Introducing, Go-Togethers APP! Review & Giveaway!

I was honored to be given the opportunity to try out and review an app by Smarty Ears.  This app, Go-Togethers!
 This easy to use and navigate app is great for working with one individual student working on associations.  There are 2 levels of difficulty and you can address receptive, expressive or both.  Here is a view of the "setting room":
 Once ready, you can click "tap to play"!  As you can see above, I used this with my younger students in a self-contained class.  We have been working heavily on categorization and associations. 

When working on receptive:  there is a verbal prompt and students can select the items that go with the item in the top middle.  I had them choose three.  This is also good for working on "which one doesn't belong?"

 Here is a look of what it looks like when students respond correctly.  The borders turn green and there is a sound effect.  Then you can click "next" to go on.  At any time you can click "done."
 Expressive task:  students are required to verbally express the "what" and "why."  I felt that the "why" was hard for my students to do independently.  I gave them carrier phrases and choices to assist.

When you click done, you get the results.  It tells the categories used, and scores.  You can email it right away.  I recommend emailing or taking a screen shot right away because it does not save for later.
 Another view of the main home page, you can click "menu" for the following options:
Things I like about this app:
  • Cute and easy to use
  • Addresses receptive and expressive and can switch between two within one activity
  • Generates detailed data reports that can be emailed
Things I would like to see in an update:
  • Multiplayer options
  • Way to select noun vs. adjective to work with
  • Data to be saved in program for later use.  This feature is beneficial for those like me that does not have WiFi access at work for the emailing feature.
This app is $9.99 and compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.  Learn more by visiting iTunes.

Smarty Ears was extremely generous to provide me with a code to giveaway to one lucky person!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Using Catalogs In Speech!

Does your mailbox look like this:
Hate throwing them away?!  I created an idea years ago to help with recycling and makes a free and easy lesson idea (or more!)!

How do I use these:
  • Holiday Gift Scavenger Hunt:  You can give students a sound, category, adjective, or verb and have them search through the various catalogs to find items that go with the named word.  You can make it a competition by speed or by quantity.  You can even have students give each other the words!
  • I Spy:  Give students a page and give them a clue.  Have them locate the item you are describing!  Students can then give each other clues!
  • Make a collage: give students a sound or word and let them search to find pictures.  They can create a collage as an art project to display.
Have you used these in speech therapy??? What have you done??!?!

Winter Listening Fun!

I noticed that my listening packs are my biggest hit at my TpT store.  I wanted to post a new one while the sale is still going on!!

In this file:

Listening for categories game: use the board game with the task cards.  Students should listen to sentence(s) and respond to question eliciting recall.

Color the winter activities:  give each student a copy of the coloring page.  Read the clues to the students and have them determine which picture you are referring to and then they have to remember the colors to use.
Building a snowman sequencing story:  Use this story, the graphic organizer, and sequencing cards to assist students.  Then students can pick a comprehension card to answer questions about the story and related vocabulary.  Each card has a point value.  Once all cards are used, students can add up their points to determine a winner!

 I hope you love this activity pack as much as the others!!!  You can access it HERE!!!

My Holiday Story - Writing/Telling Guide

My storytelling guides have been such a huge hit that I created one for the December holidays!  Yay!

It follows the same format:

Picture Selection:  Students will circle a picture (or pictures) from the following categories

Get Set Up! Write a sentence or two describing each selection you made on the previous page.

Then students will have a draft to practice writing in sequences and then have the opportunity to write the whole story start to finish and illustrate it.  I prompt my students to draw a picture illustrating the main idea.  This helps them practice this skill as well.

Grab this activity HERE!

Alice in Wonderland Skill Sets & Bundle!

Since some are looking for individual skill sets and other prefer bundles, I decided to let you have the choice!
 Skill Set #1:  Cause & Effect

In this file: Visual Posters
 Matching cards.  Can be used to drill or play memory.
What’s the cause card game:  Students pick a card and read the effect mentioned.  They must express a possible cause.  If they pick an “ace card” they get an extra turn!  The student with the most cards at the end is the winner.
What’s the effect card game:  Students pick a card and read the cause mentioned.  They must express a possible effect.  If they pick an “ace card” they get an extra turn!  The student with the most cards at the end is the winner.
 You can access this individual skill set HERE!

Skill Set #2: Following Complex Directions!

There is a card game for each type.  Use the page of “ace” cards: While playing the card games, use these cards with each type.  If student picks this card, they can either get an extra turn or lose their cards, up to you!  Student with the most cards at the end is the winner!
Print two copies of the “items” page.  Cut one into pieces and laminate the pieces and the whole page.  Use tiny pieces of Velcro to match the picture pieces to their match on the whole page.  Students will use these pictures to complete tasks in the card games.
Visuals for each type of directions provided for each type of directions.  Can use each type seperately or combine all together!

 You can access this individual skill set HERE!

Last skill set: Main Idea & Supporting Details

This pack includes a visual:

 Open-ended board game to use with the task cards provided:
Task cards:  Each card has a couple of sentences and two questions following.  One to elicit the main idea and another to elicit a supporting detail.
Review worksheet that can be used at the end of the activity to assess progress or homework.
You can access this individual skill set by clicking HERE!

Like all three?!  Click here to learn how you can get all three combined at a reduced price!!  Let me know how you feel about this new format!!

Holiday Sentences! FREEBIE!

I just love the clip art that I have purchased for the holiday season that I decided to make a fun freebie!  My way of thanking all of you for your support and kind words!  You keep me inspired each and every day!

In this download, you will see a fun open-ended board game.  You can use this with the task cards I provided or with any other stimuli!
Each "present" card has a word (various parts of speech). You can have students express the parts of speech or use in a sentence.
Grab this fun freebie HERE!

My other present is that I will be participating in Cyber Monday and Tuesday at TpT!!  Take advantage this opportunity to grab whatever goodies you have been eyeing!!  You can get up to 20% off!!!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Winter Word Fun!

As Cyber Monday & Tuesday approaches, I wanted to share a new activity with you!  Introducing, Winter Word Fun!
 First, there is a category sort!  Students can match the hot chocolates to the children drinking them!  Some items can be sorted into multiple categories.

 Object Fun Snowball Fight:  Students pick a card and must express the function of the object listed.  Once they respond, they can hold onto their card.  If they pick the "snowball fight" card, they lose all their cards!  The student with the most cards at the end is the winner!
 Compare & Contrast at the Ice Skating Rink: Students pick a card and must express how the two items listed are the same and different.  Then they can hold onto the card.  If they pick the card "I've fallen and I cannot get up" they lose their cards!  The student with the most cards at the end is the winner.
 Multiple Meaning Mittens:  Students pick a card and must read the two sentences.  They must determine which word can be used to complete BOTH sentences.  This will illustrate that words have more than one meanings.  Each card has a point value, 1-5.  Once all cards are used, students can add up their points to determine a winner!
 Making Hot Chocolate:  Practice sequencing, comprehension, and vocabulary with this sequencing story and activities.  Use the sequencing cards to help illustrate the story and assist in understanding.  Students can use the graphic organizer to take notes.

 Making hot chocolate review game:  students pick a card and respond using their knowledge of vocabulary and comprehension from the story.  Each question card has an ingredient for making hot chocolate.  Object of the game is to collect all 6 ingredients first.  I recommend playing in teams to assist in achieving this goal.  I also included 2 mug pictures to make the game last longer.  Use the visual page for students to understand what their goal is!

You can access this fun winter activity pack here!

Update from Miss Speechie's Speech Room!

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, my speech room has been BUZZING with Thanksgiving themed activities.  Here is a brief overview of some things you would see as you walked by:

Gobble Gobble Past Tense Verbs:

We have been using this card game in my grammar groups.  I paired this activity with my Syntax City and Verbs News apps!

My older vocabulary groups have been using my Turkey Talk Synonyms Game.

We have been pairing this game with my Language Adventures app!
My auditory comprehension groups have been using activities from my Thanksgiving Listening for Details Pack!

 I paired this with several apps but one I enjoyed much was my One Step Two Step app, by Synapse Apps, LLC.  This app has a great activity board for the Thanksgiving theme.  It gives students two-step directives to complete while decorating the picture!  So fun and collected data!

 That's my speech room in a nut shell this week so far!!  How about yours?!!  Share some fun ideas!!!

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