Minimod Verbs App Review & Giveaway!

From the developers E. Skills Learning, LLC, they were generous to provide me with a code to try and a code to giveaway of their Verbs app!
This app has similar features and format as their other apps.  First, you can use an email address to send score reports:

There are 4 levels to work on: Action Words, Two-Word Verbs, Irregular Verbs & Difficult Irregular Verbs.
I recommend starting with practice mode to teach students the format of the activity.  You can practice any level and decide how many questions will be presented.
Then games are like BINGO.  You can play single player or multiplayer.  Once students get the answer correct, they can mark a box on the board.  Game is over when they have a line.
Below is a sample of questions from each level:

Want to learn more about this app?  Visit iTunes!

Now it is your chance to win this app for free!  Enter below!
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Introducing: Articulation Station Pro!

I was fortunate to be provided with a copy of Articulation Station Pro from Little Bee Speech to try out and review for you!  Just note the opinions are all mine!

This app is filled with activities for each level of sounds.  It is recommended to use this app once students have mastered these sounds in isolation, syllable, and basic CVC levels.
The developers made sure you can modify this app for your student(s) needs.  You can turn off sounds, make a mastery level, and even hide the scoring buttons.  Click the wrench to adjust!  You can even use this app up to a group of 6!

When you click a sound, you are prompted to select either word, sentence, or story levels.

Word Level:  There are 2 activities in this level.  Flashcards and matching.  Students say the sounds and then score themselves.  You can record their productions and play it back for them to self-correct!

I recommend starting with flashcards, then moving to matching.  Matching turns drilling into a motivating game without having to print cards and laminating!

Sentence Level: You have to options, rotate or unique.  It is recommended to start with rotate.  It makes for great drilling practice and good for nonreaders.  You can read the sentence and have them say it back. 
Here is a view of the rotating option:

This is a view of the unique option:
Story level:  This has 2 levels.  Level 1 is great for nonreaders.  You can read the story and students can use the pictures to retell the story.  Both levels has comprehension questions at the end to also work on comprehension.
level 1

level 2

questions from level 1
Last but not least, data collection!  We love this feature as SLPs!  You can save the scores, email it to yourself immediately or wait until later!  I personally love the detailed report.  It helps you remember the exact activity completed, score, and percentage.  This is great when you have a busy day of back-to-back sessions and hard to remember each one specifically!
Things I like about this app:
  • The various levels and options for every sound
  • Ability to record productions
  • Data collection and ability to save and email
  • Motivating pictures and stories
  • Easy to use and figure out
  • Ability to change settings to individualize activities
I created a cute visual to use with this app.  It is important for students to understand where their sound is in a word.  This will help with using strategies for correct production.  Grab your copy here!  I used the bee theme to go with the app!

Want to learn more about this app?  Visit iTunes.  I know it is pricey, so you can try out the free version here!  Also, Jenna over at Speech Room News is hosting a giveaway of this great app!  Check it out here!

Swapsies App Review & Giveaway!

Spinlight Studio has created a cute and motivating app called Swapsies!  They were SUPER generous to provide me with a copy to review and 5 codes to giveaway!
This app can be used on any device (iPhone, iTouch, iPad).  For only $1.99, you can use this during individual sessions or have students take turns or work together. 

If you click the "photos" on the main screen you can select a character.  If you click the spinner, students get to spin to select a community helper and play a game.
If you click the "mix up", students get to play around with community helper clothing to make a match.  They need to understand what one would wear.  The giggles you will get as they swap the different clothes around is great!
Once the match is made, students are rewarded with a game related to the community helper used.  This is great for association and eliciting conversation about that helper.
These games are great for following directions!  If you click "quiz me" on the main screen (you can get there by clicking the house icon), students are asked questions about the various community helpers.
This is great for working on "wh" questions and associations.  If correct, students are brought to another question.  If incorrect, they are provided with an opportunity to correct themselves.  After several correct responses, they are rewarded with a bonus round.
For the bonus round, students are presented with this visual above.  They are given a verbal directive.  Such directives includes looking for items a specific shape, all hats, items a doctor would use, etc. 

This app does not collect data.  It is great for reinforcing and working on various goals through a community helper theme.  To learn more about this app visit iTunes!

Now onto the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lacing Card Fun!

I found a new dollar store and look what I found!  I bought two packets of these lacing cards for $1 each!  Each one came with 2 lacing cards and 2 pieces of lace!
I was so excited for the cute pictures and fun colors!  I laminated the cards to make them more durable and used a hole puncher to make the holes again.

How did I use them in speech therapy?
  • Answering wh- questions ("What animal?" "Where should we lace?" "Who wants the snail?")
  • Expanding utterance length ("I am lacing the monster")
  • Requesting ("Help me" "I want ___")
  • Prepositional phrases: on, under, through, in, over, etc.
  • Basic labels: colors, animals, locations
  • Turn taking
We had so much fun using these in therapy today!  Head over to your nearest dollar store now!

Plurality App!

Zorten has done it again!  The developers that brought us Preposition Pets brought a similar app that works on plural nouns!  They were generous to provide me with a copy to try.  But the opinions are all mine!
There are 5 different boards to choose from and you can play up to 4 players.

The settings you can modify for your students:
If you click the magnifying glass on that screen you can see pictures of all the cards possible.  I like this feature so you can preview ahead of time for yourself or with your students to preteach.
Then you can choose to use all cards or select specific ones.  I think it is important to make sure students master several before moving onto more.  As you can tell below, I selected the most common ones to start!  As you can also tell, it is working on irregular plural nouns. 
Now time to play!  It is like memory.  Pick two cards to "flip."  If it's a match, you get a point!  Whoever gets the most points, wins!

How to get the most out of this app:
  • Use it to review difficult irregular nouns in a fun and motivating game
  • Allow wait time, to have students express the plural form if incorrect in finding the match
  • Use a small board for students that have poor memory.  Give hints to where the match may be!
  • Have more than 4 students, make teams!
  • Preview vocabulary and review after the game as well to ensure understanding!
  • Make sure your student(s) understand the difference between regular and irregular plural nouns.  Can they sort them?
  • Can your student(s) use the words in sentences?  How about draw their own pictures to illustrate?
The app does not allow for data collection since the responses are verbal.  I would not choose to use this app for data collection.  More as a review/reinforcer.
Want to learn more?  Visit iTunes!  It's only $1.99!

Introducing: What Would You Do At School If Fun Deck App!

It's that time again!  My Super Duper Summer App Review Series!  This week: What Would You Do At School If Fun Deck App! 
This app has all the following features just like the other super duper apps:
  • Allows multiple users
  • Can use all "card" pages or select specific ones for each user
  • Drag card to switch, drag by user name to switch users
  • You can score responses or have students score themselves or each other
  • Touch card to hear question
  • Generates a score and allows you to email to save for later

What skills can this app address?
  • Wh- Questions
  • Inferencing
  • Cause/effect
  • Pragmatics/Social skills
  • School vocabulary/situations
  • Turn taking
  • Expanding Utterance Length

As you can tell, this app would benefit those students that are verbal and capable answering basic questions.  They need to understand the vocabulary incorporated in this app.  You may want to teach the vocabulary first to make sure they understand. 

One visual I used with this app is my "If-Then" visual.
This helps to teach students cause/effect or that something has to happen for a result.  You can grab your copy of this visual here!

To learn more about this app and other Super Duper apps visit their website!

Introducing: "Wh" Questions at School Fun Deck App

It's that time again!  For my Super Duper Summer App Review Series!  This time, it's the "Wh" Questions at School App!  As you know, I love the Super Duper apps for various reasons: can use with multiple students, easy to use, easy to collect data and email for saving.  For the cheap price of $1.99, it is much easier than carrying tons of therapy supplies around!  Now for the sneak peak!
Like all their other apps, you have the entire fun deck of cards to choose from.  You can select all, or select specific cards for specific students.  This feature is great for this app because you can work on each "wh" question form at once or all together!

Like their other apps, you move to the next card by dragging it to the right and move to the next student by dragging the tab on top with the student's names to the right as well.  Students can score themselves or you can score for them based on their verbal responses.  They can hear the questions by tapping the cards.  Tap "green" for correct and "red" for incorrect.  Scores are generated for each student!

I like these questions compared to the basic "wh" questions cards because they are functional questions related to school.  This is perfect since I work with them in a school!  They also have a version for home and community.  These questions elicit conversation which is great.  It can also address various pragmatic situations.

Last but not least, you can generate scores to email for each student.  Just make sure you email them right away because once you start a new activity or session, the previous scores are deleted. 
To learn more about this app visit Super Duper's website here!

I find visual aids are great for teaching the difference between question forms.  I do tons of sorting activities to teach the difference.  I made a basic "Question Cards" visual on a binder ring that I have hung up and easy to grab when needed.  For some students, I let them look for the specific question type to prompt themselves.  Others, I may take the visuals off the ring to display the difference.  This visual was very helpful when using this app with my students!
Grab your copy of this visual here!

Adaptive Books Fun!

Do you like to incorporate literacy activities in speech sessions?  Wished you could use literacy activities with students with limited vocabulary or attention span?  I like to use DIY adaptive books in my speech sessions for these students! 

There are TONS of websites out there that provide printable books ready to use.  I like to print them, laminate them, and make Boardmaker symbols to match the vocabulary on the pages.  Add some Velcro, and done!  You can staple them together, use a binding machine, or just use a binder ring to attach them for safe keeping.  You can use these over and over year after year.  I make these for every theme and concept! 
You can use this activity for a variety of goals:
  • Answering questions
  • Recalling sequences or details
  • Increasing expressive or receptive vocabulary
  • Categorization
  • Expanding utterance length
  • Articulation
  • Attending to task
  • Matching
  • And more!
Where to find these books?  Check out the following websites!
Did I miss any websites?  Feel free to share! 

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