Just say NO to "I don't know!"

Are you sick of hearing "I don't know" in your therapy rooms!?  I have that phrased banned!

I often find my students use that phrase when the tasks start to become too difficult and they don't want to use their strategies, they forgot their strategies, they are embarrassed to get the answer wrong in front of their peers, or just plain avoidance behaviors.

I find it helps to teach students from the beginning that there is a better way to respond.  After they realize that the phrase "I don't know" won't get them out of the task, they will learn to use other phrases if you keep reinforcing and reminding initially.

I find by encouraging students to try and to ask for help in other ways, they will learn that they CAN do the tasks and there is no need to be worried, afraid, embarrassed, or whatever other emotion they feel at that moment.

What else can they say?

  • "I need help"
  • "Can you give me a hint?"
  • "I need choices."
  • "I need more time."
  • "Can I hear it again?"
I tell my students, once I give you help, choices, and/or time, and you STILL don't know....then fine...say "I don't know."  Knowing they can say that phrase afterwards, gives them the confidence to ask for help.  However, they are surprised in the beginning to learn that with help, they CAN do it!  9 out of 10 times, they won't even say "I don't know" afterwards!

Do you ban this phrase in your therapy rooms?  How do you teach your students to avoid using it?  What has worked in your therapy rooms?!

Questions Hunt (APP REVIEW)

Virtual Speech Center has done it again!  They came out with another great app to work on answering questions called Questions Hunt.  They were generous to provide me with a copy so I can try it out and share it with all of you.  Remember, all thoughts and opinions are mine!

When you open the app, you can alter settings, view reports, send feedback, see other apps, get information on the app, and click "start!"

Here you can see the settings you can alter:

When you click "start" you can add and select students to include in the activity.  You can add all students beforehand and just quickly quick the ones you want to participate in the activity when you are ready to start.  I love that Virtual Speech Center allows for muli-users in an easy way!

Once you select a student, you can select the activity.  You can select the type of questions and the location!  Like other VSC apps, I suggest sticking with one "type" per student because you have to go through all of the stimuli of that type before going onto the next one and it can take a while.

Since I have summer on my mind, I will show you first the "beach."  However, you can select from beach, park, store, airport, school, and camping.  HI THEMATIC LEARNING AND INCORPORATING VOCABULARY!!  YAY!!

The different activities in each location:

  • yes/no questions
  • what questions
  • where questions
  • who questions
  • when questions
  • why questions
  • how questions

Students are given a cute graphic they must touch in order to begin.  Here you can select if you want to work on receptive or expressive.

Students are presented with an image, a visual of a question, and the audio.  They can select the choice of the answer.  They can also record their responses and play it back.  This is great if you are working on expressive responses.  I also love you can select to repeat (great as a compensatory strategy).

Once you answer, you can hit the "X" and  be brought back to the scene.  There you can move the scene to find the different "characters" with a "?" to pick a different question.

You can hit "next" for the next player.  If only one player...keep going!

You can keep on going until students are demonstrating success, students have had enough of that activity, or you run out of time.  Just hit "finish!"  At that point, you are brought to a session report.  This tells you the date, client, which activity, and the results.

On this page you can easily email the report.  This is great for backing up data on a computer or sending to parents.

You can always access reports on the main page by clicking "report."  I love that you can select easily per student and by goal or date.  I love that it tells exactly what you did so you can plan for the future.

What do I love about this app:

  • can alter settings, add/remove background noise, and more
  • multi-users and data collection/progress monitoring
  • the hunt for the characters is so fun
  • curriculum/thematic vocabulary included
  • easy to figure out and use
  • so many activities you can never get bored
  • the questions have to do with the theme and the character selected
  • you can control the speed/pace
Learn more about this great $9.99 app by clicking HERE!

My Favorite Things: TV Shows!

I have summer on my mind and I think it is only right to have a blog post about NOTHING speech/work related!  Are you OK with that!?  I hope so and continue to read!

What shows can you always find me watching when I am not working (or while creating TpT products)?!

Real Housewives:  I love them all!  I cannot even tell you a favorite!  It is a complete guilty pleasure and I will be the first to admit it openly!

Law & Order SVU:  I love watching and trying to solve the crimes.  I also love that they solve them in an hour!

Big Brother: I cannot wait for summer to start and to have this show on every week!

Text Evidence Print and Go Worksheets!

Have fun working on answering literal and inferential questions with this print and go pack!  Great for incorporating common core vocabulary and concepts into the speech therapy room!

25 stories included!

Students will identify the different question types, answer them, and locate text evidence!

On each page you will find a three paragraph passage and 5 comprehension questions.  Some questions will be literal and others will be inferential.

Graphic organizer & visual aid provided!

Common Core State Standards: RL 3.1, RL 4.1, RL 5.1
Lexiles 510-730 used in this packet
Reading levels K-R used in this packet

Just print, grab crayons/markers/highlighters and go!  I am so excited to start using this activity in my speech room next school year!!  It will really help students take skills we are working on and relate them to their ELA curriculum.

You can access this new activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

My Summer To Do List!

It is FINALLY here!! Summer vacation!  I know many of you around the country have been on summer vacation for weeks now, but here in New York, it has JUST begun!

I have never been  more excited to see summer!  I love working and love being an SLP but everyone deserves a  break.  It helps me rest, plan, and prepare for another fun filled school year.

I am excited to spend this summer with family and friends.  Here are some of my items on my to do list:

  • Clean and organize!  I want to go through my closets and get rid of old clothing, shoes, bags, etc.  I recently got a filing cabinet for my home and need to put more important papers away in it.  I would also like to create a better system for finding things in that filing cabinet. 
  • Day trips:  I have been looking for fun ideas to take my family on sunny and rainy days. Some ideas include an aquarium, children's museum, zoo, farm, beach, and more!
  • Cook more!  With more time, I hope to try out some Pinterest recipes!
  • Blogging/TpTing!  I hope to push myself to blog and create!  I hope to try and come up with fun new ideas that can help YOU prepare for the upcoming school year.  It can be difficult to stay motivated throughout the summer but I do plan on trying my best!  Stay tuned...I have a few ideas all ready planned!

Snack Attack Main Idea QR Code Fun!

It is FINALLY here...my very first QR code activity!  I have been playing around with QR codes all year with my students.  I have been trying to find the best way to use them in my therapy room.  My students just loved the power of checking their work with them.  With this in mind, I took one skill I am working on with my students to create my first activity!

Have fun using QR codes to work on expressing main ideas based on passages heard or read!

What are QR codes?  Have you seen those codes on advertisements, business cards, or TpT products? Use with any QR scanning app on your device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch).  I suggest the ‘Scan’ app for the iPad.  Once you open the app, hold the device over the code.  It will automatically open to another location.  For this activity, it will open a text file which will contain the answer/main idea.

Visual aid is provided to encourage students to respond with the main idea of passages WITHOUT multiple choice.

Students can take turns picking a card from the pile.  They can use the visual aid/strategy to express the main idea.

Then they can use the QR scanning app to check their work.

Once students respond accurately, they can hold onto their cards.  If they pick the “Snack attack!  You got a stomachache!” card, they lose a turn.  The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

A review worksheet is also provided.

You will get TONS of opportunities to collect data with this activity.  Students won't even realize they are working!  They will be so motivated by checking their work!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

Expressing Descriptive Sentences: Say and Color!!

I am always looking for ways to get my students to use descriptive, complete sentences.  I also love using sentence strips to help guide them.  Introducing my newest thematic worksheet pack!

What does this pack include?

  • print and go worksheets
  • a sentence strip on each page
  • thematic worksheets for the seasons/holidays of the year
  • a word bank with adjectives to complete sentence strip
  • a visual with all adjectives used in this pack

Each picture provided CAN be described using two of the choices provided.

Once students have expressed their sentence, they can color in the picture.

Themes included:
Christmas/December Holidays
Valentine’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Spring Flowers
Ice Cream

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

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