Monday, September 24, 2012

iBooks review and giveaways!

As you know, I LOVE to use iBooks in my therapy sessions.  Here are a few reasons why:
  • Saves shelf space, no need to store actual hard cover books
  • More motivating for students
  • Many of the books comes with "read to me" options or a video presentation of the story which is different than me reading to my students.
One of my favorite iBook authors is Stan Resnicoff.  Below you will see two of his story books and he has generously provided me with a code of each to giveaway!!  These iBooks run through the iBooks app but you can find them in the app store! Keep reading!

I have previously reviewed  "Seven Ate Nine" by Stan Resnicoff.  You can check it out by clicking here!

It is such a great book and works on recalling details, vocabulary, and more.  The author was generous to provide me with a code to giveaway!!  Enter to win below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was honored to review another one of their ibooks, Who'll Do The Moo? 

This story is adorable!!  It is about a Hollywood producer that is looking for a "moo" sound for a show.  They host a try out and a variety of other animals show up instead!  Clearly, they cannot do the moo!  This story is great for working on:
  • sequencing
  • recalling details
  • cause and effect
  • predicting
  • working on animal vocabulary
  • rhyming
  • and so much more!
Just like the other iBook, you can read it like a book or watch it as a movie.

I have created a fun review worksheet to assess comprehension and recalling details.  I used Boardmaker to create it.  You can grab it here!

The author provided me with another code of this ibook to giveaway!!  Enter to win below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I love using iBooks in my therapy room.  How about you?!


  1. I would use the books for identifying story elements, answering WH questions, sequencing, and retelling.

  2. I would use the books for sequencing and Wh questions mainly, but also vocabulary and rhyming.

  3. I would use this book for sequencing and predicting skills. What a fun way to work with language! My kids love anything on the ipad!

  4. I'm always looking for ways to go paper-free in my office...mainly because space is so highly prized in my room. These books look like a fun way to work on books and language.

    Talking With Rebecca

  5. I would use the books with their read to me option to address listening comprehension skills including answering wh questions, identifying the main idea and summarizing. I would also incorporate sequencing, vocabulary and for my mixed groups, articulation (e.g. finding words with target sound, repeating phrase or sentence with that word from the story). I have been looking at Seven Ate Nine for a while. Thanks for opportunity to win it!

  6. I would like to use these for sequencing, wh questions, and retelling.

  7. I would like to use the books for comprehension, answering WH questions, and for vocabulary. Thanks for offering!

  8. Answering wh questions, talking about character traits, and sequencing to name a few.

  9. I would love to use these books for recalling information and identifying story parts.

  10. I have lots of kiddos working on sequencing and describing. This e-book would be great at keeping their attention!


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