Summer Resources & Ideas for SLPs and Parents!

It is June!  I know some of you are already on summer vacation.  For others, like me, summer is in the foreseeable future!  As I attend IEP/CSE meetings, many parents ask me what can I do to help my child over the summer maintain their speech & language skills.  Keep reading to learn more about products/resources I have create as well as others I have found that can help!

I have many summer themed activities (free and for sale) that can be sent home in a summer packet or used for those working during the summer months.  Click the links/titles to check out my blog posts about these activities:

What are some themes/vocabulary I use over the summer?!

  • Swimming
  • Beach
  • Pool
  • Camping
  • Ice Cream/Popsicle's
  • July 4th/Fireworks
  • Summer clothing
  • Hot vs. Cold
  • Ocean/Under the sea/Fish
What are some of my favorite summer books to use in speech?!

I have gathered a list of resources/materials from other bloggers, websites, and companies that can also help you out (mix of freebies, online games, and for purchase materials):

Summer Speech e-Club

Summer Homework Packet for Speech-Language Therapy


  1. Well this is quite literally - AWESOME!! You rock Miss Speechie!!!!

  2. Miss Speechie,
    Thanks so much for sharing a link to my Summer Speech eClub! What a wonderful surprise. It looks like you've been busy making all sorts of fun summertime practice activities too. Awesome! This is a great round-up of ideas.
    :-) Katie // Let's Grow Speech


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