SpeechPage.com Product Review!

I have been eyeing speechpage.com’s products for some time now.  I was thrilled when they offered to provide me with some of their products to try out and review for all of you!  It finally came in the mail yesterday and I was able to play around with them all day today with my amazing students.

Each product comes in a zip lock bag for easy storage and safe keeping.  The products come already laminated which is an extra bonus!  Some of them even come with holes already punched in for easy storage in a binder!

I will go through each of the product descriptions as well as how I used them.  I provided the various codes for easy finding in their catalog or website!

Wh- Questions Illustrated! (6A) Code: ILWHQ6A

This brand new product of theirs includes six pages of illustrated wh- questions.  There are 10 illustrations with 3 questions each to go with them.  That means 30 questions on each page!   This is great for using as “grab and go” stimuli to work on questions.  I used these questions with a game of Trouble and students took turns answering questions and if they needed the visual they had to ask appropriately!  I was easily able to switch to another question form for each student’s goals since there is a mixture of questions on each page for each picture.   This handy product is only $15.97!

600 Different Wh- Type Questions (6A) Code: LWHQ6A

This product is filled with TONS of wh- questions ready to go as stimuli!!  There are 100 questions on each page!  Each page contains a different question form (what, when, where, why, who, and how).  This was handy when I wanted to bombard a student with a specific question type.  I used this activity today with a student working on “why” questions.  After he responded, he got a puzzle piece.  Once he had all of his puzzle pieces he was able to put the puzzle together as his reward!  Some questions you may find:
  • Who scores a touchdown? 
  • What do we do at the beach? 
  • When does ice melt?
  • Where do we keep pencils?
  • Why do we open a window?
  • How do you feel when you spin in a circle?

The questions were motivating and also elicited some conversation which was an extra bonus!  This handy product is only $15.97!

Language Listening to Multi Steps 4D (Interactive!) Code: RLLMS4D

This product comes with four pages of interactive following directions activities.  There are adorable scenes and manipulatives with Velcro along the side for safe keeping!  The product even comes with a “cheat sheet” for you with directions to ask!  There are 3 details, 4 details, and multi details.  The “cheat sheet” also provides a list of possible concepts to incorporate (on, under, in, above, below, next to, between, around, and over).  The four scenes in this set include: lunch bunch, snack attack, dining disaster, and candy color chaos.  Each scene comes with 8 manipulatives to use while following directions.  Some examples of directions included on the “cheat sheet” include:
  • Put a pretzel on the counter.
  • Put a dog food dish on the table.
  • Put all the things we can play with under the table.

This is great for working with one individual student.  You can add to your directions and even have your students give you directions to follow.  Since there are four pages, I gave one page to each student in a group of four.  We took turns listening and responding to the directions.  Then I had students give each other directions!  We had so much fun!  This adorable product is $21.95.  This company also has 3 other similar sets to pick from!

Interactive Prepositions – Fun Scenes Around Us! 4D Code: BLCPI4D

In this adorable product are four laminated scenes with 5 manipulatives for each.  The manipulatives are Velcro-ed along the side for safe keeping.   There are also four pieces of Velcro within the scene for students to attach to.  You can use this activity as a following directions or just responding when provided with the prepositional concept.  You can use this as an expressive activity by placing the pictures on and then have the student express their locations.  This activity even comes with a visual of prepositions for the student and on the same page are possible usage suggestions for the clinician.  I love how on this page the visuals for the student and directives for the clinician are placed so you can sit opposite the student and still read it!!  Such a smart idea!  The prepositions targeted: in, on, beside, between, front, behind, under, over, up, and down.  The scenes included in this set: zoo, circus, carnival, and pool.  This is great for throughout the year themes!  This fun set is only $21.96!  This company has 2 other similar sets to pick from!

Things I liked about these products:
  • Came ready to go, no prep involved.
  • Interactive and colorful pages.
  • Laminated and zip locked for safe keeping.
  • Easy to figure out how to use.
  • Child friendly and clinician friendly!
  • Great for traveling SLPs.
  • Great for individual sessions.
  • Great for using with other motivating games/activities.
  • Auditory bombardment of targets.
  • Don’t take up that much space for those with tiny therapy rooms (or bags for traveling SLPs)!

Things I would like to see in the future:
  • Activities for working with multiple students at a time.
  • More literacy based activities.
  • Wh- Question games. 

Click HERE to access SpeechPage’s website and learn about these fabulous products and others!

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