The Napping House: Companion Activity Pack!

One of my favorite books to use to teach vocabulary, sequencing, and prepositions is The Napping House.

I created a fun-filled activity pack that can be used with this book.  In this file:
-Sequencing Pictures:  Students can use to retell the story.  Have them place the characters on top of the bed in the same order as the story.

-Sleeping Words vs. Awake Words:  Use the vocabulary cards provided to sort into the correct categories.  This helps illustrate for students that many words can be used to describe sleeping.  Chunking helps students with comprehension and learning new vocabulary words.

-Comprehension Questions Game:  Help get the boy to bed by answering the comprehension questions based on the story.  Use with the board game provided.

-“On”:  Visual provided and “where” question card game to practice responding with the concept “on.”  If students pick the “flea” card, they lose a turn!  The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

-Following Directions Coloring Page:  Students must follow the multi-step directives in order to color each part of the picture!
You can have access to this activity pack HERE!

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  1. I love this book, too! Thanks for creating a companion pack to pair with it. Adding it to my wishlist! :)


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