Boris Ate A Thesaurus Storybook Companion Pack!

Have you heard of the adorable book, Boris Ate A Thesaurus by Neil Stevgen Klayman?  If not, I definitely recommend clicking the link and checking it out! 

It is great to introduce new synonyms in a fun and motivating way.  I decided to create a companion pack this way you can have ready to go activities to use with this amazing book!

In this file:
-Comprehension Questions Game:  Use the board game provided while answering the questions provided.

-Student Thesaurus:  Pages are provided for students to create their own thesauruses using the vocabulary words from the book.

-Synonym Review Game:  Students will pick a card and express a synonym of the word selected using their “student thesauruses” and their recall from the story read.  Once they respond accurately, they are able to hold onto their card.  If they pick the card “Munch Munch” they will lose a turn!  The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner!
You can have access to this companion pack by visiting my TpT store HERE!

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Inferencing Detectives Fun!

Since my Inferencing Party download has been such a hit, I decided to put together all the activities and strategies I use to teach my students inferencing.  Here you can grab it all in one download!  This will help introduce, teach, and practice using inferencing.

In this file:

-Visual to assist in teaching and practicing skill

-Fact vs. Inferences: Use the visual to sort the sentences into the correct category.

-What Happened To Me?:  Students will read or listen to the clues.  They must express what happened.  Then they can color a magnifying glass on the coloring worksheet provided.

-Practice Using Inferencing Words:  Each card has an inferencing word/phrase.  Have students select one and use it in a sentence or to answer questions!

-Story Clue vs. Experience Clue:  Help students recognize the difference in clues they find in stories with this visual and sorting activity.  Students will sort the statement cards into the correct category.

-Graphic Organizer: Can use with card game or review worksheet.

-Inferencing Card Game:  Students will select a card and read (or listen to) to the paragraph.  They must use their knowledge of facts, clues, and inferences to answer two questions provided.  Can they determine which probed for facts and which probes for an inference?  Each card has a point value.  At the end of the game, students can add up their points to determine a winner.

-Review Worksheet

Grab this action packed download HERE!!!

Good Night Moon Storybook Companion Pack!

Many have requested materials for lower functioning students and basic vocabulary skills, well I created a fun companion pack to a fan favorite storybook, Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.  

I created this pack perfect for students of all levels and abilities!  Keep reading to learn more about it!!

In this file:
-Board Game

-Comprehension Questions: Use the board game provided to answer the wh- questions about the story.

-Answering Yes/No Questions: Use the visual provided and the question cards with the board game.

-Plural Nouns Memory Matching: Use the cards provided to learn the vocabulary from the story and learn/practice identifying and expressing regular and irregular plural nouns. Use the cards to teach, practice, drill, and play memory matching games.

-Category Sort: Sort the vocabulary words from the story into the appropriate categories provided.

-Color Sort: Sort the vocabulary provided by color.
-Following Directions: Print and laminate the image of the bedroom for each student. Print and laminate the object cards (can let them share or make for each student). Read the direction cards and have students use their bedroom image and object cards to complete the tasks heard. Students will have the opportunity to practice listening for vocabulary from the story, prepositions, and adjectives.

-Verb Picture Identification: Each card has a verb mentioned and two images. The students must select the appropriate verb. Can use these cards with the board game.

Grab this fun-filled activity pack at my TpT store HERE!

You read the whole thing?!  Want to win this one?!  Leave a comment below with your email address!  One lucky reader will be chosen at random on Wednesday, January 30th!  

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Building Vocabulary For Older Students!

Many have requested MORE activities for older students!  Well, who couldn't use more activities to build vocabulary!!  After browsing age-appropriate vocabulary lists and books, I developed a fun activity to build vocabulary.

In this file:

-Vocabulary Matching Cards: On each card is a vocabulary word and another with it’s definition.  Use these cards to teach, review, drill, and play memory matching games. 30 vocabulary words included!!

-Parts of Speech Sort: Use the vocabulary words (cards from matching cards activity) and sort by noun, verb, and adjective to assist in comprehension of new terms.

-Identifying Synonyms Game:  Students will pick a card and read the sentence provided.  Each sentence will have a vocabulary word bolded and underlined.  They must use their knowledge of the definition and synonyms to select a synonym from the choices provided.  Each card has a point value, 1-5.  At the end of the game, the students will add up their points to determine a winner.

-Review Worksheets: Use these sheets to have students review and document new vocabulary words. (1 graphic organizer and 3 matching review worksheets)

Grab this fun vocabulary-building download at my TpT store HERE!!!

Does this activity look like something you would be interested in?!  How about a chance to win it in a giveaway!!  Leave a comment below including your email to get a chance!!  I will announce a winner on Monday, January 28th in the evening!!

The Paper Bag Princess Storybook Companion Pack!

You asked, I answered!!!  During my survey on Monday, one requested a storybook companion pack for the adorable book, The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.  

I love using this book with older students to teach some higher level thinking skills.  I created a fun companion pack that targets skills for multiple age levels!

In this file:

-Sequencing Sentence Cards:  Cut apart the sentence cards and have students place them into the correct order using their recall and sequencing skills

-Story Retelling Pictures:  Use the pictures provided for students to retell the story in their own words.

-Comprehension Questions Game:  Use the question cards with the board game provided to review details and key story elements from the story

-Vocabulary Matching Cards:  Each card has a vocabulary word from the story (or based on the story) and another card with its definition.  Use these cards to preview the vocabulary before reading the story and reviewing the vocabulary after reading the story.  Use these cards to play a memory matching game.  Use the Frayer Model page to help students review the vocabulary learned.

-Character Traits:  This story has three characters that can be described using character traits.  A list of character traits are provided.  Graphic organizers are provided for each of the three characters (Princess Elizabeth, Prince Ronald, and the dragon).  Students must use the list of character traits and evidence from the story to complete the graphic organizers.

-Compare/Contrast:  Use the Venn diagrams provided to compare and contrast characters and parts of the story.  Students should be encouraged to provide specific evidence from the story to complete the Venn Diagrams.

-Pronoun Sort:  Four pronoun cards are provided: he, she, it, and they.  Each card has a sentence strip to encourage complete sentences with has/have.   Students can decide which pronoun should “possess” or take the various items and use it in a sentence.  3 pages of object cards are provided!

-Perspective Worksheets: Opportunities for students to think about what the characters may be thinking!

Activities to target a variety of age levels and higher level thinking skills!

Grab this storybook companion pack HERE!

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Football Listening For Details!

Do you have boys on your caseload already talking about the upcoming Super Bowl?  Do find yourself running to the computer to Google so you can understand what they are talking about?!  Well, that is me!  I know some, but I do not consider myself an expert on the topic!  Well, I created a fun listening for details activity that incorporates fiction and nonfiction paragraphs.  It will help teach more about the game and its history too!

In this file:

-Open-Ended Board Game: Use game with the card activities provided.

-Listening For Details:  Students will listen to paragraph and answer a question requiring understanding and recall of details heard.

Grab this activity HERE!

Common Core Vocabulary Pack: Grades 5-8!

My common core vocabulary pack for grades K-4 has been a huge hit!  Now it is available for grades 5-8!!  It follows the same format!
 In this file:

-Vocabulary divided by grade levels and entire word list is provided for your reference.  For each grade level:

-Vocabulary Matching Cards:  Vocabulary taken from the common core websites, each word is on a card and its definition is on another.  Use these cards to teach, drill, review, and for memory matching games.  

 -Auditory Closure Task Cards:  Students must read or hear the cloze sentences and must determine the vocabulary word to complete the sentences.  Use the vocabulary from the matching cards if you need to give the students choices.  Use with any motivating game or activity.  Answer key is provided.
-Blank cards are provided to create your own vocabulary!

Grab this download HERE!!  I hope you find it useful for teaching and preparing your students for the common core world!

Birthday Celebration Day #5: Articulation Freebie & Giveaway!

I cannot believe today is the last day of Speech Time Fun's 1st birthday celebration!  I hope you have all had as much fun as I have!!  I hope you grabbed all the freebies and entered to win in all of the giveaways!  How about one more?!

I have made numerous articulation materials over the past year:
Where is my sound?
Mitten Minimal Pairs
Winter Speech Fun
Articulation Guess Who
Articulation Taboo Game Cards
Soaring into Space
and so much more!!
That is even not including all of the app reviews for articulation apps!

Now it is your chance to win the articulation download of your choice!!! Enter to win below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Some have requested articulation materials for working on /s/ and /z/.  Below you can grab some Valentine's Day themed articulation cards to work on those target sounds in the initial and final positions!!

Grab this freebie here!

Candy Questions Fun! (Asking & Answering Questions)

Do you have students working on wh- questions?  How about other question forms?  How about students working on asking questions?!  Do they like candy?!  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, keep reading!!

In this file:
-Three open-ended board games to use with the question cards.
Answering question cards:  32 question cards for each question type:

-Asking question cards:  Cards provided to prompt students to ask questions based on information provided.  A visual is provided to assist.

Other goals this download can address:
-Social Skills
-And more!

Grab this fun download by visiting my TpT store HERE!

Birthday Celebration Day #4!! Fluency Freebie & Giveaway!!

I often get requests for more and more fluency materials.  Over the past year, I have posted reviews and several ideas for fluency activities:

Speech4Good App Review
Wendi's Magical Voice Book Review
Movie Ticket Talking Download
and last but not least.....Fluency Pack! 

To help celebrate my blog's birthday, how about a giveaway of my popular Fluency Pack!

Enter to win below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now time for a freebie to use with fluency students!  This pacing board is an easy to grab and go visual to assist in slowing down pace for speed talkers and those that need to slow down to use their fluency strategies.  Just laminate and place with your other visual aids!  Students tap each box as they say words in a sentence.  Three sentence lengths provided!  Grab this freebie here!
Another amazing developer, Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development, were generous to provide codes for 2 of their IPHONE apps!  These apps are great for those that do not have an iPad and want to use apps in therapy or for moms with busy kids on the go!  Enter to win below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have You Filled A Bucket Today Companion Pack!

Many have requested more book packs and social skills activities.  I took both ideas, went through my book library, and decided my next companion pack should be for the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud.  

This book is often used by classroom teachers and I started using it in my therapy room several years ago.  There are so many great goals that can be addressed with this book!
In this file:

-Opposites Matching Cards: There are several opposites mentioned in the story.  There are also several words used that have an opposite.  Use the matching cards to review the story vocabulary through drilling, review, and memory matching games.

-Comprehension Questions:  Use the question cards with the board game provided to review the story and to work on recall, answering questions, and comprehension.

-Verb Tenses Sentence Game:  Each card contains a verb from the story in either the past, present, or future tense.  As a student selects a card from a pile, they must determine the tense of the verb used.  Once they respond accurately, they can hold onto the card.  If they pick the “happy” card, they get an extra turn.  If they pick a “sad” card, they lose a turn.  The student at the end with the most cards is the winner.

-Bucket Filler Vs. Bucket Dipper: Practice social skills and understanding of the story by sorting the actions on the cards into the correct category.

-Bucket Following Directions:  Print and laminate the page with the bucket for each student.  Print the “object” card page and laminate.  You can print a copy for each student or have them share (great for social skills).  Use each direction card to provide instructions for students.  Concepts included: on, over, under, next to, top, and bottom.

-Writing Activity:  Pretend to write a note to your teacher.  What can you say so you can fill a bucket?  What do you need to write a letter?

Grab this storybook companion HERE!!

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