Color By Prepositions (1 per page): Great for students with Autism, ABA, & more!

Are you loving my Color by Prepositions: for the entire year pack?!  I have had AMAZING feedback (I read each and every one!).  I have had numerous requests to make more and to make ones that used one preposition per page.  You asked...I answered!!!

I decided to use themes that can be used year round!  What themes are included?
-around the home

What prepositions are included?
-next to

Sentence strips included to encourage expanded utterance length, requesting, and describing

Other goals to be addressed:
-Answering questions
-Expanding  utterance length
-Following directions
-Color, theme, and part-whole vocabulary

I hope you love this one as much as the other!!  You can access it HERE!!

Telling Jokes in Speech: Why I love it & some ideas!

Do you tell jokes in speech?  Have you tried to tell your speech and language students a joke and they give you weird looks?!  How about they laugh but you can tell that they just do not get it?!

Jokes require understanding of so much  language!  Multiple meaning words, figurative language, and more confusing things.  How are some ways to introduce jokes to work on language skills:

  • Joke of the week:  I have taken jokes that I have found that goes with theme vocabulary or just cute/funny, and posted them on my dry erase board.  Each week, students can come in and see the joke and learn what makes it funny.  This way they can retell the joke to their peers and family.
  • While waiting for students to arrive in the speech room, I have taken out my joke books and let the kids try and find funny ones to tell each other.  Then we dissected them to explain how they are funny.
Where do I find jokes??

and some free apps for jokes:

Jokes are also just a fun way to work on fluency or articulation!!  Check out these products I found on TpT:

Do you use jokes??  How?!

What's in my cart?! Linky party!

It is SALE time again!  Woohoo!!  TpT is celebrating teachers as heroes (I like to think we are superheroes as SLPs).  This sale is ONE day only!!  You can get up to 28% off!!

Jenna over at Speech Room News is hosting her famous linky party so your favorite SLP bloggers/TpT sellers can share what we are planning to purchase ourselves to give you ideas!  Click HERE to visit her site and see what other's are planning to purchase!

First, I would like to remind you of some new items that you can find in my store!
and last but not 2 new money saving bundles!

Now...onto what is in my cart!

WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY Questions with Visuals by Teach Speech 365

I also have TONS of clip art that I am so excited to grab so I can make more activities!!

Don't forget to use code: HEROES at checkout!

Color By Prepositions: Great for students with Autism, ABA, and more!

Students can have fun following the directions strips provided to follow the directions and learn/practice their prepositions!

Themes for the entire year included (one worksheet for each):
-back to school
-Valentine's Day
-St. Patrick's Day

Goals that can be addressed:
-following directions
-expanding utterance length
-answering questions
-theme vocabulary
-and more!

Sentence strips provided to work on describing and requesting!

You can access this pack in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

Feed The Leprechaun File Folder Activity: Great for ABA, following directions, expanding utterance length and more!

Guess what?!?!  Today is your lucky day!  My newest "feed the...." file folder activity is ready with plenty of time to prep it for St. Patrick's Day!!

Have fun feeding this leprechaun this St. Patrick's Day!  Just cut out his mouth, glue this leprechaun onto a file folder, cut the file folder where the mouth is, and laminate!

Easy to prep and use with students working on:
-following directions
-answering questions
-expanding utterance length

Follow up activities included as well as 3 review worksheets!!

Tons of sentence strips included to encourage expanded utterances!!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

Larry the Leprechaun: Interactive Story & Comprehension Activities!

Have fun traveling with Larry the Leprechaun this St. Patrick's Day!!

Students can work on the following goals with this activity:
-answering questions
-auditory comprehension
-story recall
-following directions
-and more!!

Easy to put together and use!!

Your students will love this interactive story!  Just add Velcro so students can add the pieces as they read!

Pictures provided for storytelling/retelling!  Have your students place the pictures on Larry as you read or have them retell the story in their own words after listening to the story!

Various worksheets included with this story that can be sent home for homework or to show parents what you worked on.

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

Chicken Soup for the SLP Soul (Blog Hop!)

I am so excited to participate in this fun blog hop.  I love the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series (and actually use the teen/preteen versions often in my therapy room).

I am SO honored to be the very first stop!!  As you hop along, you will read so many inspiring, funny, and just motivating stories about SLPs just like  yourself.  We all love the field we are in and that is why we decided to do this type of blog hop and posts around Valentine's Day!!  Also..who doesn't love a nice warm bowl of soup in the middle of the winter?!  Check out the awesome prizes you could win!!

For my stop on this hop, I am going to share an "ah-ha!" moment in my years of practicing as an SLP.

My first few years, I thought I had to prove myself as an SLP and prove that I knew what I was doing.  I feared asking for help, feared looking like I was lost and unsure, and I was convinced that I really did just know everything about everything.  Hey...I went thought the graduate program, passed my praxis, why wouldn't I just know everything?!

At some point, in my 5th year ( took that long)...I realized that it was OK to admit that I do not know all of the answers, it is OK to ask for help, and this is NORMAL!  I realized SLPs around me that have been in the field longer than me were asking questions and getting feedback.  I realized there were so many ways to get ideas and feedback.

At this point in my career, I realized I need to make yearly goals for myself.  I still have room to grow and learn and I want to make myself accountable.  I am constantly looking for new ways to target goals, going to workshops to learn more about disorders that I am not fully confident in, and I am learning who I can turn to in my building/field if I have questions about decisions on goals/mandates/behavior management/dealing with colleagues/etc.

This "ah-ha" moment was SEVERAL years ago now, and I can honestly say, I am a better SLP because of it.  I love to learn more and change and grow!  Has this happened to you?!?!

Are you refreshed and ready for the next stop?!  Don't forget to mark down my secret will help you earn the chance to win a BIG prize at the end of the hop!  Don't skip a step, sequencing is important! :)

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