to a new school year.  Each year, I like to make goals for myself.  Although I have been in the field and in my building/district for years, I recognize that there is always room to learn and grow!
In the past, I have set these goals for myself:

  • Learn more about and incorporate classroom curriculum into my speech lessons
  • Take better data and form a better system for collecting and storing
  • Creating and using a data binder
  • Find better ways to motivate my students
  • Find a better way to store my TpT lesson materials in my speech room
  • Hold professional development for teachers in my buildings to better understand my role and how they can incorporate speech & language strategies into their classrooms
This school year, I have set these following goals for myself:
  • Find new ways to encourage expressive language for my low functioning students.  I plan to use Speech Room New's AAC communication boards like this one.
  • Keep teachers informed more frequently on what is going on in the speech room, how their students are doing, and what they can do to see the same progress.
  • Keep learning.  I hope to attend workshops on Apraxia, stuttering, and working with ASD students.  I also plan on attending workshops held in my district/building for classroom teachers so I am more informed and educated on the techniques they are using.
Wondering what your other favorite SLP bloggers/TpT sellers have as their goals!?
  • "Some of my main goals this year are to be more organized and maintain a good work/life balance. I would also like to find more ways to incorporate classroom topics into my therapy, as well as helping more teachers understand that what I do in the therapy room can have a direct and positive impact on my students' language skills in the classroom." ~Natalie Snyders
  • "One of my goals is to have more contact with parents. Too often is the case when I only see parents once a year at IEP meetings, personally I feel like I should be having more contact with them since their child has deficits and is receiving specialized support. Being able to tell them good things about their student through out the year would be better than once a year."~The Speech Bubble
  • "My goal this year is to find ways to incorporate the general education curriculum in my therapy sessions and/or push into the classroom as appropriate. I also have a goal to make sure I am taking progress monitoring data for my language students more consistently. It was really tough last year with a caseload of 80 to make sure I had enough data for updating goals. I want to be able to plan ahead with informal assessments instead of scrambling around....thanks Natalie Snyders for your language progress monitoring tool. I am on track for meeting this goal."~The Dabbling Speechie
  • "My personal goal this year is to set aside at least an hour or two in the evening being "unplugged." My work goal is to really focus on critical thinking skills. I don't just want to "give" students answers. I want to guide them to figure it out."~ Speech Peeps
  • "My goal is to (be brave enough to) step out of my comfort zone more often. This year I have taken on clients with feeding disorders and clients with cochlear implants that need AVT. I was so nervous at first but now I am really loving the change!"~Simply Speech
  • " My goal is to incorporate vocab and stories from the curriculum into therapy for both artic and language kiddos. Grade levels are emailing me their lesson plans every week!"~Let's Talk Speech Therapy
  • "My goals are to work smarter, not harder when it comes to planning (I'd like to do less at home) and do my best to focus on curriculum vocabulary/concepts whenever possible."~TeachSpeech365
  • "My goal is to build relationships with all staff members. I recently moved to a new Early Childhood Education Building. I'm trying to make the most of teamwork and build meaningful relationships with everyone I can!"~Speech Room News

What are your goals?!!?

Hello My Name Is....INTRO FUN!!

School is back in session and I've been busy reading IEPs, making schedules, checking in on my previous students and meeting my new ones!  I found these fun "Hello my name is..." stickers in the dollar store and knew I had to use them!
My students had to come up with an adjective that started with the same letter as their name.  They got to write it on their sticker.  They then got to place the sticker on their speech folders!!  They had so much fun trying to come up with creative answers.  I even let them go to to find some fun synonyms!  

Some examples of what they came up with:

  • Awesome Ashley
  • Daring Derrick
  • Neat Nathaniel
  • Entertaining Edwin
We had a blast!!

How Do You Use It?! September: Brown Paper Bags

It is that time do you use it?!  

This month: brown paper bags!  I buy a pack cheap at any supermarket or Target and they usually last me the entire school year.
One of my favorite ways of using these are for creating "paper bag books."  You can see my previous post when I described how I made them by clicking HERE!

Another favorite way of using paper bags are for sorting activities.  Just grab some bags, write on the outside and take sorting pictures!  I have used them with fishing activities by Super Duper Inc. as well!  See below, we fished for common objects then sorted by category.  I even wrote a sentence strip on each bag to promote expanded utterance length!
Another way to use paper bags are for eliciting stories.  Throw pictures of random objects or small objects themselves into the bags.  Then, students can take turns picking out a picture/object and telling a story with a beginning, middle, and end using that object.  Want to make it more challenging?  You can have them incorporate articulation targets, learned prepositions/curriculum vocabulary/question words/pronouns/any other target you are currently working on!

Stay tuned to next month!

Wondering how other SLPs/bloggers use brown paper bags?!  See below - they linked in!

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