Fall Describing Fun Board Games (EET Companion)

Do you love the EET?  Have you been loving my other EET companions?  Are you looking for more describing and EET practice activities?!  Keep reading!  I created another!!  Woohoo!
This activity is a companion to the EET.  You would need an EET to use it!  In this file:

Help The Squirrel: Print and laminate the game board.  Print and laminate all of the cards.  Students should pick a card and read all of the descriptions for the bolded/underlined word provided.  They must determine which description does not belong!  All descriptions will reflect the EET “beads.”  Once they respond correctly, they can take a turn in the board game.  Can they identify which “bead” each description represents?  You can keep a score and students can earn points for guessing!

Help The Scarecrow:  Print and laminate the game board.  Print and laminate the cards.  Students must roll a dice and move their space along the game board.  Each board space will have an EET “bead” symbol.  Students must pick a card and describe it based on the “bead” symbol they landed on.  They must describe it correctly in order to stay on that space!

3 Review worksheets
You can access this EET companion and my others in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

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