Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top 10 Tools for my Speech Toolbag

It's that time again!  For my weekly top 10!  I was organizing my desk today and realized how many things I cannot live without!  In no particular order...

1. File Folders: Well DUH!  Not only are they used for storing students' files, but I have file folder games for every topic and skill.  Either print from a website that has ready made ones or draw some lines to make a sorting activity, they are so easy and fun!  Below you can view a file folder game I created to work on adjectives and the different senses that you need to use for each.

2. Binder Rings: Such an easy way to group vocabulary or make a mini book.  I buy a bulk at like Staples for cheap!  Below you can see how I used a word book from Enchanted Learning to make a quick matching vocabulary book by theme.

3. Game Pawns: I have SO many of these floating around in all shapes and sizes.  I love making or finding printable board games.  After taking the game pieces out of games and forgetting to put them back, I invested in a stash!

4. Index cards:  Ever need a quick artic card?  Or drilling activity?  Or need to give students a quick visual?  I always have index cards on my desk ready to go!  I also love using index cards to make "memory" or "go fish" games out of any concept or target.  Below you can see my memory game using winter synonyms.
5. Library Pockets: So cheap, colorful, and comes in a bulk!  I use these for storing reinforcers, sorting activities, or for students to store their answers quietly.  You can find these in any teaching supplies store or Staples.

6. Velcro: Was this another obvious one?!  I go through SO much!!  Kids love it, I love it!  Easy way to make an adaptable book, sequencing activity, sorting, or matching.  Below see how I used velcro to make an easy sorting activity that can be used over and over!

7. Paper fasteners:  A necesity to make concept wheels or related activity.  You can also attach a paper clip to make a spinner!  See below some concept wheels I made recently.

8. Magnets: easy way to teach spatial concepts in a hands on way!  Or I use to make visuals stick to my board or cabinets!
9. Plastic cups: easy way to sort, have a penny toss, or have students store "chips" or other reinforcer.
10. Envelopes:  Can't live without!!   Easy storage and organization!  I buy from the dollar store envelopes in all shapes and sizes.  I store all my games and activities together in a large one. 

Well, I cannot live without these!  How about you??!  Feel free to leave comments about materials or supplies that you cannot live without!! Or do you have another creative use for any of these??  Stay tuned for next week's top 10!


  1. What are some of your favorite websites to get activity ideas (and how to make them) from?

  2. I have been LOVING using Pinterest as an avenue to get ideas. I am fortunate to have a copy of Boardmaker which I LOVE! Such an easy way to make quick printable activities. I also have used,,,, and so much more!! There are TONS of websites with printables that you can save for when the need arises. I will definitely list in more detail for an upcoming top 10!!

  3. Oh wow, I really like this list. I just recently changed my major to Communication Sciences and Disorders (emphasis in Deaf Studies) and have sort of been looking for good resources for SLP ever since!! It's funny, but I have some of these items floating around my house just because (I'm just a little bit obsessed with office supplies...)

    1. Glad I could help my fellow speechies and future speechies! I LOVE what I do and I love sharing what works for me! Feel free to let me know what you would like to see in the future!! I love requests and feedback!

  4. LOL!!! SO TRUE! I can't survive w/o these low tech but so what we use!!! Add my copy of boardmaker and I am set to go!

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