My Thanksgiving Story: Writing/Telling Guide

My Halloween story guide was such a hit, I decided to create one for the Thanksgiving theme!  It follows the same format just with different graphics for the theme!

First, students can select from choices for the major story elements (characters, setting, problem, solution).  By doing so, this can help elicit the discussion of the Thanksgiving story and comparing Thanksgiving then and now.
 Then there is a page for them to go into more detail about each element.

Next, students can write a draft using story sequence.
Finally, students can write their story and make a picture.  I like to have them create a picture of the main idea to help practice that skill too.

I hope you find this activity useful like the other one!  You can grab it here at my TpT store!

Thanksgiving Wh- Question Board Game FREEBIE!

Happy Halloween!  It is the day to use up all your Halloween materials (if you are work today).  I am sad that I have been out all week due to Sandy and unable to use all the materials I created/purchased/found.  I guess it will have to wait until next year!

I decided to get ahead and plan for the next holiday!  I created my fan favorite freebie, my wh- question board game!  I used Boardmaker to create it (didn't require Internet to make it was a bonus).
Grab your fun copy of this freebie by clicking HERE!  Enjoy it!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Listening For Details Variety Pack!

I worked hard before my power went out to get a listening activity together.  Many that purchased my Listening for Details Halloween theme requested more activities like it.  I decided to make a variety pack!

In this file a variety of activities to work on listening skills:
-What’s in the treasure chest?:  Students listen to clues to guess what the pirates have in their treasure chest
-What’s being served?  Listen to the clues to know which food is going to go onto the plate next.
-Fun on the Farm: Listen to the clues to know which animals are in the barn.
-Be the detective!  Each student gets a coloring page.  They listen to the clues provided to guess which detective is being discussed.  They then must color the detective the color used in the description heard.


-Go for the gumballs: Listening for details cards with a board game.
-Dino Dash Listening for Absurdities: Card game to practice listening for details (incorrect ones for that matter)

You can access this at my TpT store!

Introducing, Rainbow Sentences App

While my computer/Internet is running through the generator, I figured I would post a review!  Going bonkers over here in NY, no power, no work, no nothing! 

Anyway,  the generous people over at Mobile Education Store, provided me with a code to review.  However, the thoughts and opinions are all mine!

This app uses the similar format/layout as their other apps.  You can create a user profile:
Adjust settings for that user:
I prefer to use audio instructions and correct answer reinforcement.  When incorrect, it prompts students to try again.  The line and word coloring is great when first starting out.  It helps provide a visual cue for students for placement in sentences.  I will demonstrate the different look later on!

Level 1: Basic sentences with only two parts.  Students are provided with a picture and sentence parts.  They must place the parts in correct order to make a sentence.

As you can see above, by setting the color cues "on", it provides students with assistance to allow them to be successful and independently.  After the sentence is produced, students can click "play" to hear their sentence or click "I'm done!" to move on.  They could also click "play lesson" which is great for students unable to achieve task.  I recommend showing this lesson first to introduce concept.
Either after lesson or if you clicked "I'm done" students can then record their production of the sentence.  This is great because it taps into the expressive language.
Students are rewarded with puzzle pieces as they get correct responses.  The first sentence is rewarded right away.  Then students must do a sequence of correct responses.  This just makes this activity more fun and motivating!
Level 2: Students are provided with a picture and a three part sentence to put in order.
If you chose to show the lesson.:
Students are provided instructions on the different parts of a sentence and their purpose.

Level 3: There are four parts of the sentence used!
If you turn off the color cues:
This feature is great when you know students comprehend and want to make sure.  Again students are rewarded in each level with puzzle pieces:
Like all of their apps, if you click "stats" at any point you can see how the student did on all levels.
If you click "archives" you can see the recordings produced by your students.  They are saved until you delete them.

Things I like about this app:
  • Works on receptive and expressive language
  • Teaches students about structures of sentences
  • Uses color coding to help cue students
  • Motivating with puzzle piece feature
  • Allows students to correct incorrect responses and reinforces correct ones
  • Fun motivating sentences and pictures
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Data collection and ability to email reports for safe keeping.
Things I would like to see in an update:
  • Ability to work with multiple students at a time.
  • A way to decide which sentences to use in a session.
Overall I think this is a great app with wonderful potential for SLPs.  A little pricey at $7.99, you can learn more about this app by visiting iTunes.

Candy Corn Question Cards, freebie

I created a fun little freebie to work on wh- questions.  Enjoy this one!
All you have to do is save, print, and laminate!  Use with any motivating game/activity.  Click here to grab this freebie!

Wendi's Magical Voice, book review

I recently ordered a new children's book off the Stuttering Foundation website. 
I used this book with my fluency student and he loved it!  This story is adorable!  It teaches students that it is OK to be different.  It also helps elicit conversations about what communication situations may be easy or difficult for them.  While reading this book out loud, students get to "act out" stuttering since the book incorporates the repetitions and prolongations in the character's dialogue.  My student was laughing!  He loved it!!  For $5.00, I now have a book in my library perfect for my fluency students!  Click here to learn more about this book! 

Anyone else try this book??  What do you think?! 

Articles: A & An...Review & Giveaway!

Electrokite has developed a fun and interactive app to practice learning and using articles A and An.
 This app is very similar in format to their other apps.  This company originally produced activities for interactive whiteboards and their apps follow that similar format.  There is a tool bar across the bottom which enables users to access all the features.
 By clicking the light bulb, students are provided with a visual of the rules.  If you click the robot, you get a verbal presentation.  Then, by clicking the game controller, students can practice using the articles.
 Students are rewarded when correct and have an opportunity to try again if incorrect.
 There is a pencil and eraser feature which is great for prompting students to assist them.  I chose to use the pencil to underline the noun the remind students where to look.  By clicking the "next" arrow, students can continue to the next sentence.
 By clicking the "paint" you are brought to this page seen below.  There are plenty of nouns and on the mountains are the words "an" and "a."   Students can drag those words to the correct places.  By clicking the refresh button students can try again.  I made students use the pencil to underline the beginning sound of the following word to cue themselves.
 At any point, students can prompt themselves by clicking the "key."

To learn more, visit iTunes.  The developers also have provided follow-up worksheets on their website!

Now you can win your copy of this great $0.99 app:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I created a fun download to use with this app.

This file includes a visual to help with understanding and recalling the rules:
There is a card game to practice using articles.  Students select a card and they must use their understanding of the rules to complete the sentence.  Once they do, they can hold onto their card.  If students pick the "funnel cake" card, they get an extra turn!  The student with the most cards at the end wins.

 At the end, there is a sorting worksheet to practice this skill.  This can be used as homework or review at the end of a session.
You can access this activity at my TpT store.

Election Language Activities!

I was searching online today for vocabulary/language ideas for the upcoming election. Many of my students are discussing the election in social studies.  I was not thrilled with what I saw out there.  It did not seem to address my specific skills/needs of my students in terms of speech & language.  Therefore, I created my own!

This activity pack is general and does not touch on specifics so it can be used again in 4 years!
In this file:

A KWL chart to assess prior knowledge and review concepts after.
List of vocabulary words to use to assess with KWL chart. 
Vocabulary Card Game: Sentences are provided with election vocabulary underlined.  Students must select a synonym from the choices provided.  Each card has a point value.  Once all cards are used, students can count their points to determine a winner!
Vocabulary Review Matching Worksheet:
Reading/Listening Comprehension:
"Running For Class President": An original story written by myself, Miss Speechie, which incorporates the vocabulary practiced.

A graphic organizer is provided to assist students in note-taking and recalling important details.
Comprehension task cards are provided to assess comprehension of the story.  Use these cards with any motivating game or activity. 
You can grab this activity at my TpT store!

I created a fun freebie board game that can be used with my comprehension task cards or any other election themed stimuli!  This freebie is available by clicking here!

Space Sentence Scramble!

Many have requested more materials to work on sentence structure and producing longer, complex sentences.  My students enjoy sentence scrambles in my therapy room.  I decided to make a fun, space themed pack filled with sentence scrambles to share with you!

In this file:
4-word sentences divided into 4 cards with 1 word on each.
5-word sentences divided into 5 cards with 1 word on each.
6-word sentences divided into 6 cards with 1 word on each.

Each sentence has the same graphic to help distinguish between them after you cut and laminate them.  I recommend using the same card stock or construction paper to back each set of cards to distinguish between the 4-word, 5-word, and 6-word sentences.

Take each set of cards and have students work to rearrange them to develop an appropriate sentence.

Sentences can be statements, questions, or both.

A board game is provided to allow students to take turns once they have produced a sentence.

Two review worksheets are provided at the end for home practice or review.
This activity pack is available at my TpT store!  Enjoy it!

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