Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shades of Meaning Puzzles!

Are you looking for more activities to build vocabulary and word knowledge??!  Do you have students working on synonyms but looking for a unique way to address this goal?!  This activity is for you!!  Build vocabulary and word knowledge with these fun puzzles!!

What is shades of meaning?  Some words can be similar in meaning like synonyms but these words have subtle changes in meaning.  They are closely related.  

Using this activity:
-Students must locate the different puzzle pieces that contain words with the same shades of meaning to put the 4-piece puzzles together.

-One puzzle piece will be “easy” with the word and an image.  The other 3 pieces will be “harder” words in sentences.  Students must use their context clues knowledge in order to determine which puzzles go together.

-To assemble:  Print all puzzles and cut them apart.  Laminate them.  Place all puzzle pieces in the middle of a pile/table.  Students can locate all of the puzzle pieces with images to start.  Then they can take turns picking puzzle pieces, reading the sentences, and using their context clues to determine which puzzle it belongs to.  Last, they can put the 4-piece puzzles together.
8 verbs and 8 adjectives are included!  The verbs have red stars and the adjectives have blue stars.  This way if you want to separate them and use one part of speech per session/lesson you can.  Can your students recognize that all of the words go together in the part of speech category?

-Verb & adjective visuals are provided.

-Review worksheets.

-Graphic organizer to document new vocabulary down.

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Finding Your TpT Niche! (linky party)

Many people have been asking us TpT sellers/bloggers about how we got started and what motivates us to keep going lately.  Teach Speech 365 is holding a new linky party to gather these answers from your favorite SLP sellers/bloggers!  I knew I had to participate to help answer some of your questions!
Below are some common questions I get regarding my blog and TpT store!

What made me start Speech Time Fun?

  • I was bursting with ideas and wanted a place to document them.  When I started Speech Time Fun, I didn't think anyone would actually read it!!  It was more for me as like a little diary.  Around the time I started Speech Time Fun, Pinterest was becoming popular and I was having fun using this tool to browse for educational/speech ideas.  I saw there was VERY little for speech.  I started having fun taking pins I saw for reading/educational ideas and finding a "speechie" twist.  I created a Speech Time Fun Pinterest account and I had so much fun seeing my pins with my new "tags" floating around Pinterest.  I realized I had something here!  I started having followers on my Pinterest account which then I started pinning my Speech Time Fun blog posts and TA DA...Speech Time Fun became alive and active!
What made me start a TpT store?
  • For about 6 months, Speech Time Fun was just for freebies that I would share using Google Drive.  There was no way to note how many people were downloading or how much traffic my free ideas were getting.  Around July 2012, I realized there was VERY little speech materials available on an educational resources website, TpT.  I had purchased some materials from general education teachers from that site in the past but it didn't fit all of my OCD requirements.  I decided, hey...why not try it out..if on one buys OH WELL.  I spent that summer learning more about the website and what I would need to do to open a shop.  By August, I had posted my first few materials!  I could not believe it when I realized people were interested in my materials!  The creative juices kept flowing from there!
What have I learned from opening my TpT store?
  • I learned that many of you are OCD like me!  You like materials that have all things ready to go: visual aids, activities, and review worksheets.  I take what I use in my therapy room, add cute graphics, and prepare it ready for you to use!
  • It is important to stay current.  I am always researching new therapy techniques, popular storybooks, and unique ways to teach difficult concepts.  The more I stay current, the more I can prepare the most current materials for you!
  • Knowing what is already out there!  I have had my TpT store open for almost two years.  Since then, many SLPs have opened their own stores.  It is important for me to keep my eyes open to what the other SLP sellers are posting.  This way, I don't post anything too similar and this way I keep things different and fresh!
What have I learned as an SLP TpT buyer?
  • Not only do I sell but I also buy OFTEN!  Sometimes, I have an idea of what I want to use in my therapy rooms and I browse to see if it already exists before I create it on my own.  If I find it and it meets my requirements, I buy it!
  • What are my requirements?!  If I am buying I am usually looking for something specific (such as cause/effect at the paragraph level task cards.  You can find those HERE!).  Since most TpT products aren't in the format I like to use (activity, visual, worksheets), I like to find things at the right price since I will probably still  have to make the visuals/worksheets to go with it.  I usually purchase task cards this way I can use them with any motivating game/activity.  I can also easily make a photocopy of a few of them together on a page to create a quick "worksheet" as a review/data collection. 
  • It is also important to check out feedback!  See what other buyers thought of that product.  Not thrilled about an aspect of something you bought? Don't hesitate to leave feedback!  Some sellers will fix things for you!
  • Ask questions!! Not sure of what a product comes with, ask the seller!  Like a product and want to know if they will make more like it, ask the seller!  Most sellers respond back pretty quickly!  I have asked several sellers questions like these to learn more about their plans for future products.
I hope this post has helped answer some questions about me and my role in the TpT world!  Click HERE to visit my TpT store and see what new things I have in store for you!!!  Check out my custom categories to easily jump to see products in popular categories specific to SLPs and my TpT store!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Popcorn Adjectives Sort!

I recently posted a picture on Instagram  of me using my Easter Adjectives Sort from my Bunny Word Fun pack.  Based on the feedback from that picture/activity, I decided to create a generic themed activity just like it!  This way you can use it any time of the year!!  Why not a popcorn theme?!  Who doesn't love snack food?!
How can you use this activity!?
-Print and laminate the popcorn boxes which contain adjectives labels.

-Print and laminate the popcorn pieces which contains noun images/labels.

-Students can sort the popcorn pieces into the boxes that contains the best adjective to describe it!

-You can introduce one adjective at a time, by opposite pairs, or use all of them and have them displayed across a large table.  The choice is yours!

-Review worksheet is included as well!
You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rainy Day Synonyms! (freebie!!)

April showers bring May flowers!  April is here!  It's looking like the weather forecast for the next week or so is looking like a lot of rain here.  I may be on spring break but I know many of you are already back at work after yours.  Is it rainy by you?!  Looking for some fun rainy day themed materials?  How about a freebie to work on synonyms using context clues?!  Check out this one!!
Four clouds with adjectives are provided.  Students must match the raindrop sentences with the cloud that has the synonym of the underlined word!  Encourage students to use their context clues to help figure it out!

Provided activity in black and white in case you want to use this as a craft!  Students can color all of the pieces as they match them and then glue them onto construction paper!

You can access this FREEBIE in my TpT store by clicking HERE!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter EET Fun! (fun ways to incorporate the EET during Easter time!)

Are you looking for more ways to incorporate the EET into your therapy rooms during Easter time?!  I have some activities that I have been doing to help you out!!  Don't have an EET kit?!  Learn more about it by clicking HERE!
What did I use?!

  • The EET strand
  • Object cards from the EET kit
  • EET dice from the EET kit
  • EET stickers from the EET kit
  • A fun, spring basket/bin that I got from the Target dollar spot
  • Graphic organizer from my activity pack found HERE!
  • Index cards or small pieces of paper
  • Easter eggs that I got from a dollar store
Pick an EET Egg:
  • I put an EET sticker on small pieces of paper and placed them in the Easter Eggs.  I put the eggs in the buckets and gave one to each student.  Only one basket?  You can place them all in a basket and pass the basket around.  (my students have a tendency to "cheat" so I presort to avoid it!)
  • Students picked a card from the object card and an Easter egg.  They had to open the egg to find out how they had to describe the object on the card!!

EET Dice Fun:
  • Students can pick an object card and roll the dice to find out how they need to describe it.
  • Once they respond accurately, they can hunt for an Easter egg around the therapy room!  
  • Some groups I put in little prizes such as erasers in the eggs.  Other groups, I put in pieces of paper with multi-step directions to follow (to work on other skills for groups with multiple goals).
  • This was so much fun and students loved moving around the room!
Graphic Organizer Fun:
  • We used these graphic organizers as a review
  • Students got to pick a card from the object cards pile
  • They had to independently use the EET to describe it
  • It was a great way to collect data!

Looking for other ways to use the EET during Easter time?  Have you seen my Easter EET Companion pack?!  How do you use the EET during Easter?!  Hope these ideas can help you plan the next few days/week!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Take the TpT Plunge! (Linky Party)

The Dabbling Speechie is hosting a new linky party!  Since TpT is still relatively "new" to the SLP world, many are hesitant to invest.  TpT has changed my world professionally.  Yes, obviously because of my personal store and benefits from it, but the style of materials I use with my students has changed and improved!  My lessons are more complete, differentiated, and motivating!  My students love the graphics, the visuals, and the new learning games!  For this linky party, I'm going to share with you some of my FAV TpT items (not from my own store!)
What purchases have I made, LOVE, and use ALL THE TIME?!!  Want the most bank for your buck?!

Articulation for Reading and Conversation Speech Therapy Intervention

This pack is great for those working with older students that have articulation goals.  Are you struggling to figure out how to target the conversational level?  How about carryover and during academic tasks?!  This packet is for you!!  Worth every penny!

The buckeye Speech Path created this HUGE pack, filled with dice activities.  If you know my store, you know I LOVE dice activities.  I also love things that I can easily print and use!!  Perfect for those last minute lessons, or if your laminating machine is broken (the one in my school is ALWAYS broken!  Yes, I have my own personal one at home, but it doesn't help me if I'm at work!).

Do you like these materials I've shared?!  Wondering what I have that is similar?!  Check out the activities listed below!  I have many activity sets that can be used for the entire year and are print and go!!

Cut, Sort & Glue! Activities for the ENTIRE year!

Have you taken the TpT plungle?!  What have you purchased and loved?!  If you have not, what is holding you back?!  I would love to hear from you!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Butterfly WH Questions Fun!!

Are you looking for more ways to work on WH questions?!  How about more spring themed materials?!  Then, this one is for you!!  I used a similar format as my WH Question Train Fun pack and created a butterfly themed one!!
What will you find in this activity pack?!?!
-Visual for answering four types of wh- questions: who, what, where, and when.

-Sorting answers to wh- questions: sort cards to “who” “what” “where” and “when” cards.  Can use file folder or sort on a table.

-Board game and task cards to practice responding to variety of questions.

-Visual for responding to “why” questions

-Why question and answer matching cards.  Can be used as a memory matching game!  Students must match the “why” question with the appropriate answer.

-Review worksheets
You can access this activity pack in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!
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