Valentine's Day Listening Fun!

Practicing auditory comprehension skills with this fun Valentine's Day themed activity pack!

In this file:
-Listening for Categories:  Use the cards with the board game provided.  Students must listen to the sentences and respond by using their listening skills and knowledge of categories.

-Listening for Cause & Effect:  Students will pick a card and hand it to teacher/SLP/peer to read.  They must listen to the sentences and express the cause or effect based on the question asked.  If they respond accurately, they can hold onto their card.  If they pick the “I <3 U” card, they get an extra turn!  The student with the most cards at the end is the winner.

-Color the Valentine’s Pictures:  Students must listen to the clues read to determine which picture to color on the worksheet provided.  The clues will also provide them with directions on what colors to use for each part of the picture.

-Picture It: Read each story to your students.  Have them visualize what was read in their minds and then have them draw it on the worksheet provided.  Then ask them the questions on the story card.
Access this activity pack HERE!

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  1. hi i'm your newest follower via Fun in ECSE! Nice blog, I will share it with my speech path friends!



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