Going To A Grocery Store: Language & Pragmatic Skills!!

Many of you have enjoyed my Going To A Restaurant: Language & Pragmatic Skills pack.  I've gotten requests "will you make more!?"  Yes!!  My goal for this school year is to have monthly community themes for my life skills students.  I plan to use my restaurant one and now I have a grocery store pack!!

This pack has similar activities and format to my restaurant one.  But I added a couple  new ones!!

In this pack:

-Sorting Items:  Students can sort the pictures into whether or not they will find them in a grocery store.

-Sorting Items:  Students can sort the grocery store items into the sections they may find them in.  Not all sections were included but the most common.

-Grocery Store Vocabulary Matching:  Cards contain a vocabulary word with its definition.  You can use these to teach vocabulary and for memory matching games to practice.  A worksheet is provided to review.

-Following Directions: Print and laminate the shopping cart and grocery bag mats and place them in the center.  Print and laminate the groceries and place them next to or around the mat.  Read the direction cards to your students and let them use the mats and groceries to complete them.

-Role Playing Fun: Two grocery lists were provided, one with pictures and one without.

-Role Playing Script:  Use this script to introduce how to act and what to say when going to a grocery store.

-Scenario Cards:  Students can practice expressing what they would do if they are in the situations provided.  A board game is provided to use as a reinforcer/motivator.

-Make Your Own Grocery List:  Students can create their own lists to use during role playing activities.  Great for eliciting conversation, problem solving skills, and more.  Feel free to provide students with grocery store ads from newspapers.  Let your students look for coupons to help them make a list and save money too!

-The Shopper Has:  This activity can be used as a file folder activity.  Print and glue onto a file folder the male and female shoppers.  For each item card, students must use the sentence strips provided to express which shopping has the item.  This activity can also be used to work on “who” questions, pronouns, and possessives.

-Who Can Name More?: You can use this worksheet as a competition between students.  You can set a timer and allow students to write as many items they can recall for each section of a grocery store.  Points can be achieved for each category.  The student with the most points is the winner!

-Parent letter: Feel free to send this letter home to let parents know about your grocery store theme!!  This will help with carryover of skills.

I hope you love this pack as much as the other one!!! Click HERE to access this pack in my TpT store!!!  Stay tuned for more community activities like this one!

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