More iBook Apps from Stan Resnicoff

I was honored to receive EVEN MORE codes of iBooks to review and giveaway!!!  Keep reading to learn more about these great books and what speech and language skills you can address!  These iBooks are priced well ($0.99) and runs through the iBooks app on iTunes. 

Click each title to check out each iBook on iTunes!  Rafflecopters after each review to enter to win!!!

My Life As a Traffic Cone
This cute iBook has a "lesson" on each page.  It is written in the point of view of a traffic cone!  Skills this can address:
  • Rhyming
  • Figurative language
  • Pragmatic skills
  • Learning new vocabulary through context clues (e.g. slouch, meditate, enlightenment, etc.) 
  • Can have students talk about how they would feel if they were a traffic cone: What experience they may face?  Challenges?
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This iBook is written in the format of "Mug" shots and police records.  Each uses animal characters and is written kid friendly.  Each page presents a different police record.  There are MANY records that can be used to target the following goals:
  • Compare/contrast
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Character traits
  • Looking/listening for adjectives
  • Cause/effect
  • Elicit conversation: Which one was the worst?  Which would you be scared to meet?
  • Can have students create their own police records for cartoon characters or characters from other stories.
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Stanley, The Seal of Approval
This iBook has the video version at the end!  Great for motivation and maintaining attention!  This cute rhyming story is about a boy wanting a pet.  What does he get??  He gets a pet seal!  Stanley, the seal approves everything he wants to do!   This story can work on the following goals:
  • Sequencing
  • Rhyming
  • Learning about friendship
  • Cause/effect
  • Building vocabulary
  • Predicting
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The Big Parade Los Angeles
This iBook also has a video version at the end!  This rhyming story incorporates various states and famous landmarks.  The pictures could be overstimulating but has tons of vocabulary to address!  Other goals:
  • Recalling details
  • Rhyming
  • Responding to wh- questions
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The Big Parade - New York
This iBook also comes with a video version!  This story has a similar book style and concept as the LA version.  Great for students that LOVE history!  Goals this story can address:
  • Rhyming
  • Building vocabulary
  • Recalling details
  • Listening for categories
  • Past tense verbs
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The Big Parade - San Francisco
This also follows similar style and concept as the two versions mentioned above!  It too has a video version at the end.  Goals addressed are the same!
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Tom, The Talking Toilet
Last, but not least, this whole story is about a toilet!  It also has a video version at the end.  This story is extremely cute and motivating for students.  What kid doesn't love to talk about going to the bathroom?!  This story is repetitive which can make it interactive for students and easy to remember.  Goals this story can address:
  • Rhyming
  • Figurative language & understanding humor
  • Homophones and multiple meaning words
  • Verbs
  • Recalling details
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I hope you find these ideas for using iBooks helpful!  For $0.99, it is cheaper than purchasing a hard cover, no need for storage, and it is more motivating too!  Good luck!!

Spooky Speech Fun!

I was shocked when I started hearing my speech students this week talk about Halloween!  Is it really around the corner?  When I took a quick look at my calendar, I saw that it is true, October is MONDAY!  As I cleaned up my always messy desk and put away my "back to school" themed materials, I started going through my Halloween materials.  I noticed I was missing some skills that I would like to address and decided to make a download geared around these goals.  I hope you can find them useful too!  Introducing, Spooky Speech Fun!

What does it include?  It has an open-ended board game that you can use with the activities included or any other stimulus.

Wh- Question Cards: These cards can be used to practice wh- questions as well as conversation starters.  All questions relate to Halloween!
Synonyms & Opposites: All cards contain two words.  Students must use their knowledge of synonyms and opposites and express their response.  A visual is included to assist with understanding as well as sentence strips to help with expanded their responses as students explain their reasoning.

Reading/Listening Comprehension:  A short story, written by ME is provided.  I wrote this story with the idea in mind to use graphic organizers and/or my story telling rope to assist in recall of key elements of a story.  There are task cards which ask questions related to the story.  Students are required to use their graphic organizers and strategies for recalling.  I also threw in some vocabulary questions for extra fun and practice!

I can think of about 10 groups I can use one or more these activities with.  I hope you find this download as useful too!  Check it out at my TpT store!

Building Vocabulary with Cops and Robbers!

Many have requested more activity packs that address multiple skills.  I know many are also looking for more higher vocabulary skills to address.  Introducing, "Building Vocabulary with Cops and Robbers."
Multiple Meaning Words Card Game:  Students will pick a card and determine the meaning of the underlined word.  Can they express the correct meaning?  (Bonus: Can they express the other meaning and use it in a sentence?)  But watch out for the cards with the robbers!  If this card is selected, the student must give their cards back!  The student with the most cards at the end is the winner!

Parts of Speech sort:  This activity works on practicing nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  All you have to do is laminate the sorting page and the cards.  Students can practice learning parts of speech and expanding vocabulary with this categorization practice.

Similarities & Differences: Students can practice comparing and contrasting with these cards.  There is a visual provided in the file to help with expanding utterances while responding and also help with recalling the concept of "same" and "different."  You can use these cards with any motivating game or activity.  Students must express how the two items on the cards are the same and different.

I hope you can find these materials fun and useful for your therapy rooms.  This activity pack is available at my TpT store!

Introducing Picture Prompt Timer!

There are many timer apps available, but this is the first app that you can individualize to your needs.  Introducing, Picture Prompt Timer by MDR!
This app was easy to navigate and figure out.  By clicking the bottom "timer settings" you can set to your liking.

You can set the time you need, record your voice to play when the time runs out, add text and/or pictures to be displayed while the timer is running, and decide if you want the timer to display.  As you can see below I added Elmo for fun to one!  But you can easily add Boardmaker symbols, pictures from your camrea roll, or images from the internet.

Uses for this timer:
  • to let students know an activity or entire speech session is finished
  • to time a conversational exchange
  • to assist with transitioning
  • to help with redirecting and refocusing
Things I like about this app:
  • easy to use
  • individualized and customizable
  • useful options
Things I would change:
  • The cost is pricey at $4.99.
  • Add  images to a gallery to select from of common prompting/cues
  • Audio to select from of common sayings
To celebrate the release of this new app, the developers are dropping the price of this app to FREE!!  It will only be for about 3 hours TODAY, Thursday beginning at 10:00 am est and extending until 1:00 pm est.  So go grab it now while you can!

Introducing: Sentence Builder App!

I was fortunate to be provided with the opportunity to try and review Sentence Builder By Mobile Education Store.  Just note that all opinions are mine!  I am very excited to share this app with you!

This app has a very similar format to their other apps like, Question Builder.  You can enter a student's name, decide which level you would like to work on, and other settings you can view here:
I like to provide my students with audio instructions since that is how they receive instructions in the classroom.  You must remember to click "original game module" under "available packs" before clicking "play" to start.  There are in-app purchases of teen boy and teen girl if you are interested.  I do not work currently with teens, therefore, I did not purchase those!

This app helps students increase sentence length with complex grammatical concepts.  It provides options in a wheel and a picture to describe.  Students must move each section to the word that will make the most sense to describe the picture.

Level 1: Notice how 2 sections do not need to be changed.  This is a more basic level.
Level 2:  The sentences get longer and more complex.  There is also only 1 section that does not require changing.  It helps to encourage students to try each one!  Which can we rule out first?!  For example, this picture below is clearly a boy, therefore we can rule out "she" and "me."
Level 3:  Again, the concepts are more complex in this level.

Once students select the sentence, they click "select" to get rewarded or reinforced if incorrect.  They are rewarded with a cute graphic and verbal praise.
At any point, if you would like to quit (ran out of time, student is struggling, or has proven they understand concept), you can click "stats" to get results.
Since there are no save for later or emailing options, I recommend taking a screen shot of this page to save. 

My recommendations for use:
  • Make sure your students have mastered the pronouns, verb tenses, and describing words used in the pictures
  • Teach students to try all and rule out definite incorrect answers
  • Encourage thinking aloud and talking it out.  Discuss what they see in each picture.  Write some options on a dry erase board or paper to help guide them.
  • I recommend using this app with older students (older elementary and older)
Things I like about this app:
  • Cute pictures and graphics
  • Multi-level for individualized needs
  • Allows for multiple attempts
  • Gathers data for a student
  • Fun way to work on a difficult skill
  • Easy to use and navigate
What I would like to see in updates:
  • Allow for multiple users at a time
  • Score saving and emailing for progress monitoring
  • A way to select specific pictures/concepts to use instead of providing picture/sentences at random
Overall, I think this is a great app for an affordable price ($5.99).  Many of you have mentioned that you are looking for more materials/apps for working on grammar and sentence structure.  This is one to look into for that!

iBooks review and giveaways!

As you know, I LOVE to use iBooks in my therapy sessions.  Here are a few reasons why:
  • Saves shelf space, no need to store actual hard cover books
  • More motivating for students
  • Many of the books comes with "read to me" options or a video presentation of the story which is different than me reading to my students.
One of my favorite iBook authors is Stan Resnicoff.  Below you will see two of his story books and he has generously provided me with a code of each to giveaway!!  These iBooks run through the iBooks app but you can find them in the app store! Keep reading!

I have previously reviewed  "Seven Ate Nine" by Stan Resnicoff.  You can check it out by clicking here!

It is such a great book and works on recalling details, vocabulary, and more.  The author was generous to provide me with a code to giveaway!!  Enter to win below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was honored to review another one of their ibooks, Who'll Do The Moo? 

This story is adorable!!  It is about a Hollywood producer that is looking for a "moo" sound for a show.  They host a try out and a variety of other animals show up instead!  Clearly, they cannot do the moo!  This story is great for working on:
  • sequencing
  • recalling details
  • cause and effect
  • predicting
  • working on animal vocabulary
  • rhyming
  • and so much more!
Just like the other iBook, you can read it like a book or watch it as a movie.

I have created a fun review worksheet to assess comprehension and recalling details.  I used Boardmaker to create it.  You can grab it here!

The author provided me with another code of this ibook to giveaway!!  Enter to win below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I love using iBooks in my therapy room.  How about you?!

Teaching Past, Present, and Future Verbs!

The developers of "Birds on a Wire" and "Slam Dunk Grammar" apps, Electrokite, has done it again!  They have an app that helps students identify and understand the difference between past, present, and future tense verbs!  Introducing, Cosmic Bowling!

This app follows the same layout as their other apps since they were developed orginally for an interactive white board.
Students are provided with a visual and introduction of the different verb forms.  You can get to this by clicking the "light bulb" icon.

By clicking the "game controller" you will be brought to the drilling game.

Just as the title suggests, this app has a bowling theme.  Students are presented with a sentence with a verb form included  They must select the correct bowling bowl and put it on the "target."  If incorrect, they are prompted and are allowed to try again.  If correct, they are rewarded by watching the bowling ball roll down the lane and hit the pins!  Go to the next sentence by hitting the arrows.  Since this app was created originally for a white board, you can always click the "pencil" and underline the verb for the student, write hints, or keep score.

If you click the "paint":

This provides students will an opportunity to use the verbs independently (or with models and prompts).  They are given verbs along the top and lines.  They can write the sentences they develop.  The bottom has "blank tiles" where you can write words of your own for them to use.  Other suggestions, you can write cloze sentences for them and have the student fill it in with the correct form of the words in the "word bank." 

At all times, if the students require prompting, you can click the "key" icon and they will be presented with a hint!
This is great for teaching students to ask for assistance and recognize the benefits of visual cues. 

Things I like about this app:
  • motivating theme
  • easy to use
  • visuals
  • opportunity to address receptive and expressive
  • many opportunities to drill this difficult skill that is very important for students to understand
  • relates to common core standards
Things I would like to see in future updates:
  • multiplayer options
  • score keeping
  • a way to see how many sentences were used and how many more are left (to help with planning)
Electrokite was extremely generous and provided me with 5 codes of this great app to giveaway!!  Enter to win below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I love to have non-iPad activities that go along with all of my apps.  I created a fun download that works on this same skill.

What does this download include?  It has sorting cards for students to sort the various verbs into the different forms.  Can they identify the endings or how they are used? 

Once understood, it is time to play and practice!!
Students play this game by drawing a card and reading the cloze sentence.  Can they identify which form from the choices can complete the sentence.  Can they explain why?  Watch out for the gators!  If drawn, they must give back their cards!

As you know, I love to provide a review worksheet in all my download packs.  It helps with creating follow-up homework or an "exit slip" to assess understanding at the end of a session.
You can access this download here!

Fall Describing Fun!

Fall is here!  Commercials for Halloween, screaming football fans, and cooler weather.  My students are working on learning the parts of speech.  One they have the most difficulty with is adjectives.  I created a fun sorting activity to help my students learn how to describe.  This can provide them with vocabulary to use in conversation, the classroom, and at home!  According to the common core standards, by first grade, students are expected to use frequently occurring adjectives (1.L.1).  By second grade, students are expected to understand and use real-life connections between words and their use (2.L.5).

What is in this file?  Sorting squirrels and the describing acorns!  There are 9 squirrels that contain fall-related vocabulary.  This helps with learning the theme vocabulary as well.  Can your students identify the category they belong into?  How about where you would find these items?  You can print and laminate and place the squirrels onto brown paper lunch bags or just display them across a table. 
 Print and laminate the 6 pages of acorns that contain describing words.  Can the students place the acorns in the correct lunch bag or beside the correct squirrel on the table?  Can they find describing words that can go with multiple squirrels?  Can they use the sentence strip "The ______ is _____" to expand utterances and use describing words in sentences.  You can display this sentence cue on a paper sentence strip or on a dry erase board.
 Review worksheet time!  Once activity is completed, you can have students complete the practice worksheet or send it home for practice.  Can they identify the correct describing word?  Can they verbally express another word that is not listed?

I hope you can find this activity useful in your classrooms/therapy rooms!  I hope by providing you with the common core standards, it helps with lesson plans you may have to submit to an administrator to prove you are working on the standards!  Check out this activity pack at my TpT store!

Introducing: Articulation Games!

Virtual Speech Center has done it again!  They developed a brand new app that addresses articulation.  Introducing, Articulation Games!  (click that link to view their YouTube video about the app!
 They used a candy theme (is that motivating enough?!?)!  This app was easy to navigate and use.  It follows similar styles/format as their other apps, Verbs NEWS and Multiple Meanings Library.  Here is a view of the settings you can alter to your needs for your students:

 Sound effects can be distracting so you may want to turn them off.  I like to display the text to help with confusing pictures and it is great for sound-letter correlation practice.  Now it is time to add students!

You can add multiple students and work with several at a time.  You can set different sound targets for each student!  The app also recalls the sounds you select which saves time for future use.  Look at all these sounds!!
Now it is time to select which activity to use.  I like to go in order since they range from basic to more involved.

Flashcards:  You can select what position and level:

Students are shown pictures (and text if you clicked that option on).  They can hit the blue "play" button next to the text to get an audio model of the flashcard.  Students can score themselves or you can mark it for them.  Mark how they perform saying the word with their target sound.  You can also record their productions and play it back for them!  Great for self monitoring and correcting.  You can compare their production with the audio model on the app!  So many ways you can use this.  When you are ready to switch users, all you have to do is click the arrow next to the user name on the top.  If you are working on multiple sounds and are ready to switch sounds, click the arrow next to the target label (red tab).  Whenever you feel necessary, run out of time, or used all 20 flashcards, you can click finish to get a score report.
Memory Game:  This activity is just like any memory matching game.  You select the target sound, level and complexity level.  Students play against themselves trying to find matches.  As they click a spot, they are brought to this:
 They are provided with an opportunity to say their target, score themselves, record and listen, and get an audio model of sound.  TONS of sound bombardment!!  Once completed with this, you may click the blue "X" in the corner to bring them back to the game board.
 Ready to switch users?  Just click the arrow next to the name tab.
Once you click finish, again you are brought to a score reporting page.

Artic Wheel:  Once again, you can select the various students, target sounds, sound placement and level.  This cute dog graphic helps you out!  He points to where you need to click to set up!

Once clicked, you can touch the wheel!  Just like Wheel of Fortune (LOL).  The wheel selects which picture/target will be presented.  Again, students can hear an audio model, self monitor by recording and playing back and rating themselves or you can mark how they did with the "check" and "x."  The wheel is just fun!
Sweet Spinner:  Again,  you select the student, target sound(s), placement and level.  Students touch the lever to spin the spinner.  This then brings them to their picture/text cue.  Again, in this activity you can use the audio model, record productions, and score their productions.  Can easily switch users and targets by just tapping the appropriate arrows.  Click finish once ready and you are presented with a score report.
Can't write down the data/scores right away?  Are you like me and your school does not have Wifi and cannot email the scores right away?  No worries!!  This app saves the scores under "reports" in the home page!!  Great for viewing later, checking past performance before playing again, and planning for future sessions.
Things I like about this app:
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Cute theme and graphics
  • Motivating games and activities
  • Multi-user and can work on multiple target sounds at once
  • Score reporting and saves it on the app
  • Easy to email score reports
  • Audio model of sounds and ability to record sound productions right on app (no need to take out your own recorder device)
  • bombardment of target sound opportunities
  • Great pictures used for flashcards
  • Can easily switch while using an activity to another level if student is successful or unsuccessful
Things I would like to see in an update:
  • Opportunity to practice sound in isolation
  • More CVC words
  • Setting to switch from one user to next automatically after each picture cue card
  • Conversation cards to work on conversational level
  • way to generate homework practice lists from incorrect responses
Overall, I think this application is great!  The developers truly understand what an SLP is looking for!  Check it out!!  You won't regret it!

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