Silly Sets!! ((product review & giveaway!))

I was recently contacted by Kim Patterson, an SLP that created a fun product for Super Duper Inc.  She provided me with a copy of it to check out and review for all of you!  She also promised another copy for one lucky winner on my blog!!  How amazing!!  First off, I love it when fellow SLPs do amazing things and getting a product published is a huge accomplishment!

Silly Sets: Minimal Pairs for Maximum Progress

This card deck comes in a cute, small box which is easy for storage.  There are 100 cards!!  The cards are color coded to make it easy to find what you need.  The cards are sorted by phonological processes.  On each card are fun sentences and cartoons containing minimal pairs.

On one side is a cartoon/comic.  
On the other side are sentences with minimal pairs:

How can you use this?
  • Auditory bombardment of target sounds/processes
  • Listening skills: can your students hear their sounds and discriminate between those sounds and its minimal pair?
  • Tons of opportunity to practice.  These cards will elicit conversation which will incorporate the target sounds/processes!
  • Great for showing students how when the sound is altered, it can change the meaning of the message.
  • Great way to laugh!!  These are just so cute and funny!  It is humor your students will understand!!
  • You can easily pair these cards with a fun & motivating board game or activity.
  • Have your students come up with their own comic strips!  Great way to add creativity to this activity!
Four different phonological processes targeted: 
  • Final Consonant Deletion
  • Cluster Reduction
  • Fronting
  • Stopping
Learn more about this $21.95 product by visiting Super Duper's website by clicking HERE!

Does this card deck look like something your students would benefit from?!  Now you can enter to win a free set for yourself!!! Enter to win below!

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  1. I have been eyeing this since the day it came out. I would love to win it to use with several of my kids!!!

  2. Great review! This card set looks really nice! :-)

  3. Looks great. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. I'm always trying to incorporate minimal pairs into therapy, so this would be an awesome product to use! It looks so fun and I know my kiddos would love it!

  5. This would be awesome to us with my kiddos. I just love Super Duper products!

  6. This would be an amazing product to have and use with my kids! Thanks for sharing and the giveaway opportunity! :)

  7. This looks great! If I don't win I will certainly purchase it! The kids will love it

  8. Thanks for all your hard work putting together this blog!

  9. This looks like an amazing product!! SO thankful for all these wonderful materials that make therapy easier and so much more entertaining :)

  10. this would be a fun activity to have. I have a large artic caseload this year and it would be fun to break up all the drills.

  11. How fun! I don't have anything like this. I think the kiddos will get a kick out of something different.

  12. Love reading the comments. Thank your for taking the time to review. Your blog is amazing!

  13. Auditory bombardment is a great approach but can be boring for kiddos. Nice to see something different and fun!

  14. When I try to develop minimal pair lists and activities, it is so time consuming. This would help out a lot and it looks really fun!

  15. I think my kiddos would love this! Thanks for all you do! :)


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