Friday, April 6, 2012


Miss Speechie finally figured out how to make a Facebook page and a Like button!  Feel free to join!  I will post notifications of new therapy ideas and printables!!  Let the fun begin!!  Please let me know if it doesn't work!!!


  1. soooo apparently it isn't working!!! you can find me on facebook though by typing in Speech Time Fun in the search bar!! Any bloggers out there if you can help I would really appreciate the guidance in adding the Like button!

  2. I believe I got it!! If you clicked like before please try again!! Apparently there are like 8 people that clicked it before and it did not go through!! Sorry!!! I said I was new to this!

  3. ignore the facebook prompt in the posts! just use the one on the side! can't figure out how to do just the side and not both!


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