Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ClickySticky! (app review & giveaway!)

Are you looking for apps to use in therapy over the summer?  How about stocking up on apps for next school year?  I have been fortunate to check out ClickySticky by Merge Mobile Inc.  Keep reading to learn how to use it and what speech/language goals can be addressed.  You can even win 1 of 3 copies of this app for yourself!!

This app is like a virtual sticker book that comes to life!  There are 7 different scenes/themes that will motivate ALL students!
- Underwater Ocean
- Aviation Pioneers
- Dress Up Dolls
- Arctic Winter
- Safari Expedition
- Dinosaur Adventures
- Space Explorers

Just click a scene, pick some stickers and place them onto the scene.  Then press the "play" button to bring the scene to life!  Each sticker character can be scaled, rotated and dragged onto each imaginary scene. 

What goals can be addressed?

  • Following directions
  • Spatial concepts
  • Answering and asking questions
  • Building vocabulary and sentence expansion
  • Storytelling
  • Turn taking, working collaboratively, perspective taking, and other social skills goals
  • Verbs
  • Categories
  • Compare/contrast: color, size, shape, speed, temperature, and more!
  • Cause/effect
  • Bring to life favorite storybooks that have similar themes/vocabulary!
  • and so much more!!!

How will you use this $1.99 app.  Click HERE to visit iTunes!

Enter to win the giveaway below!

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  1. I would use this app for all of the above and more!

  2. I would use this app for following directions and categories.

    1. I would use this app for many of the goals listed. I am a SLP_A and work with kiddos on following directions, comparing/contrast, vocabulary, concepts and categories. Thanks for opportunity to be in drawing.

  3. I use this app all the time with my clients and they love it! It really does address every single goal you listed above.

  4. Concepts, following directions...

  5. This looks like great fun! I'd use it for following directions, "wh" questions, verbs and probably a whole lot more! By the way . . . just a reminder that not all of us are on FB, so thanks for having at least one way to earn an entry if we're not a FB fan. :-)

  6. Looks like a great way to target following directions and spatial concepts, but could do so so much more with it too.

  7. Wow, this app looks great for following directions, "wh" questions, concepts, etc...I love apps that can target so many things!


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