Butterfly Multiple Meaning Words

As the weather is getting warmer and students are starting to grasp concepts, I needed to find a fun and motivating way to work on multiple meaning words (MMW).  When I introduced the concept last week, I was showing my students some cloze sentences and they had to determine which meaning of the word was being used.  I realized they had a difficult time understanding that some words have a noun meaning and a verb meaning.  I wanted to demonstrate this connection in a file folder game. 
To teach the words and definitions, students worked together to discuss how the picture described the word.  They were reminded that nouns are "people, places, and things" and verbs are "actions or things you do".  The students got a chance to select a card and place it on the appropriate butterfly.  They had to use their response prompt of "_______ is a (noun/verb) because it means ___________ and that is a(n) (person/place/thing/action)."

Now, how can we review and make sure the students truly comprehend this new concept.  Depending on the students/group, I either cut ahead of time the pieces to this butterfly craft or I made templates and students followed directions to make their own.
Students selected one of the new words discussed.  They had to draw their own pictures to define the words in two ways: the noun definition and the verb definition.  They had so much fun drawing and sharing with the group their work!

How have you taught MMW?? Any tricks I did not think of?!  Feel free to comment and share!

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