Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Question Builder App!

One goal that could get repetitive with activities is working on responding to wh- questions.  Mobile Education Store was generous to provide me a copy of the Question Builder app.  Just remember the opinions and application ideas are all mine!

This app allows you to change the settings based on student need.  You can change the presentation mode (verbal and/or visual), what type of wh- question form, reinforce options, and level of complexity.   

There are three different complexity levels.  Level 1 just requires the student to listen the question, look at the picture, and select an option from three choices.  Level 2 incorporates inferencing skills and adds more answer choices.  Level 3 incorporates inferencing as well and requires the student to select THE BEST response.  It also adds more choices which require the student to listen carefully and read each choice carefully.
Level 1

Level 2

Level 3
When the question is presented to the student, they have the option to click “repeat question.”  I really like this feature since it teaches the student to recognize when they cannot recall or understand the question.  I also taught my students to listen to the question, read all the choices, and then click to repeat the question to remind them of what is expected of them. 
When the student responds incorrectly, it prompts them to decide whether or not they want to try again.  I think it is important to have the student try again and understand what they did wrong and try to figure out the correct response.  When the student responds correctly, they could be rewarded with a fun animation.  The animation is different each time which keeps them engaged and motivated.  My students got a kick out of finding out which animation was going to appear each time.
When you decide the session is over, you can click “report” and get the results of the session.  The results are broken up by levels so you can see exactly how that student performed.  I think this is a great way to collect data and monitor progress. 
Overall, I think this is a great app!  It addresses vocabulary, wh- questions, and inferencing skills.  It correlates to skills required in the classroom such as thinking of the best possible response.  It allows for discussion of why the responses are the best and most appropriate.  It also helps teach compensatory strategies for working on auditory memory and comprehension.  Can the student repeat the question?  Can they use the learned strategy independently of listening to question, read choices, and listen to question again before selecting response.  How about reading all choices carefully before selecting their choice response?  The only negative I can think of is that it only allows you to collect data on 1 student at a time.  Despite this, I found I was able to have students take turns one question at a time and we kept score on my dry erase board which I used as a data collection.  This is a great product which all SLPs should consider including in their app library!  Check it out on Mobile Education Store’s website


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