Top 5 Ways to Use Velcro

I have posted a ton of materials and pictures that used velcro to put together.  i decided to make this weekly top 5 a sum up of my favorite activities!

In no particular order....
1. Matching pictures book.  Students can receptively identify common objects using  This website has numerous "word books."   It has a spot for students to write the words.  But I have used velcro to  have my students match.  I use Board maker to create the pictures to make.  By matching, the students demonstrate a better understanding of the vocabulary since it is demonstrated in two different picture representations.
2. File Folder Soring Games - helps keep all pieces together in a fun and motivating way.
3. Go-togethers: use velcro to have students complete the sentence strips.

4.  Sequencing activities - students can place pictures on a laminated board to tell or retell a story.

5. Spatial Concepts books - instead of printing copies of books for students to glue pictures, you can laminate and have students velcro the items in the named locations.  This way you can keep reusing easily!


  1. I have a problem... I run out of female velcro soooo fast! I have tons of male velcro but nothing to stick it to! Ugh! I use a lot of the stuff (obviously!)

    1. That happens to me as well!! I try to switch off which pieces I use as the "bottom" or I will use the leftovers to make sentence strips or something. Glad I'm not the only one! Occupational hazzard!

  2. Some places sell velcro separately - as either male or female. Also, I have found if I keep to a system of adhering the same side to pieces, they are interchangeable with other activities.

    1. Wow! Will have to look for that! Thanks for the idea!!


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