What's In Your Cart (Linky Party!)

Have you heard?!  It is BTS time and TpT is throwing their annual back to school sitewide sale!  It is the perfect time to stock up on your materials you have been eyeing all summer!

What's new in my store you should make sure you check out if you haven't already?

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Now...I liked up with Jenna, from Speech Room News, to share with you items that are in my cart!

Inferential and Problem Solving Language Activity Pack by Nicole Allison

Listening Activities for Common Core~ Listen Up 1 By Fluttering Through First Grade

Wh- Question Mega Pack By the Autism Helper

and TONS of clip art and fonts so I can create tons more!!!!  Don't forget to use the promo code to save big on August 3-4!!  Happy BTS season!

Incorporating Curriculum! (without really doing so!)

Carryover...curriculum...common core...those are 3 C's that can scare a lot of SLPs (and we have 3 C's next to our name!)  Keep reading to learn how I tackle this scary topic!

What challenges do I face in this area?

  • Mixed groups!  I have groups working on different goals, in different grades, or the classroom teachers are not working on the same topics at the same time!
  • Communication with teachers!  I try...I really do!  I send e-mails, I put memos in their mailboxes, I chat with them while waiting for the photocopy machine, I stop them in the hallways....doesn't seem to be enough!
  • I don't always feel like I am the best one to "teach" them the curriculum...hey...I admit...I'm an SLP but I don't know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING!  I cannot know it all about all of the topics discussed in the various grades and subjects.
  • Lack of resources.  I keep nagging my administration for copies of the curriculum maps and workbooks, but they keep forgetting to pass those along!
  • I don't want to seem like a resource room teacher or a tutor.  I don't want teachers just sending kids down with classwork and expecting me to "finish it with them."  I have speech goals to address as well and I like to plan ahead and be able to target in my own way.  I don't mind them sending things down with them as long as they don't expect it fully finished when they come back.  I will go over the work with them in my own way!  
OK..so that is a lot of challenges!  Now...how do I address them?  Well..I am still working on figuring out some of them but here is how I tackle some challenges:

  • Ask the kids!  I always ask them, "what are you working on in science? social studies?"
  • If I see classroom teachers photocopying vocabulary lists or reading comprehension passages on a social studies concept I know most are working on, I ask for a copy!
  • Look at what the classroom teachers are displaying!  Walk around, while you are walking to pick up speech students, look at what is the "do now" or the assignments on the board.  See what is assigned for homework.  See if they have a word wall.  This is a simple and "nosy" way of checking it out without having to even ask!
  • Have students bring their HW agendas or whatever they use to write down their homework.  You can just look at that!
  • Ask resource room teachers!  They tend to have a smaller case load and work more closely with classroom teachers and with curriculum.
  • Phone a friend!  OK so my students told me they are working on the scientific method but I cannot come up with a vocabulary list, but OH I have a friend that works in another school that teaches science...I'll ask her!
  • Try and attend professional development given to teachers.  In my district the SLPs are often separated and not there for the workshops given to the teachers.  I always have my group of coworkers to ask what I missed.  I also use these coworkers as my phone a friends as well!  They make me copies of reading passages, vocabulary lists, and more.
OK...so that is how I tackle a lot of my challenges.  But hey...I like teaching skills not curriculum so how do I deal?!  

I work on skills!  That is OK!  Once students master skill, show them how to transfer it to curriculum type questions/scenarios.  For example, now you understand context clues, so when you come across these types of vocabulary words in science, if you cannot remember what they mean, read the clues around it to help you.

Take it to the next level!  Students are being asked higher and higher level questions.  They are not asked to just retrieve facts anymore.  Someone told me...stay away from the WH questions.  I laughed!  I said my speech students can barely answer those how can they answer higher level questions!  Once I feel my students can answer "Who flies a plane?" I take it up to the next level, "Who do you think would fly the ____ plane?"  Now we can boost it up further..."How can you compare __ and ___ that flew planes?

Help interpret questions!  Teach the vocabulary they will see in questions, no matter what the subject area!  Teach vocabulary like: support, evidence, compare, contrast, infer, summarize, describe, predict, explain, claim, excerpt, problem, solution, main idea, detail, topic, theme, and so much more!  By teaches these terms, you are automatically incorporating curriculum without really doing so!

Cheat sheets!  Learn the blooms level of questions and the depth of knowledge levels of questioning.  Learn which ones your teachers are using and how they are expected to use it.  Keep a cheat sheet with you if you need.  I always pre-write these different questions and write them on post-its for myself.  I always like to make sure I word them exactly as necessary.

This may not work for you...and that is OK.  You may rather the kids bring the work and you help them complete it.  You may rather design lessons that bring in classroom concepts...go you!  I wish I had more groups that had students working on the same things at the same times.  This is what works for me!  Feel free to comment below with ways you incorporating curriculum into your therapy rooms.  What challenges do you face?

Bunting Banners for SLPs!!

Are you looking for decor for your speech room this school year?  Do you not want to spend a ton of money and do you want decor that has a purpose?!  Check out my new bunting banners!

Have fun decorating your speech rooms with these cute chalkboard bunting banners!!

Print the pages for the banners you would like to display in your speech room.  Cut them out, laminate, and then assemble.

To assemble: you can use a hole puncher and string to attach or you can attach to a string with glue (I recommend using a hot glue gun).  So easy to do! Putting the one together below took me about 5 minutes!

4 Banners included:
Speech and language
Speech is…
Welcome (to) **you can use the "speech and language" banner with this one!
Instead of “I don’t know”

Above you can see one banner I put together using string I got from the dollar store!  My banner is ready to be hung in my speech room!  YAY!!

You can grab these banners in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

Feed The Scarecrow! (Great for students with Autism, ABA, expanding utterance length, and more!)

My fall edition of the "feed the..." file folder activity is available!!  I know...it is still summer but some people, like me, like to plan ahead or at least just browse for ideas!

Use this file folder activity to work on the following goals:

  • Answering questions
  • Expanding utterance length
  • Following directions
  • Color and food vocabulary
  • Verbs
  • Categorization

This activity includes:
-scarecrow that can be fed with various items included

-follow up activities that you can use the food items with

-review worksheets

-TONS of sentence strips and visual supports

Easy to assemble and use with your students.  If you are familiar with my other "feed the.." products than you already are familiar with this format!  You can grab it HERE!

Want to learn more about my other "feed the.." activities?  Click HERE!

Have my money saving bundle?  This activity has been added!!  Redownload it to grab it free!  Want my bundle to grab all of them at a discounted rate and be able to grab free my future activities that I will add??  Click HERE!

Piggy Bank Context Clues QR Code Fun!!

My new QR code activities  have been such a hit I had to create a new one!  The newest one targets a goal I am working on often with my students...context clues!

Use QR codes to work on using context clues to determine definitions of the words provided in this activity!

Use with any QR scanning app on your device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch).  I suggest the ‘Scan’ app for the iPad.

Students must read each card and use their context clues skills to determine the meanings of the underlined word.

Students can check their work using the QR code provided on each card.

Once students respond correctly, they can find the coin with the underlined word and place it on their piggy bank.

Visual aid included..
A review worksheet included.
Tier 2 vocabulary used.

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

Diary of an SLP Mommy: Share don't compare!

I hope you enjoyed my previous diary post.  Today's post will be just a little vent/reminder I have to myself often....share don't compare!

Over the course of the next several blog posts on this topic, I will often refer to "mommy friends."  In my experience over the year+ I have been a mommy, especially a working mommy, it has been SO beneficial to find mommy friends, especially ones that live in my area and are working mothers (benefit that they also work in the schools).

Why do I find this so important?  Adult interaction!  As SLPs, yes we go to work, but we work with kids!  So when I am working and stepping out of mommy mode, I am still interacting mainly with children.  It is so nice to interact with other mommies and teacher mommies after school and on weekends.

I have developed a great group of mommies that help me realize I'm not alone, get feedback and suggestions from, and just get together at parks and play groups.

While it is so nice to be around other mommies and babies, it makes it so difficult not to compare.

  • Why is that child talking and mine isn't?
  • Why is that child walking and mine isn't?
  • That child can imitate words...mine can't.
  • That child will eat ____ but mine won't!
  • That child slept through  the night at ____ months but mine doesn't.
  • and so much more!
It is natural!  We are woman!  We are mommies and SLP mommies!  We know too much sometimes and it can be our downfall!  I always have to sit back and remind myself...

What do I mean by this?  It is so important to remind myself that it is great to share stories and ask/give feedback on sippy cups, food brands, etc.  But don't compare!  We know more than anyone there are ranges in developmental milestones.  Every child is different.  As long as they get there, does it matter how?  OK when I saw one of my mommy friend's kid verbalizing in 2-word utterances, my heart skipped a beat!  Not gonna lie!  But then I realized OK this kid was early with all of his milestones, DON'T COMPARE!

Have you felt this way?  Have you had to remind yourself too of this?  I know this is just the beginning of my journey and I will have a lot more moments like this in my future.  And guess what?  I CAN'T WAIT!!

Periscopin' with Miss Speechie: Things I Have Learned About Periscope!

Periscope...a word that had ZERO meaning about a month ago seems to be used EVERYWHERE lately!  What is it?  It is an app, created by the developers of Twitter, as another means of social media.  Celebrities, teachers, and now SLPs are using Periscope to broadcast live.  What are SLPs broadcasting...check out Periscope to find out more!  But keep reading to learn more about how to make the most of this social media forum.

As soon as I learned about this app, I downloaded it.  I quickly signed up using my Twitter account.  Since it is connected to Twitter, it was easy to start following people.  Want to find others?  Just search!  I typed in "speech" and found so many!  Wait?  You didn't know I was on Periscope!  YES!  I have even done 1 or 2 live broadcasts so far!

I was questioned on Instagram why someone couldn't find my broadcast.  Unfortunately, the only way to use this forum but stay anonymous is to delete the replays.  That means you must catch me live!  How will you know if I am live?  I will post a warning in Instagram!

Below are some tips that I have learned from watching Periscopes of amazing SLPs and teachers that have learned the ins and outs!

This is why you may get a notification like "___ wants you to watch ___!"

We are SLPs...we love to chat!  Let's keep the chat going!  The broadcaster loves to see chat going on..it helps keep them talking!

I was constantly wondering why some Periscopes had sound and others were silent....well I figured that one out! Have an iPhone?  Make sure that switch on the side is clicked to "sound on."

Although my broadcasts are available for a replay, but other 'scopers do have this feature.  Yay you can watch later but BOO you cannot comment.  Yes, you can still tap the screen to give hearts if you are watching on a replay!  And about those hearts....

Just like  how our students like reinforcers...the hearts provide reinforcement for Periscopers!

And most importantly.....

Want to check me out??

What are some things I plan to broadcast?

  • I will let you take a look at some items that come in the mail for the upcoming school year
  • I will show you how I plan to use some of my TpT products or items I find in local stores
  • I may just chat so you can learn more about me and realize I am a real person even though I am anonymous
  • Giveaways!!  I plan to host giveaways!
  • I may just give you a look at what I am viewing at that moment!
  • I may just open up dialogue so we can discuss future products or blog posts and I can hear your feedback and input!
I look forward to seeing you pop into my Periscopes!  

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