Where Is My Sound?

I have been seeing A TON of activities on Pinterest that work on sound placement for articulation students.  Have you seen the french fry sort or the push light activities?  They are great!  I have been using them in my classroom and they are a HUGE hit with my students!!  After trying to organize all my speech materials, I found my BINGO dabers and came up with a new activity to use for the same target, sound placement. 

Where Is My Sound?! 

As a review or as a separate activity, students practice saying words with their target sound.  Then they can use a BINGO daber to "stamp" the circle in the correct position of their sound.  My students have been having a BLAST using the dabers!  I can't believe I forgot I had them!! 

Once the worksheets dried, it was a great way to send home this activity for home practice.  I usually attached a note home just informing parents what we did and have their children retell them at home.

I provided the sheets that are the sounds my students are working on which I feel are they most common.  Feel free to send me an email or comment if you would like other sounds! 


  1. I really like these... Do you have these in every letter?

    1. Hey! Send me an email (speechtimefun@gmail.com) with what sounds you would like! I have a bunch of others that I did not post. I only posted a few popular sounds.


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