Popcorn Synonyms

So you probably have seeing TONS of popcorn ideas on Pinterest lately.  I was at Target this week and saw the Popcorn containers in the dollar section, sooooo of course I picked up 5 of them!  (My max amount of students at one time is 5). 

I wanted to think of a different target then those ideas floating out there already.  I have many students that are starting to understand synonyms just are having difficulties with demonstrating this skill in a variety of ways.  So I created a listening for synonyms activity with the popcorn theme.  Students will pick a piece of popcorn then either read it themselves or hand it to me to be read to them.  Students must identify the word in the sentence that has a synonym and verbally express it to the group.  If correct, they can put the popcorn in their container.  But watch out for the elephants!  They LOVE popcorn!  If they pick an elephant they must empty out their containers!!  The student with the most popcorn at the end, wins!

You can review all the vocabulary/synonym pairs ahead of time to help them out if necessary.  You can also display all the "other pairs" on a dry erase board or poster display to help with recall if necessary as well.  You can also tell them which word to provide a synonym for if that's the level your students are. 

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  1. Very cute idea! I love the popcorn theme. Thank you for sharing!
    Check out my Articulation Popcorn!

  2. Thanks for the freebie. I can also use the blank popcorn pics for my math component too!

  3. I have a silly question. How does this game work? Do the students identify a synonym in sentence? Or try to match another card with a synonym. I'm confused. :( Thanks.

    1. You can alter it to meet your needs that's the best part!! You can have the cards in one popcorn holder or have all of the cards in a pile and give each child a popcorn holder. They must take turns picking cards and expressing a synonym for the word provided in the sentence. If they pick an elephant card, they can either lose a turn, lose all their cards, or get a bonus turn! very open ended!!


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