Product Swap Review: There Was A Silly SLP!

Today I will be reviewing Teach Speech 365's activity: There Was A Silly SLP (Plurals)!  

This activity includes an interactive story that is an original creation from Teach Speech!  It is about an SLP that gets glue all over her!  She gets stuck to 12 different nouns (regular and irregular plurals).  Adorable graphics, great vocabulary concepts, and so much fun!  It was easy to put together using my laminator and binding machine.  I added Velcro to each page and each picture.  I found there were two ways to use it:

  • Keep the pictures Velcro-ed onto each page and as you read have your students "stick" the images on to the larger Susie page.
  • Take all of the pictures off and as you read have students find the images and place them onto the page.

The activity comes with plenty of follow-up and preview activities.  I chose to try out a couple of them based on the needs of my students.  As you can see below, there is a worksheet which I chose to laminate and use as a board game, when the students landed on the different school locations, they had to express what the SLP got stuck to in there and/or something else they could have gotten stuck to based on location.  There is also a worksheet where students can glue the images into the correct sequence.

Some other great activities included are: following directions cards to use with the images and the large SLP Susie page, sorting regular/irregular plurals page, identifying correct/incorrect plurals cards, comprehension questions worksheet, and follow-up writing activity.

One of my favorite features is the pre- & post-test page.  This is great for collecting baseline data and progress!
Goals addressed with this activity:
  • Plural nouns
  • School vocabulary
  • Prepositions
  • Cause/Effect
  • Wh- Questions
  • Recall
  • Seqeuencing
  • Writing
  • Following directions
  • And more!
My students impression on the activity:
  • They loved it!!  They thought it was hysterical that a person had glue on them!
  • Loved the hands on activity!
  • The images were easy for them to identify and express.
  • Laughed as we walked around the classroom looking for other plural nouns to write in the follow-up activity.
Suggestions while using:
  • I changed it to Silly Speech Teacher since my students don't refer to me as an SLP.
  • I narrowed the choices on the comprehension worksheet to two to help them out even further or I used the sequencing worksheet first for them to look at that and help them recall the answers to the questions.
  • Can do this activity over the course of several sessions in order to fit it all in!  Lots of opportunities for repetition and drilling!
  • I gave my students clues for each image beforehand to see if they can guess it with my descriptions. 
Overall, I think this activity is AMAZING!!  I cannot wait to see what other "There Was A Silly SLP" activities Teach Speech will come up with next!  Click the links at the top of the blog post to learn more about Teach Speech and her amazing activity!  Have you tried it?  Leave a comment below!  I would love to  hear how you used it!

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