Snowball "Fight" Fun!! An easy DIY idea!!

Snow coming down while I'm trying to can I now?!

I grabbed my emotion snowballs that I got from Oriental Trading (get similar HERE and HERE!), dollar store paper plates, and a permanent maker and I was ready to go!!

I first an articulation group.  They were working on /s/ clusters.  Why not reach 100 productions?!?!  I made 4 "markers" for them to "hit" with the snowballs.  They could throw or roll (they found rolling worked better) and try to hit the plates.  The number on that plate they had to produce the target word that many times.  

Once they produced the target, they received that many points.  This was a quick way to mark how many times they produced the word.

They were so motivated by it, they on their own were adding up their points to see who got to 100 first to determine a "winner."

They were easily able to go with the activity on their own I was able to collect data and prompt/make corrections when necessary.

This game was so motivating, I decided to use it with a group working on answering WH questions.  The trick is, they are each working on answering questions at different levels.  So...I grabbed my marker and wrote on each plate the different question types.  I got my stimuli for each level (I grabbed my Super Duper fun decks - for short stories and longer stories and my Speech Page questions with and without visuals).  Students had to roll or throw the snowball to hit a question type.  That type of question was the one they received.  Once they got it right, they got their "point."  The first to get to 10 was the winner.

I cannot wait to use this activity next week!!  I plan to write on my plates the following question types: main idea, detail, summary, and sequence.  Students will have to answer that type of higher level question based on a passage we will read together!

Have you had a snowball fight lately?!  This activity was GREAT for students with ADHD and need to get up and move around!!

Guess Who Game Companion Pack!!

Did you see my image on Instagram recently?!  It got a lot of responses!  Many asked about the prompting cards I used.  I made them SO long ago but recreated an old gem so I can share it with all of you!!

Why create a companion?  So many speech and language students struggle with this game.  Whether it is coming up with questions to ask, directions on how to play the game/object of the game, or how to respond!

I created cards that I can cut apart and keep in Zip lock bags which I keep in my game box itself.  They are always ready to go if a student struggles.  Students can flip through the cards to find the question they want, or just go through the cards one at a time so they don't have to retrieve their own question.

I also provided a yes/no visual with sentence strips!

I provided several review worksheets and visual aids to address the various goals:

  • answering and asking questions
  • describing
  • compare/contrast
  • vocabulary
  • turn taking/how to play the game

Why do I love using this game in therapy even though it can be tricky?
  • Can address so many goals in a fun and motivating way
  • A popular game that students should understand how to play
  • I am shocked with how many of my students have never played this game!
  • Great for mixed groups with articulation and fluency cases
You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

Don't have this game yet?!  Feel free to click below to grab one!

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

What's In Your Clipboard? (Linky)

Natalie Snyder's is hosting a fun linky that I knew I had to be apart of!

As SLPs, we are known to be hoarders and carry tons of stuff with us at all times.  I tend to use a clip board when I am testing or collecting data (NO I DON'T COLLECT EVERY SESSION!  Some lessons just need to flow so you can teach concepts...I take data when I am drilling/task cards).

If my clip board isn't by my side, you can always find the following items in arms reach of my therapy table/where I am sitting/standing:

  • A dry erase board/markers
  • Motivation board and pictures of popular reinforcers
  • EET
  • Visuals for quiet mouth, hands down, appropriate in seat behaviors, etc.
  • Pencils, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, and other frequently used supplies
  • Index cards and post its for quick visuals
I like to keep these items in a plastic drawer set that has wheels.  This way it is hidden and out of reach of students/not distracting but I can easily grab and wheel the drawers towards me without interrupting my lessons.

Check out some similar products here:

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

#tbt Past Tense Verbs Fun!!

Do your students love social media and it's acronyms?  Have fun with this #tbt activity to work on past tense verbs!

#tbt = Throw Back Thursday!  An opportunity for people to post pictures from the past to remember good times.

Students will have fun with these photos and fill in the blanks with the correct past tense verbs.

Regular and irregular past tense verbs are included.  Can students recognize which are used?  There is a sorting board/visual included.

A list of possible verbs that can be used to fill the blanks are included.  A great way to modify this activity if it becomes too difficult for some students.

TONS of review worksheets provided for homework or extra practice.

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

Carl the Cupid: Interactive Story & Comprehension Activities!

Are you loving my interactive stories?! Valentine's Day version is ready and available!  With plenty of time for you to prep and use before Valentine's Day!
Have fun with Carl the Cupid and work on the following goals:
-answering WH questions
-following directions
-verb tenses
-and so much more!!

Your students will love following Carl the Cupid around the town of Heartville for Valentine's Day!

Visual aids included and several comprehension activities worksheets!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

3rd Blog Birthday! Day 3: TpT Bundle Giveaway!!

I love me some birthdays!!  One huge impact this blog has had on my life has been the opportunity to share my ideas on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It has helped me grow and pushed me to continue to be creative.  I did NOT realize that this adventure would also lead me to "meeting" amazing other SLP bloggers/TpT sellers.  We collaborate on ideas, sale opportunities, and even just venting on SLP issues we are experiencing!  These fab SLPs keep me going!

To celebrate them and their impact they have had on my 3 blogging  years, I have put together a bundle of their products to giveaway to one lucky winner!

Thank you SO much to these wonderful bloggers/TpT sellers for donating products to help celebrate my blog birthday!!

Enter to win this AMAZING bundle by entering below!
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3rd Blog Birthday Celebration!! Day 2: App Giveaways!!

Are you enjoying the birthday celebration so far?!!  Did you catch yesterday's blog post with a giveaway?!  Click HERE if you missed it!  Now onto today's giveaway!

Over the last 3 years, I have been fortunate to work with amazing app developers that were generous to share their apps with me so I can review them and share them with all of you.  They have also been generous to let me host tons of giveaways on my blog to help promote their amazing products.  Well, they were generous again and provided me with codes to giveaway for my blog birthday!!!

Learn more about the apps being given away by PocketSLP: Speech Therapy Center, Describe It, and Language Forest.

Learn more about Smarty Ears and Custom Boards app!

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