Introducing, Go-Togethers APP! Review & Giveaway!

I was honored to be given the opportunity to try out and review an app by Smarty Ears.  This app, Go-Togethers!
 This easy to use and navigate app is great for working with one individual student working on associations.  There are 2 levels of difficulty and you can address receptive, expressive or both.  Here is a view of the "setting room":
 Once ready, you can click "tap to play"!  As you can see above, I used this with my younger students in a self-contained class.  We have been working heavily on categorization and associations. 

When working on receptive:  there is a verbal prompt and students can select the items that go with the item in the top middle.  I had them choose three.  This is also good for working on "which one doesn't belong?"

 Here is a look of what it looks like when students respond correctly.  The borders turn green and there is a sound effect.  Then you can click "next" to go on.  At any time you can click "done."
 Expressive task:  students are required to verbally express the "what" and "why."  I felt that the "why" was hard for my students to do independently.  I gave them carrier phrases and choices to assist.

When you click done, you get the results.  It tells the categories used, and scores.  You can email it right away.  I recommend emailing or taking a screen shot right away because it does not save for later.
 Another view of the main home page, you can click "menu" for the following options:
Things I like about this app:
  • Cute and easy to use
  • Addresses receptive and expressive and can switch between two within one activity
  • Generates detailed data reports that can be emailed
Things I would like to see in an update:
  • Multiplayer options
  • Way to select noun vs. adjective to work with
  • Data to be saved in program for later use.  This feature is beneficial for those like me that does not have WiFi access at work for the emailing feature.
This app is $9.99 and compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.  Learn more by visiting iTunes.

Smarty Ears was extremely generous to provide me with a code to giveaway to one lucky person!!
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  1. I like to use real objects to work on associations, as well as some puzzles and apps.

  2. I like to start with real min objects for my ASD kiddos. Then work up to pictures! I WANT THIS APP!!! haha! Thanks for the chance (and cute blog makeover!)

  3. With some of my kiddos I do association webs (with either words or pictures).

  4. I use real objects, then pictures of objects. I love how this app shows the connections to further reinforce the correct associations.

  5. Looks like an another great app. Depending on the child, I might start with objects then progress to pictures.

  6. I have an associations puzzle pairs game from Discovery Toys that I purchased years ago. Perfect for the younger crowd or to start with.

  7. Usually start with objects for common objects.

  8. I just wrote a goal for this and he loves the ipad, so this would be great!

  9. I start with objects and then work up to pictures. We chart how the objects go together.


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