Halloween Fun! (How I am using some TpT products, freebies, finds, and more in my speech room this week!)

We are having a BLAST in my speech room this week.  With SO many fun Halloween TpT finds and more, my kiddos don't want to leave! (no joke, had to kick out a group today!)  Keep reading to see what I've found and how I'm using it!
I found these fun toy bats for $2 at CVS a couple weeks ago.  We had fun playing with them after we read, "The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat."
How did we use it?

  • Followed directions and worked on prepositions!  We put the bats in all sorts of funny places around the speech room.
  • Retold the story using the bats.
I used my Mr. Jack-o-lantern Mustache You A Question activity with my fun cauldron I got a local dollar store.

My students had fun taking turns picking a card out of the cauldron.  We were working on answering  using complete sentences using my POQ (part of question) strategy.  As a follow up activity, we colored by WH Questions with my Color By WH Questions Worksheets for the Year pack.
Some of  my students worked on using context clues to determine the definitions of unknown age-appropriate vocabulary words using my Wicked Word Fun.  My students worked hard figuring out the answers and then express how they knew by identifying the clue they used.  By the way, I made some improvements on this one I know you will LOVE!
I got this cute monster lunch bag from the dollar spot section at Target.  I filled it with my Monsters Main Idea cards.  My students had fun picking a card out of the monster before expressing their main ideas.  It just made the game so much more fun!
We also colored witch's hats after we responded to WH questions using my Super Duper fun deck you can learn about by clicking HERE.  Thanks to The Speech Attic for this worksheet.

Last but not least, we made witch's hats!!  I found the idea on Pinterest, I cannot take credit for it!  We had fun following directions, working on prepositions, answering questions, taking turns, requesting, and more!
I made a SIMILAR version of this recipe sheet for you as a FREEBIE in my TpT store!!  You can access it by clicking HERE!  (Had to make it a bit differently to share due to copyright policies!)

I hope you got some ideas to bring to your speech rooms for the rest of this week!! Happy Halloween!

EET Dice! (iPad fun!)

Are you looking for new and fun ways to work on practicing with the EET?  Note: this idea is to be used WITH the EET product.  It is not designed to replace it!

I used my Make Dice Lite (free version of the app) and created two dice (one with objects and another representing the EET beads).  Note: this idea is to be used WITH the EET product.  It is not designed to replace it!

Students can tap or shake the iPad to roll the dice.  Then, they can express the bead for the object landed on.  Then my students got to take a turn in a desired game (Jenga, Candyland, Trouble, etc.)

How simple to prep is that?!  You can easily change the objects on the dice!  Change them to curriculum vocabulary, seasonal/theme vocabulary, or more!

Go grab your iPad, download this free app, and  have fun!

Verb Quest (app review & giveaway!)

Smarty Ears has done it again!  They are on the move and have started creating new apps again!  I am so excited!  I got to check out their newest one, Verb Quest, to share with all of you!  They were also so generous to provide me with ANOTHER copy to give away!!

This app uses a cute wizard theme.  I love Harry Potter so this alone made me happy!

Like all other Smarty Ears apps, you can import players from their FREE Therapy Report Center app, or just add right onto the app itself.

When you add a player, you can select a picture or an avatar.

Here is a view of the settings you can alter to meet your needs:
 You can also modify the settings while in the activity.

Once you are ready, click the desired students/players, and click "play."  You can then select or adjust the activity level for the players.  Just click "modify" to do so.  Here you can select the levels.  You can see which ones were played already, set ones to "on" and others to "off."

For level 1:

  • simple present tense
  • simple past tense
  • simple future tense (regular)
  • present, past, and future
  • irregular present tense
  • simple present - to be
  • irregular verbs - past tense
  • future tense - irregular verbs
  • present tense - to be (was/were)
  • present participle - irregular
  • present/past/past participle
  • present and past progressive
  • modals
  • negative modals
  • present perfect regular and irregular
  • past perfect
  • future perfect
  • tense shift 1
  • tense shift 2
  • gerunds, infinitives, and participles
I love the progression laid out, on simple to more complex/abstract concepts.   Note, you can only work on 1 concept at a time per student (which I like)!

Check out what simple present tense looks like:

For this activity, students are presented with a picture, a cloze sentence and 2 choice answers.  They are also presented with the cloze sentence as an audio.  They can click "hint" if desired.  This just moves the correct answer into the space in the cloze sentence.

Students get to move their wizard along the top, see their accuracy in the bottom left corner, and can record their productions of their new created sentences after they select the appropriate verbs.  This is great to get receptive and expressive use of the targets.

If incorrect, students get a sound, and can correct their responses, which I love!   I love that the app allows you to select the pace and doesn't move onto the next picture/prompt until you tap the app.

Once you complete a level, students are congratulated!  You are prompted to either try a few more on this level (great if you think your students needs more practice) or move onto the next level.

At any time,  you can click "done" and you are brought to the report cards page.  Just click the student to see the reports.  As you can see you can see the awards and reports.  As students play, they get "awards."  My students LOVE seeing themselves get awards in the Smarty Ears apps.  They get such a kick outta it!

The progress reports log the date, current level and skill worked on, and you can see if hints were used too!  You can sort by session or by level.  You can easily share (print, email) for safe keeping.

What I love about this app:
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Follows the same formats as other Smarty Ears apps which is nice
  • Students are rewarded nicely and is motivating
  • Cute graphics
  • TONS of targets addressed
  • Can work on only 1 at a time for constant drilling of the verb target
  • Multi-player
  • Data collection, progress monitoring, and saves data
  • Can easily change settings to meet your needs
  • "Hint" button teaches students to "ask for help"
  • Can move at your own pace
  • Receptive and expressive features
Learn more about this $19.99 app by visiting iTunes!

Now you can enter to win a copy for yourself below!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Yes/No Questions (App Review & Giveaway!)

The people over at I Can Do Apps generously gave me a copy of one of their apps to review and share with you.  They also gave me another one to giveaway to one lucky reader of Speech Time Fun!  Woohoo!!  Keep reading to learn more about this great app!  I have many students working on yes/no questions (hence my Answering Yes/No Questions with Visuals and Witch's Hat Yes/No freebie activities now available in my TpT store!)

This app contains 5 different activities:

  • simple questions
  • questions with a category, color or shape
  • questions with a verb
  • complex questions
  • comparison of two objects
When you open this app on your iPad, you are presented with the page to select your desired activity.  Just click "start."  How easy is that?!

I will go through each activity so you can see what it looks like and how I used it with my students working on yes/no questions.

Simple Questions:
Students are presented with a question prompt, picture, and yes/no choices.  There is also a "speaker" button located on the top middle.  This is great for nonreaders.  Students can also get repetition with this button of the question visually presented on the page.  Students must click "yes" or "no" to answer the question.  Students are presented with reinforcement "well done" when they click the correct response.  You can click the "arrow" when you are ready to move onto the next page.  I like that you can select and chose the pace of the activity.  This is great if you want to present your students with other questions like "Ok, it is not a train, what is it?"  If students are incorrect, they are presented with a "ding" sound.  It isn't annoying or unsettling.  It is just a simple prompt to try again.  You can also see on the top is a count of how many cards there are and how many are left.  At any time you can go "back" or click "home."

Once the activity is done, you are presented with a summary page.  Great for collecting simple data.  It doesn't store the data in the app so I recommend taking screen shots to save for record keeping.

Questions with a category, color or shape:
Just like the previous activity, students are presented with a text and audio question, picture visual, and yes/no answer buttons.  These questions use colors, categories, and shapes.  It is important to have students master those concepts before using them to work on yes/no questions.  You can use this activity to work on category, color, or shape if you student has mastered yes/no questions.  Again, students are presented with "well done" and a "check" if correct and a "ding" and an "X" if incorrect.  Again, you chose the page.  Once done with the activity, again you are presented with a summary page.  I love data!

Questions with a verb:
Check out below how questions incorporate a verb.  Again, it is important to know if your student responded incorrectly because they don't comprehend verbs or yes/no questions.  Again, this activity follows the same format as the other activities in this app and collects data!

Complex questions:
These questions are more abstract.  Students must comprehend the language presented in order to work on responding yes/no.  I have shown several examples below:

These questions work on part/whole, what is it made of, and attributes.

Comparison of two objects:
This activity uses two objects and comparing to work on yes/no questions. 

This activity compares using size, how it feels, tastes, speed, and more.

Other things to note about this app and its activities:
  • When you return back to an activity, some pictures will be repeated from previous activity but new ones are presented as well.
  • All activities collects data and has 10 "drills."
  • No data is saved in the app
  • Single use.  Must use the app with one student at a time.
  • Cannot switch between activities easily without leaving the activity.
  • If you click "home" early, you will not have data/summary page.
  • If you go back to a previous page/question, students cannot then click the correct answer.
  • Even if you stay on a page, after students respond incorrectly, they cannot click the correct answer to receive credit.  They can only verbally tell you.
Learn more about this $2.99 app by visiting iTunes!

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No Print Wh Questions! (plus a giveaway!)

Do you have a Smartboard or an iPad?  Do you like no print activities!  I have been working hard to try and introduce some no print activities to my TpT store.  My first is finally ready!  I tend to create materials for specific students of mine.  I have several students this year that have limited expressive language but are working on answering basic WH questions.  I decided to create this no print activity to use on my iPad.

It is an easy way to drill and collect data/monitor progress.  I chose to use only 2 picture choices for each question based on the needs/levels of my students.

Each page presents a new WH question (who, what, where, and when).  Students have 2 choices (picture and text).  If they click the correct answer, they are brought to the next page.  If they select the incorrect response, they remain on the page.

Directions on how to use this activity with your iPad are included in the download.

50 pages of questions are provided!

Each page has a "home" button which brings you back to the first page if desired to quickly prepare for a next speech group/client!!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

Enter to win a copy for yourself below!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sequencing Stories for the entire year!! (perfect for working on sequencing and recall of 3 paragraph stories!)

Are you working on sequencing?  Are you looking for motivating and engaging activities to work on sequencing at the story level?  Keep reading to learn more about my newest activity!!

One fictional 3 paragraph story for each month is included in this pack.  Seasonal/holiday themes are used with common vocabulary concepts.  On following pages, a sorting board is provided as well as 6 sentences based on each story to sort.

Can laminate to use as an interactive activity or photocopy and let students cut and paste!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!!

Miss Speechie's Favorite Halloween Books (and goals addressed with them)

Do you love using storybooks in speech?  Do you find books and wonder "How can I use it?"  Are you looking for new ideas?!  Keep reading!
Here are some of my favorite books and how I use them:
  • Answering questions
  • Verbs

  • Sequencing
  • Predicting
  • Recalling detail

  • Adjectives

  • Sequencing
  • Vocabulary

  • Adjectives
  • Verbs
  • Predicting
  • Predicting
  • Sequencing
  • Verbs
  • Vocabulary
These are just some of the MANY books out there.  I had to share my favorites to use this year!  I hope I gave you some new ideas on how to use your favorite books and maybe introduced you to a few new books to add to your collection!

Disclaimer:  Amazon Affiliate links included in this post!

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