English & Spanish Vocabulary Activities for SLPs!

Looking for basic vocabulary activities for bilingual speech and language groups?!  Are you a monolingual SLP being forced to work with Spanish speaking students until your district can  provide a bilingual SLP?  Use this pack to help guide you and work with students with basic vocabulary goals!

Use this pack to work on the following goals:
-answering questions
-community helpers vocabulary
-object function
-using complete utterances
-and more!!

6 activities in 1!

Tons of visuals/images provided for nonreaders and to assist those English Language Learners.

Tons of sentence strips are included to promote complete utterances!

What is included?
-What is it used for?: a memory matching activity

-Butterfly category sort: cut and glue objects into the appropriate category

-Present Progressive Verb: use while describing pictures and coloring pages

-Where do you find it - sort by location found

-Community helpers: memory matching, match helper to their location found

-What is it a part of? memory matching and review say and color worksheet

You can access this packet in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

Bubble Gum Attribute Sort!

I love to give my students sorting activities to learn associations, object function, part/whole, categorization and more!  Have you seen my Crayon Attribute Sort?  My kiddos love it so I decided to create a new one with a bubble gum theme!

There are six gumball machines for students to sort the gumballs into based on the object's features.  You can prompt your students, "What does the ____ have?" or "What has a ____?"   Each gumball and machine has visual aids created with Smarty Symbols!

I included a review worksheet that can be used after the activity or for home practice.  Students can practice describing an object by it's features/attributes and check off the chart accordingly!  It is a great way to  assess progress and collect data after the sorting activity.

You can access this new activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

Word Vault Pro App Update Info & Giveaway!

Did you catch my app review on Word Vault by Home Speech Home?!  It is GREAT for those always looking for quick drilling lists and tasks.  It is perfect for the traveling SLP!

Guess what??  They made a HUGE update to the app...it is now called Word Vault Pro!  What's new?!

  • New design
  • New content: phrases, sentences, stories, and pictures
  • Sortable content!
  • You can create and save profiles, track data, add content to lists, and more!
What do I love about this app?

  • So easy to use and navigate
  • Great for traveling SLPs
  • Saves TONS of time...no need to create my own lists and stimuli!
  • Everything I love about the Home Speech Home website at my fingertips!!
  • This update makes life EVEN EASIER!
  • I absolutely love any app that allows me to collect data and track progress.  It helps me create future lessons and home practice.

Already have the previous version?  Go into your app updates and click "update!"  

Yes, the price has increased but tomorrow, Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 for BHSM, the app will be 50% off!!    You can grab it by clicking HERE!

You can also enter below to win one of 3 copies of this app!!
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What is scaffolding and how do I use it in my speech room? (and a freebie!)

Scaffolding refers to how the material is delivered and instructed to the students.  Many English Language Learners (ELLs), special education students, and struggling readers can benefit from scaffolding.  These students lack “prior knowledge” compared to their peers.  By using scaffolding techniques, us as SLPs, can help our students learn new skills in a unique way.  We can also train and provide strategies to classroom teachers for RTI or carryover purposes.

Scaffolding means that we build upon what a student already knows in order to learn.  There are different levels that we as SLPs can provide our students while teaching any new task.  We can provide nonverbal cues (such as pointing to pictures or a visual aid), comment/model, ask a question to elicit a response, and give a direct instruction on how to complete a task.

What else can we do?!
  • Read aloud a passage before a student reads to themselves to improve understanding and comprehension.
  • Anchor charts or visuals on how to specifically complete comprehension skill tasks
  • Supply sentence starters
  • Provide “hint cards” so students don’t get stuck on a task.
  •  Use question sets so students get many examples of one type of question
  • Highlighting key words in task directions

When creating speech lessons and trying to figure out how can I help my students complete this task, I like to think, “How can I teach this differently than they would learn in their academic classrooms?”  There are two mindsets on how I decide to differentiate, what can I present to them before the lesson/task and what can I do after to assist.

I try to offer one or more professional development workshops in my building to give teachers ideas on how to use the strategies that work in my speech room in their classrooms.  I show them graphic organizers I use, sentence starters, and anchor charts.  This eliminates the “shock” I would receive during annual review time when I report that my students can complete certain tasks in my room.

I revised a graphic organizer being used in my building for summarizing “somebody-wanted-but-so-then.”  My students did not have the prior knowledge to know how to automatically fill out the information based on a text read.  By giving my students little hints on how to complete the graphic organizer, they were able to be successful with this comprehension task in their academic classrooms. 

Click HERE to access this graphic organizer to use in your speech rooms!

Listening Power (preschool): App review & giveaway!!

I am so excited to share with  you a brand new app by Hamaguchi Apps.  They were generous to provide me with a copy to try and share with all of you AS WELL AS not one but TWO codes to give away as well!!  For all of you preschool SLPs out there....check this one out!! (I also recommend this one for low functioning elementary students).

If you are familiar with other Hamaguchi Apps, the set up is just the same.  You can click the "user" tab and add users and groups.  This will help with collecting and tracking data.  It can take a moment to get used to their set up,  but once you get it it only takes moments.  No time to set up, just click play!  Just note, that if you play as a "guest" you cannot store the data, so write it down or do a screen shot so it will be saved in your photos!

For all of the activities in this app, students are given prompts to listen to a prompt and select an image to respond to the task at hand.  There are all different activities you can go through all of them at a time or just work on one at at time using the settings.  When students select the correct answers, they are reinforced by hearing it again.  If incorrect, nothing will happen which will let them know they can try again.

Now...I will go through all of the different tasks:

Listening for descriptions:  the app warns students "listen" waits a moment and then gives them a description and students must touch the image that is being described.  For this image below it said "Who is happy?"  I love that the app has a "hear again" button!  I am always teaching my kiddos to request repetition if they recognize they were not attending properly or need to hear it again to ensure they can respond accurately.

Listening for Directions: Students are give a direction and they must select the picture being portrayed by that directive.  For example below, "the teacher is saying stop."

Listening for Grammar and Meaning:  Students are given a prompt to "listen" then told a grammatical marker or form and they must select the image based on what they  heard.  For the example below, they were given the prompt "where."

Listening for stories with pictures: Students are prompted to listen to a story and shown an image.

Then it prompts the students "ready?" which gives them a cue that a question is coming!  Then they ask a question about the story heard.  For the example below, "where did the tiger drink the water?"  Students are asked a variety of WH questions about the story.  They can always click the "pause story" if  you need to redirect, refocus, or review strategies.

Listening for stories without pictures: just like the activity above, students are expected to listen to a without a visual then asked questions.

The questions have picture choices though.

Students are rewarded with a "pop it" game.  Student can select an image, then can pop the bubbles to find the prize.  I love that even the game gives auditory directions!!  It is just a simple and cute game that you can also use to address so many goals: describing, "where" questions, prepositions, and more!

At any time, you can select the "settings" button to reset directions from within the app activity.  You can also select "next activity" if you want to skip one, view scores, go back to the "home" screen, or hit the "end session" button.  I love that it prompts you to make sure you really want to end!

Gotta love the data collection!!  You can see all of the activities, what was correct and #s!  This is great for planning future sessions!  You can make the data into a PDF, email, delete, print, or play missed items!  Just change the "player" to see another user!  I love that you can see the settings that you had set for that student on their data sheet.

I love that this app is multiplayer and that you can do various activities and store data!  It easily switches from one player to another when you select a group to play at a time.  I also love that this app is slow paced and you can control the speed and how you use it.  It uses prompting that we use automatically as SLPs such as "listen" "ready" "listen to this story" and restating correct answers.

Other than auditory comprehension, this app addresses the following goals:

  • descriptions
  • prepositions
  • grammar
  • answering WH questions
  • colors
  • comparatives and superlatives
  • directives
  • basic vocabulary: animals, locations, verbs
  • and more!
You can view the You Tube video demo HERE!

Learn more about this $9.99 app on iTunes by clicking HERE!  Hamaguchi Apps is also currently releasing the following versions of this app:
Listening Power (K-2)
Listening Power (grades 3-6)

Listening Power (grades 7-adult)

LOVING this app??  Want to win one for yourself?!  Enter below!!

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Summer Photos - Differentiated Language Activities!

Looking for a summer themed activity that is differentiated for mixed groups or can be used with multiple groups at different levels??  Work on a variety of goals with this pack!

Activities included to target different language levels:
-Basic WH questions:  WH questions are provided based on each photo presented.  Present students with photo and then ask them the corresponding questions.

-Listening for WH questions:  Short stories are provided based on each photo.  Read the stories to your students and have them listen for the who, what, where, when, why, and how.  Then ask them the provided questions.  A graphic organizer is provided to allow students to note-take while listening and focus their listening to the WH questions.

-Listening for Inferences:  Students will listen to short stories and answer questions using their inferencing skills.  A graphic organizer is provided to help students use clues to answer questions.

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

What's In Your Cart? LINKY PARTY!!

It is that time AGAIN!!  Jenna, over at Speech Room News is hosting a "what is in your cart?" linky  party to share what items we are checking out for this upcoming TpT sale.  I love seeing what everyone has....it gives me great ideas to add to my cart just in time for the HUGE discount!!

Before I share what is in my cart, check out my newest products that I have added to my TpT store recently!

Now are you wondering what is in my cart currently!?

Adjectives {No Prep Practice}

Sequencing Events with Pictures & Text Task Cards Autism/Special Education SET 1

Secret Messages for Main Idea

And TONS of clip art!!

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