Winter Graphic Organizers for SLPs! (plus freebies!)

This HUGE download is filled with graphic organizers and activities to practice using them with a winter theme!

In this file:
-Basic Sequencing Chart

-Listening for Wh- Questions

-Cause & Effect:  Either use the sample provided or the blank form to use with stories or own concepts

-Main Idea & Supporting Details:  Use the two samples provided to teach determining a main idea and details based on information provided.  A blank form is provided to use with own stories

-Key Story Elements

-Venn Diagram:  Sample compare/contrast for winter items/stories are provided and a blank for own use

-Vocabulary Frayer Square:  Sample pages provided and a blank for varied use as well

-Inference Chart:  Use to help use schema and clues

-Winter Word Hunt:  Students can try to determine a winter word that starts with every letter of the alphabet.  Can be used as a game, vocabulary practice, or even articulation.

-Words That Describe Web:  Some sample pages are provided with winter nouns.  A blank form is provided as well for varied use.

-Author’s/Speaker’s Purpose

-Asking Questions During Reading Process: This will help encourage students to express questions  based on what they have read/heard and develop their own answers.
How do I plan on using this pack to reduce usage of colored ink?  I was going to make 5 laminated books for each skill and one of just the blank forms.  I will make 5 since that is my largest group size.  This way, I can easily grab and use these graphic organizers and they become dry erase!!  Easy to reuse with various groups!  But yes, I can also just print some in blank-and-white ink too if I want students to use pencils!  Grab this HUGE and helpful download HERE!

Not sure if this pack is for you?!  Try out this freebie HERE!

Baking Up Good Speech: Receptive & Expressive Language Packets!

Use these two PACKED-FULL packet of activities to promote and work on receptive and expressive language skills.  The fun baking theme can be used with Christmas, Valentine's Day, or any other of day of the year!

Receptive Language Packet:

-Cookie Category Sort: Sort the cookies by categories (mixing bowls).

-Wh- Question Bake Sale:  Students will pick a card and recognize the question form and respond.  Students need to answer the question to keep the card.  If they pick the “bake sale” card, they can take an extra turn.  The student with the most cards at the end is the winner.

-Donut Listening for Details:  Students will pick a card and listen for the details read aloud by a peer or teacher/SLP.  Each donut  has a point value (1-5).  Once all the cards are used (or time runs out) students can add up their points to determine a winner.

-Mixing Up Sequences:  Each card has four sentences with lines next to them.  Laminate the cards and provide students with dry erase markers.  Students must write numbers to designate the order the sentences should be in to make sense to take a turn in the board game provided.  You can use an eraser to keep using the cards over and over.

-Picture It:  Read each story to your students.  Have them visualize what was read in their minds and then have them draw it on the worksheet provided.  Then ask them the questions on the story card.
You can grab this activity pack HERE!

Expressive Language:

-Tell Me How:  Students will pick a card from the pile.  Each card has a task and the student must express how to complete the task.  Students should use the visual provided to assist in using transition words.  If the student picks the “bakery” card, they get another turn.  The student with the most cards at the end is the winner.

-Cupcake Ask A Question:  Each card has an statement.  The student must turn the statement into a question.  Use the cards with the cupcake board game provided.

-Donut Definitions:  Students will pick a card.  A word will be provided for them to define.  Students should be encouraged to use the visual provided to instruct in different ways to define words provided.  For each definition stated, they will get a point.  At the end, the students with the most points is the winner!

-Expressing Cause and Effect:  Students pick a card and read the statement provided.  They must verbally express the cause and a possible effect.  Students can use be visual provided to assist in understanding cause and effect.  Each card has a point value.  Once all the cards are  used, the students can add up their points to determine a winner.

-What Does It Mean?:  Each card contains a common idiom.  Students must express the meaning of the idiom in order to take a turn in the board game provided.

You can grab this activity pack HERE!!!

The Napping House: Companion Activity Pack!

One of my favorite books to use to teach vocabulary, sequencing, and prepositions is The Napping House.

I created a fun-filled activity pack that can be used with this book.  In this file:
-Sequencing Pictures:  Students can use to retell the story.  Have them place the characters on top of the bed in the same order as the story.

-Sleeping Words vs. Awake Words:  Use the vocabulary cards provided to sort into the correct categories.  This helps illustrate for students that many words can be used to describe sleeping.  Chunking helps students with comprehension and learning new vocabulary words.

-Comprehension Questions Game:  Help get the boy to bed by answering the comprehension questions based on the story.  Use with the board game provided.

-“On”:  Visual provided and “where” question card game to practice responding with the concept “on.”  If students pick the “flea” card, they lose a turn!  The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

-Following Directions Coloring Page:  Students must follow the multi-step directives in order to color each part of the picture!
You can have access to this activity pack HERE!

Top 25 SLP Apps for 2012

The time has arrived to crown the winners of my favorite SLP apps for 2012!  Keep reading to learn more about my favorites and how I use them in my speech sessions!
25.  Speech with Milo: Interactive Storybook:  You can see my review of this app HERE.  This app is great for working on auditory comprehension, answering questions, cause/effect, sequencing and vocabulary.  The graphics are adorable and the story is cute and easy to comprehend.

24.  Question Builder:  I previously wrote an app review of this app.  Click here to check it out!  This app is great for working on higher level question skills based on pictures provided.  This app is great for a quick drill at the end of a speech session.  The graphics are fun and gathers quick and easy data!
23.  Word Retrieval:  This app is developed by Virtual Speech Center and is great for students experiencing word finding difficulties.  It targets the various strategies that work with this group of students.  It provides a drill and game aspect!  Check out my previous review HERE.

22.  Tense Builder:  This app is great for teaching and practicing verb tenses.  It has a lesson feature which shows students a video to help illustrate how the tenses are used.  It targets receptive and expressive uses through cute picture images.  Check out my review HERE.

21.  Opposite Day:  This app is great for teaching and practicing identifying and expressing opposites.  It allows you to select from nouns, adjectives, prepositions, etc.  It even has a Spanish feature!  Great for bilingual SLPs!  Check out my previous review HERE!

20.  Go Togethers:  This SmartyEars app is great for teaching and practicing associations.  It works on receptive and expressive aspects.  It also helps illustrate how there could be more than one response!  Check out my previous post HERE.

19.  WhQuestions:  This app is easy to use and great for practicing responding to wh- questions.  Students can record and replay their answers for great self monitoring.  Easy to get student data and progress monitoring.  Check out the review HERE.
18. Question Sleuth:  This fun game is a great way to work on question skills, categorization, turn taking and more.  It is easy to use and alter the way you use it for students with different needs.  My favorite aspect is the fact that you can upload your own images and create your own categories!  Check out my review HERE.

17.  Rainbow Sentences:  This app is great for working on sentence structure and expanding sentences.  I love the matching color feature to help teach the parts of a sentence.  Check out my previous review here.

16. Articulation Games: This app is fun, colorful, and a motivating way to work on articulation sounds.  Who doesn't love candy?!  Check out my review HERE.

15.  Fun With Directions:  This fun app is great for working on following directions.  It is easy to use and allows for constant practice of a particular skill or you can switch skill to skill.  There is a light version and add on versions as well!  Check out my review HERE.

14.  Auditory Workout:  Have fun practicing directions and auditory concepts with this basketball themed activity.  What student doesn't love to be rewarded with a basketball game?!  Four categories addressed:  Basic and Spatial Directions, Quantitative directions, Temporal directions , and Conditional Directions.  You can even add background noise which is my favorite aspect of this app! Learn more about this app HERE.

13.  Sentence Workout:  This app is a great way to learn and practice sentence structure.  Virtual Speech Center does a great way of allowing introduction, auditory bombardment, and practice in a fun and motivating way.  It even uses a fun soccer theme!  Check out my review HERE. 

12. Social Quest:  This fun app is a great way to address social skills and higher level thinking.  It has a great theme and even allows students to place their faces or avatar into a knight!  It works on receptive and expressive social language skills in a variety of contexts.  Check out my review to learn more HERE.

11.  Verbs News:  This is a great app for working on verb tenses.  It uses a fun news theme and has great activities for teaching and practicing.  They do a great job of illustrating the past, present, and future tenses.  It uses auditory bombardment and tons of practice opportunities.  Check out my review HERE.  You can also have access to my follow-up worksheet to use with the app!

10.  Articulation Scenes:  If you are looking for an articulation app, this is the one.  It has fun themes and games for each sound.  It has printable worksheets for each sound which is great for carryover.  My favorite feature is the recording stories using sound bombarding images!  Check out my review HERE.

9.  Bag Game:  This app is great for asking and answering questions.  It can be great for social skills groups, fluency and articulation carryover activities.  My students LOVE taking turns hiding the items into the bag.  I use the EET concepts to teach students how to ask questions.  It is great for building vocabulary and defining/describing.  Learn more about this app here.
8.  iSequences:  This is a great app to work on identifying and telling sequences.  It provides pictures for students to rearrange and they are rewarded by fun graphics.  It even provides follow up questions that are related to the sequence.  See my review HERE.

7.  You’re The Story Teller: The Surprise:  This app is great for storytelling, story comprehension, expressing and recalling sequences, building vocabulary and so much more.  This app is great even with fluency and articulation carryover students.  Students can record themselves telling the story!  Opportunities for taking notes, target vocabulary can be provided, and more!  Check out my review here.

6.  Between the Lines:  You can check out my app review here.  This app is great for teaching social skills and social thinking.  The videos, audio clips, and pictures are great for teaching.  It helps elicit conversation about facial expressions, slang, figurative language, body language, and so much more!  Great for social skills groups. 
5. Custom Boards:  Although this app isn't one to use during therapy sessions, it is a great way to prepare for therapy sessions.  This app comes with TONS of templates and visuals to incorporate.  They are now trying out articulation sounds images to be used as well.  Check out a previous review here.
4. Wh Questions Island:  This fun pirate themed app is great for working on wh question skills.  It works on receptive and expressive skills.  There is a drill feature as well as a fun and motivating board game.  Students can record and replay their answers.  You can pick the question types to be targeted and use with multiple users.  Who doesn't love pirates?!  Check out my review HERE.
3. Syntax City:  This fun and easy to use app is great for practicing numerous grammar skills: plurals, past tense verbs, pronouns, has/have, and more!  It uses a city and allows you to even target different skills within the same activity.  You can have student A working on pronouns and student B working on verb tenses.  It is great and so much fun!  My students love winning the prizes (even though they don't get to keep them!).  Check out my previous post about this app HERE.
2.  Story Pals:  This app is great for those working with students with auditory and reading comprehension goals.   There are tons of stories already on the app with questions ready to go.  You can also edit the questions for your needs.  You can easily create your own stories and use question forms appropriate for your students.  I use this app to help prepare students for state-wide testing and add inferencing and main idea type questions.  This app collects data for multiple users too!  This app makes working on a boring task fun and motivating!  Don't forget to provide your students with graphic organizers to assist them in note-taking and teaching them what to listen for!  Learn more about this app HERE.

1.  Language Adventures:  This app is the most used app in my therapy room.  There are so many skills addressed in one receptively and expressively: categories, wh questions, synonyms, antonyms inferencing, and multiple meanings.  It uses a fun board game which makes the app motivating in itself.  You can have different students work on different skills.  There are three levels as well.  This app is great for data collection and progress monitoring.  I use this app often with my RTI students to help me document progress or lack there of.  You can review my previous review HERE.

I cannot believe 2012 is almost over!!  I hope you learned a bit about the apps most used in my therapy room this year to help you plan for 2013!!  Feel free to comment with some apps that would have been the top of your list!

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