Sunday, May 27, 2012

Motivation Board

I have been asked by several readers what I use as a motivation board or reinforcer chart.  I developed this very generic template that could be used with ANY student!  You can use this for doing homework, appropriate in-seat behaviors during speech session, or give to classroom teacher to help with carryover of speech skills.
I have this board printed out twice.  On one copy, I cut out the stars and laminated them separately.  I laminated the entire original board and put Velcro over the stars and one piece in the empty box.  Once a student performs desired behavior or task, you can give them a star.  Once they have all 5, they can get what they are working towards.  I recommend deciding the reward in the beginning so it is clear and visible.  I have provided a Boardmaker display of some common rewards for you to use.  I laminated these rewards and put Velcro on the back as well.  These pictures will go in empty box when the student decides their reward. 

You can use this for each individual student or for a speech group.  This works great for those students that cannot wait until the end of the session to receive their reward.  It also helps when the student may not understand why they did not receive their end of speech reward.  Figure, if you are a group for 30 minutes, after 5-6 minutes you can discuss behavior and reinforce if necessary.

There a variety of ways you can use this simple motivation board.  I have a cute and crafty one I put together when I was in graduate school way back but it is at work and I am not!  I will try to post pictures of that one at a later date!

Get your free downloads here: Motivation Board Picture Choices for Rewards
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  1. These are a great idea! Pinning it! Thanks for sharing at Manic Monday!


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