Super Duper Summer App Review Series: Name That Category!

Do you love Super Duper as much as I do?  Well, I thought it would be a great idea to do a review series of several of their apps throughout the summer.  They were generous to provide me with the apps to try in order to share them with you.  I will also incorporate some apps that I have purchased myself throughout the series!  Remember, all of their apps are now $1.99!  So affordable and takes up less space than the card decks!  Don't get me wrong, I do have TONS of their card decks purchased in the past and I love them too!  But hey, I have a small therapy room and I am running low on storage spaces!

Anyway!  First app on my summer series is the Name that Category App!
This app is great for expressing category titles.  You can enter as many students as you like into the app.  You can select all cards, or deselect and manually choose.  You may already know your students can label food and animals so you take those cards out of the way.
So once you decide which students are participating and which cards to use, you click play!  The student's name will be displayed on top (each with a correlating color to help distinguish quickly).  You can tap the picture to hear an audio for nonreaders.
The student must verbally complete the sentence by naming the category.  You can click green (correct) or red (incorrect).  You can also have a discussion and have the students mark themself. 

To switch to another student, tap and slide by the student name tab on top.  It will run through all the students you have clicked to be participating prior.  You can do one card then switch, 5 cards then switch, or any other way you like!  You switch manually so the choice is yours!
What's the benefit of inputting students and switching their names on top?  When you are done (or click done because ran out of time), you can view the results and email them too!
Things I like about this app:
-Easy to use
-Easy to tailor to your individual cases and needs
-Score reporting and email feature
-Audio for nonreaders
-Opportunity for students to self monitor and self score

Things I would like to see in the future:
-A way for students to hear the answer or see a card with the category label
-A way to see lists of correct and incorrect responses to help design future lessons
-Fun graphics or sound when student is correct to help reinforce

Overall, I think this app is great for SLPs!  We all have students that can benefit from working on labeling categories! 

Want follow up activities?  Are you friends with Super Duper on facebook?  They are constantly posting freebie worksheets!  I have seen in the recent months 2 worksheets posted to use with this fun deck or app!  Missed it?  I created a follow up worksheet that you can use after or to send home for home practice.  It follows the same format as the app.
Students must circle the category name to help review.  They can use the carrier phrases provided to help promote expanded utterance length!  Can the name more items in that category?  How about naming items in the other choices?!  Grab it here!

Want to learn more about this app?!  Check out Super Duper!

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  1. I love the data collection feature of the Fun Deck apps! I think I bought 7 or 8 of them when they initially went on sale!


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