Introducing: Minimal Pairs Academy App!

I was recently contacted by Smarty Ears to be able to check out and try their Minimal Pairs Academy App.  I love using minimal pairs to work on phonological processes so I was excited to check it out.  Just note, the opinions are all mine!
This app uses an adorable school theme.  It is extremely easy to use and navigate.  If you are familiar with their other apps, it follows a similar format and features.

On the main page, you can click settings to determine how you would like to individualize the app for your needs.

Once you are ready, you can make student profiles.  The app prompts you to enter the grade and age.  You can also select an avatar for your student.  You can enter notes into the notes section.  If you have many students using the app, you can enter what you are working on to help you recall.

Once you are done entering students, you can enter the minimal pairs academy!
You can decide which phonological process to target.  You can also select which activity or multiple activities to work on.  Then you can select which student:
Now time to view each activity. 

Auditory bombardment:  For this activity, students are presented with a verbal/visual presentation of the target.  They must select the picture they heard.  As you can see, they are presented with the minimal pairs.
Auditory Discrimination: Students are presented with a verbal/visual presentation of their target.  They must select the picture representing what they heard.  If students are unsure of the pictures, they can hear each one my pressing the "audio" button under the images.
Production:  Students are presented with an image with the target.  This activity allows students to produce the target sound.  If incorrect, or if the SLP desires, they can click the button to the right and show the minimal pair image.  Students can rate their productions or SLPs can do it for them!  I LOVE the option to show or not show the minimal pair!!!
Phrase Completion: Students are presented with a phrase.  Students must select from the minimal pairs which word would complete the phrase.  This is great to help with comprehension and how both are used.  Students can also be presented with the audio presentation by pressing the button beneath the pictures. 
For all of the activities, you can click the arrow to move onto the next target/stimuli.  At any time, you can click done to finish task, click settings to edit options, and even take notes!  No need for post-its while using this app!
When completed, you can always review progress and statistics in the "report cards" door from the main screen.

Things I like about this app:
  • TONS of phonological processes included
  • Ability for audio/visual presentation
  • Receptive and expressive activities
  • Data collection and progress monitoring
  • Multiple users
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Cute graphics and animations
  • Individualized for needs of students
Things I would like to see in updates:
  • A reinforcement sound or image for correct responses
  • Way to target sentence production
  • A way to print worksheets for review from the app itself
Overall I think this is a great app!  You can learn more by visiting iTunes!

I look forward to using this app with my Mitten Minimal Pairs activity!!

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