Introducing: Zorten's Token Board App!

Need a way to reinforce good behavior through a therapy session?  Don't have time to take out your computer, laminator, and Velcro?  Want a way to quickly change the look of your token board without spending tons of money and wasting materials or space?!  Well, the developers over at Zorten has thought of all this!  The developers that created Preposition Pets, Word Slapps, and Making Sequences created a Token Board app!
This app was extremely easy to use!!  Zorten was generous to provide me with a code to try out so I can share my thoughts with you!!  You can check out their website for more information here!

Are you wondering what this app can do for you?!?
Once you open the app, you are brought to the screen you see above.  You can give the board a name, which will help you find it later on!  You can decide if you want to use two pictures (first, then) or just one (I am working towards..).  You can modify the labels under the pictures and decide if you want sound or your own voice!  You can select how man tokens you want your student to earn and decide if you want to show numbers.  Do you want a sound to reward the student when they have achieved all their tokens?  You can fix that setting as well!  Onto some other settings:

What do you want your student to work for?  By clicking the button you are prompted to select a picture from your photo library or take a photo.  I realized I did not have great pictures for rewards in my library.  I wanted to get some!  So I went into Safari on my iPad, went to google images, and typed it in!  As you can see above, I was looking for a picture of a computer.  I have many students that like to be rewarded with some time to play.  Once I found the picture I wanted, I held it down and I was prompted to be able to save it to my library.  Now I can go back into my Token Board app, and pull that picture from my library!

More settings!  Now it was time to select what to use as my "token" and my background image.  So many fun choices!

It may seem like a lot of setting up, but it really good me about a minute once I had a bunch of reward pictures in my photo library.  Once you are done, you can hit start and use!

How cute is the alien pictures with the space background?!  Have students that LOVE space?!  I know I do!  Note above the "reset" button, want to start over, the student stopped behaving and need to start again?  You can!  You realize you want to take away tokens because your student can't handle waiting for 5, you can do it by hitting "file" and "edit."

Now, don't forget to save it for later!
Was that too easy?  Aren't the graphics cute and fun?  I just love how easy it is to create and use!  I love how simple it is to take pictures from the Internet or camera and use with the app to make it more adaptable for any student.

Not convinced?  Go visit Zorten's website, or iTunes.  It is only $1.99!  Just think of all the laminating pouches and Velcro you will save!!  I am honestly so excited about this app.  I will be working with much more behavioral students this summer and cannot wait to use it with them! 

Have you tried it?  What are your thoughts?!  Feel free to share!!

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