Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Wind Blew

I love using this book in my speech sessions!!  So many targets:
  • This story allows a fun and exciting way to recall sequences of details.
  • The title alone is in the past tense.  You can review your verb tenses and regular vs irregular verbs with this story.  "Now the wind is blowing."  "The wind blew."  You can do a KWL chart on what other irregular verbs they can think of to assess prior knowledge before reading the story. 
  • You can practice predicting skills.  What do you think will happen next? 
  • Other questioning: How would you feel if you saw all these things fly away?  Is this story real or make believe?

For my dedicated readers, I have included my visuals made with Boardmaker, a sentence strip, and a writing follow up activity.  You can even take a fan and make the visuals "fly away!"


  1. Thanks for the great ideas. I have also used this book (a second copy where I cut out all of the characters and objects) to teach pronouns. I put the objects in a pile and let the children use one of those small fans for 'the wind' to blow the pieces around. We then match them back to the correct person with sentences like 'This is his kite','she has a balloon' or I might question "Is this her hat?" to get responses of "yes it is her hat" or "No the hat belongs to him"

    1. That is such a great idea!! Thank you for sharing!! I have often gone to Staples and made colored copies of book pages to get another copy of the pictures.

  2. Just came across this book and have added the book to my Amazon cart - just in time for spring! Thanks for sharing the great ideas!!


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