Minimod Verbs App Review & Giveaway!

From the developers E. Skills Learning, LLC, they were generous to provide me with a code to try and a code to giveaway of their Verbs app!
This app has similar features and format as their other apps.  First, you can use an email address to send score reports:

There are 4 levels to work on: Action Words, Two-Word Verbs, Irregular Verbs & Difficult Irregular Verbs.
I recommend starting with practice mode to teach students the format of the activity.  You can practice any level and decide how many questions will be presented.
Then games are like BINGO.  You can play single player or multiplayer.  Once students get the answer correct, they can mark a box on the board.  Game is over when they have a line.
Below is a sample of questions from each level:

Want to learn more about this app?  Visit iTunes!

Now it is your chance to win this app for free!  Enter below!
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  1. Looks great! I use paper activities usually or the Super Duper App

  2. I have some picture card sets I have made over the years!

  3. I use picture cards or books usually. I haven't found anything too exciting for this area! I am excited to see other responses!

  4. Hey you have been nominated for two blogger awards check out to find out how to claim them.

  5. I try to present the verbs in context for the students to hear, see in a picture, and written out in a sentence. I show them the written and/or tell them a sentence and have them fill in the blank.

  6. Picture books, multiple repetitions through manipulative play

  7. I usually use worksheet activities from Super Duper or other printed materials. I also try to catch them in conversational speech.

  8. I usually use the Super Duper card deck in addition to worksheets.

  9. Flash cards that I pair with a game


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