3 New Activities!

We have been SO busy in my speech room!  Trying to squeeze every creative juice before annual review season takes over my life!

A quick little vocab review I did with my students today was to review multiple meaning words (or MMW as I like to call it!).  I called it THE MMW scavenger hunt!  Students had to work together to think of the different meanings of the words presented to be able to move onto the next word.  Grab a copy of the Boardmaker pictures I used here!

For my students working on categories, I used my tin foil muffin tins for a sorting activity.  Here's a copy of the pictures I used here.

Lastly, many of my students have syntax goals.  I found this idea on Pinterest (LOVE IT) but I am NOT artistic at all.  I turned a pen/paper activity into a file folder game to teach difference between nouns and verbs.  We discussed how they were different and even acted them out.  Then students got to sort the nouns and verbs according to Noun Nick and Verb Vicky.  Get your copy here .

Happy Tuesday!!!

Are you ready for some football?!?!

You can't avoid it, you see commericals, signs, talking everywhere...the Super Bowl is on it's way!  My students LOVE sports and if it's motivating I use it!

I have included in this post 3 different activities for different levels and goals.

I have used my "Football Sentences" worksheet as a review of football vocabulary using cloze sentences.  I have even cut up the worksheet to make it interactive and gave each student one sentence.  They had to work together to complete each sentence using the vocabulary choices.

You can grab this worksheet  here.

Next, I created a writing activity where the students can draw and write about if they were in the Super Bowl.  Grab it here!

And last but not least, I have added a spatial concepts/following directions activity.  You can laminate it and have the students velcro the footballs accordingly or you can print a copy for each student and have them glue the footballs on. Grab it here!

Go Giants!!!

Apps Fun

Had so much fun with my speech kiddies today!! Had fun following and giving directions with my 6th graders.  I got this cute activity off of ESLprintables (free website just have to have log in and earn points by having people download your activities. find it here  I was shocked to find my "lower" students did better than my "higher" ones!!  But good times had all around! 

Another fan favorite of the day was an activity I snatched off another Blogger's website called "Back Pocket Monsters".  We played the inferencing version and the students had SOOO much fun chanting for each turn "no busted no busted" just like "no whammys!"  You can find this activity here !

Well, other than my groups today that had SO much fun, I had to test two other students for their upcoming annual reviews.  I recently downloaded an app called "SLP Age Calculator".  I find I use it DAILY especially now that it is annual review season.  Time is money!  I love technology when it helps me perform my job more efficiently. 

Another app I have used in my speech room is the ArtikPix.   I honestly have only used the free version because it came with "TH" and that was all I needed at the time and wanted to try it before I bought it.  I don't know if I would actually buy the full version, but something to consider in the future.

A new app I have found is called "FindDifference-Lite"....it's a free app that allows the students to compare and contrast two pictures and find the differences (just like photo hunt).  This can be used for articulation, fluency, expanding utterances, answering questions, and the list can go on for days!

Well hopefully tomorrow will be as successful and I will have more to share!!

More Groundhog's Day Fun Ideas

Now I'm in the Groundhog's Day spirit!  Below I have two new ideas you can use with your speech students this week!

First, I created a cute little compare/contrast activity.  Students can work together to complete the Venn Diagram or they can have a competition and see who can come up with the most items!

I don't know why it's sideways!  Sorry!  Grab your copy of this activity here.

Next, I created a board game to work on a variety of wh- questions.  I am going to add it to a file folder and on the other side put visual aids to assist them in recalling the different types of wh- question forms.

You can grab your copy of this gameboard here.

Groundhog's Day is around the corner!

So I as was trying to think of some activities to use with my speech students next week, I noticed that Groundhog's day is next week (Thursday, February 2nd).  I am working with many of my students to improve their ability to attend to auditory information in order to verbally recall details.  I have created a "Guess the Groundhog" activity to address this goal.  You can grab it here!

More to come!! Please feel free to share some fun activities that you do with your students.
Miss Speechie's Top 10 Therapy Must-Haves (in no particular order):

1. Jenga:  This motivating and fun game can be used in a variety of ways.  Whether it is to make drilling more engaging by letting the students take a turn after they use their target sounds or respond to a wh- question, or you can buy a cheap knock-off version (mine was about $3) and you can write vocabulary words on the actual blocks.  Students can provide definition, give synonym or antonym, or even use in a sentence before pulling that block out.  Make sure not to bump into the table!!!

2. Uno: I've used this fun card game to promote pragmatic/turn taking skills or as a reinforcer for my high functioning older students.  I usually have a timer in my session and if they work appropriately for a certain period of time, they can spend the last 5 minutes playing a quick game. 
3. Ned's Head: Although some of my students have been scared of this game, it is an easy way to make working on vocabulary fun and exciting.  I've thrown various objects into his head to work on object/function or even conversational cards to work on pragmatic skills.
4. Memory: There are TONS of versions of this game.  But so many ways to use it!!  You can use it for categories, teaching same/different, describing, answering wh- questions, the list can go on for days!!!

5. 20 Questions: This cheap electronic game you can find in any toy store or even supermarket.  I often use this with my articulation groups and make them chose their "item" that has their target sound in it.  My students love it when they beat the "computer".

6. Apples to Apples: LOVE THIS GAME!!!  I use this game to teach parts of speech, red apples are nouns, green apples are adjectives.  I like to play as well and throw completely wrong things in the mix to see if they understand the vocabulary (if they giggle, I know they got it!).

7. Zingo: A similar game to BINGO but it has a fun card calling piece.  I've used it to address vocabulary as well as utterance expansion.  I've given my students visuals for "I have it" "I do not have it" and "No one has it."

8. Guess Who: Yes, you are probably thinking I use it for answering "who" questions, but my older higher functioning students enjoy using it for working on inferencing skills. 

9. Taboo Jr.:  This game is great for working with students with word finding difficulties.  Forces them to think of other ways to describe common objects.  I have also used this game with my fluency kids since it gives them an opportunity to work on their strategies during a "stressful" situation.

10. BopIt: This one is the fan favorite in my therapy room.  What a great way to work on listening strategies and following directions.  Students know they all must keep quiet so the student taking his/her turn can concentrate.  They know they have to repeat the directive in their head to help them remember.  We play on the "pass it" setting to make it fun and exciting!

I hope you enjoyed my list!!  I could not survive without these staples in my therapy room.  Please share others that you find to be necessities for you!
Although I always find I am complaining about the snow and cold weather every winter, I try to cheer  myself up using winter themed materials with my students. 

One way I use winter is by using winter themed pictures to teach main idea.  Students are given choices and have to choose the best sentence to describe the picture.  grab it here

I use winter clothing to teach categories, adjectives, or following directions. 

Am I the only one that enjoys using winter themed materials?!!?
The last few years, I have been trying to find the BEST way possible to teach inferencing to my 5th and 6th grade students.  I created this sorting activity which teaches them the difference between sequencing clues and life experience/schema clues.  grab it here

The students can use fun sentences to learn to practice this skill here

I have found this activity helpful and the students have fun learning how to infer!
I've recently discovered this website click here to view.
There are TONS of minibook samples and templates that could be used in a variety of ways in the therapy room.

One idea I'm working on with my students is the flip flap book to work on main idea and sequencing.  My students are drawing the main idea of the story on the front and in each flap writing the order of events.  They have been using stories read in group and personal narratives. 

I also plan on using the circle book to work on categories.  Each student in the group will make one for a category.  They will get to decorate the outside for the category title and write words that go in the categories for the bottom circle.  Pictures soon as well!!

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