Thursday, September 27, 2012

Introducing Picture Prompt Timer!

There are many timer apps available, but this is the first app that you can individualize to your needs.  Introducing, Picture Prompt Timer by MDR!
This app was easy to navigate and figure out.  By clicking the bottom "timer settings" you can set to your liking.

You can set the time you need, record your voice to play when the time runs out, add text and/or pictures to be displayed while the timer is running, and decide if you want the timer to display.  As you can see below I added Elmo for fun to one!  But you can easily add Boardmaker symbols, pictures from your camrea roll, or images from the internet.

Uses for this timer:
  • to let students know an activity or entire speech session is finished
  • to time a conversational exchange
  • to assist with transitioning
  • to help with redirecting and refocusing
Things I like about this app:
  • easy to use
  • individualized and customizable
  • useful options
Things I would change:
  • The cost is pricey at $4.99.
  • Add  images to a gallery to select from of common prompting/cues
  • Audio to select from of common sayings
To celebrate the release of this new app, the developers are dropping the price of this app to FREE!!  It will only be for about 3 hours TODAY, Thursday beginning at 10:00 am est and extending until 1:00 pm est.  So go grab it now while you can!


  1. This looks good. Is the Elmo included or did you import him? I like the changes you would like to see happen.

    1. I imported Elmo in! I always keep various cartoon characters in my photos so they are easy to grab for various apps!

  2. This app looks great! From the description it was hard to tell... Are you able to set it in second increments or just minutes? For example can you set it for just 10 seconds if you wanted to? Thanks!!


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