Building Language Skills: Dice Game Fun!

Have fun building vocabulary and language skills with this three-in-one dice games activity pack!  Grab your dice and let the games begin!

3 games included:

Let’s name things! (naming items based on categories)

Tell all about it! (describing)

Recalling key story elements (based on paragraphs heard/read)
Each activity has a teacher directions page and a student directions page!  (gets your students following directions too!)

You can access this activity in my TpT store!

Wh- Questions Train Fun! ((and giveaway))

Do you have students working on wh- questions?  Do you have students obsessed with trains?!  Then this download is for you!

In this activity:

-Sorting answers to wh- questions: sort cards to “who” “what” “where” and “when” cards.  Can use file folder or sort on a table.

-Board game and task cards to practice responding to variety of questions.

-Visual for responding to “why” questions

-Why Questions Card Game:  Students will pick a card and answer the “why” question provided.  Once they respond accurately, they can hold onto their cards.  If they pick the “rail road crossing” card, they will lose a turn!  The student with the  most cards at the end of the game will be the winner!

-Wh- Question Picture Worksheet:  Students will answer questions on the worksheet based on the picture provided (who, what, where, when).

-Why Review Worksheet:  Students will match the why questions to the correct answers!

You can access this activity by visiting my TpT store!

Now, here is a chance to win this activity!  All you have to do is comment below!  I will pick a winner randomly Thursday, March 28th in the evening!  Keep checking my Facebook page to see if you have won!

Introducing, Describe with Art! ((App Review))

Virtual Speech Center has done it again!  They created a brand new app perfect for all of those working on describing and building understanding and using of vocabulary!  They were generous to contact me and provide me with a  copy to try out and share with all of you!

This app follows the similar layout as their other apps, you can edit the settings in the main page and you can enter in student names and great individualized lessons. As  you can see, you can use this app with multiple students at a time! 

Here you can see the two types of activities to select from (describing and follow directions.

The app uses an adorable "art class" theme and introduces the app to students with this cute cartoon:

Describing:  This requires students to use their expressive vocabulary to describe pictures presented.  They can record and play back their responses.  As you can see along the bottom, there are 5 paint cans.  You can use these cans to prompt students with what to say.  Since you rate whether your students are correct or not you can individualize this activity even further:

  • Can students describe independently?
  • Can they say all 5 prompts?
  • Can they eventually fade out the prompts and include all 5 descriptions on their own?!
  • Can even use EET strategies to describe the pictures!
For example, within the "people" categories, the prompts are as follows:
  • Who is it?  How old this person?
  • Describe his/her height and weight.
  • Describe his/her hair color, style, and length.
  • Describe his/her face, skin, eyes, and nose.
  • Describe his/her clothes.

Follow Directions:  This requires students to listen to complex and multiple descriptions in order to receptively select the image being described.  I recommend using this activity first to help illustrate thorough descriptions!  Can your students repeat them back?  Can they express how they determined their answers?!  The app allows you to select when you move onto the next page so you can wait and elicit conversations/questions on each page.

You can select after how many "trials" would you like to grant your students a reward.  I selected "5" since I did not plan on doing all tasks in the activity.  The reward, students can paint!  How fun?!  Extra bonus, you can have students make pictures to have each other describe!  Extra practice!

Whenever you are ready, or if you finish all the tasks in the activity, you can get data reports.  You can also access these reports from the main page!

Learn more about this $9.99 app by visiting Virtual Speech Center's website or iTunes!

Speech Journal ((app review & giveaway))

The developers over at Mobile Education Store has contacted me about a review of one of their apps.  Since I already had this one, we decided I would review and give away a code to one of you! 

Speech Journal is an app that allows you to be creative and use for many purposes:

  • Can use to make introducing concepts fun and exciting
  • Create social stories
  • Present and teach sequences of events 
  • Create stories using articulation sounds
  • And so much more!

You can create a profile for your group or student you are working with.  This allows you to archive files under that student's profile.  

I had fun importing images that I have saved on my iPad!  I have various images of cartoon characters saved that I grabbed from google images using Safari.  I recommend keeping images that can be used with a wide variety of apps!  Makes it easy to grab and go!  I also have images that I have created using "Paint" on my computer and coping and pasting images from Boardmaker.  I use these images for many apps (image spinner, mneemo, speech journal, and others).

You can add one image, add a recording (edit if necessary) and then save if you would like.  You can add images from your photos or you can take pictures with the camera!  This is great if you want to capture your students doing certain actions, can take pictures of their drawings, or even take pictures of places (around school, around community, or even the people around school)!

You can also add an image, add a recording, the click add an image again (but select to add to the current page) if you would like to create a sequence or story.  Once you are completely done, then you can save and listen to the whole creation!

At any time, you can click "archive" on the bottom tab to access saved recordings.

This app is priced at a reasonable price $1.99 since you can use it for a variety of purposes.  Now is your chance to win a copy for yourself!  Enter to win below:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Apraxia Ville!!! ((app review & giveaway!))

Smarty Ears has done it again!  They created Apraxia Ville, an app perfect for those working with students with Apraxia and/or articulation errors! This app is easy to navigate and use with a group of up to 4 students!  It uses a fun farmer theme which is motivating for young students!

You can input student profiles (through app or through Therapy Report Center) which allows for collection of data and individualization of activities.

There are three levels of activities included in this app:

  • The Sound Windows (sound production).  In this activity.  Students practice CV production with a multi-sensory approach.  They can see, move, touch, listen and even video record their productions!  This is great for those needed to see their articulators and monitor movements!

  • The Farm House (single word production).  This is great for moving practice to either VC, CV, or CVC productions.  At any time, you can click the sound windows to bring students right back to the sound production level if they need to "refresh." In this activity, students can listen, record, and replay own productions to monitor.  You can collect data in this task.

  • The Words Farm (multiple word production).  This allows your students to produce 2 or 3 words in a sequence.  You can  have them say the same word or sound.  You can also have them do a sequence of 2 minimal pair sounds.  Students can again, listen, record, and replay own productions.  Data is collected by you or your students rating the productions.

At any time, you can click done.  You are then brought to the reports page (this page is also accessible from the main page).  As you can see, you can also get homework pages from here! This is great for carryover and to show  parents what you are working on.  You can email the homework pages from the app.  You can also access data reports from this page.

Things I like about this app:

  • Easy to use
  • Cute and motivating farm theme
  • Address sound, word, and multi-word level
  • Multi-sensory approach
  • Homework pages ready to go
  • Connects with Therapy Report Center
  • Multi-user
  • Can use "quick play" if you do not have time to set it up.
  • Targets CV, VC, and CVC levels
  • Ability to quickly jump  back to sound windows page if needed
If you want to learn more about this $21.99 app, visit iTunes!  Smarty Ears was generous to provide me with an extra code to raffle off to one of you!  Enter to win below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Syntax Workout ((app review))

Virtual Speech Center has done it again!  They have created a brand new app, Syntax Workout, and it is great!  The developers were generous to provide me with a copy to check out and share with all of you!  Remember, the opinions are all mine!

If you are familiar with any of their other apps, it follows a similar layout which is great for figuring out easily how to use it!  Below you can see the setting options:

You can use this app with multiple students at a time.  It switches between them after each "question/task."  Since I am on spring break, you can see the student is "me." 

You can see below several different options of tasks to practice.  I do recommend using one task per student at a time.  This is because it sticks with one concept before moving on to the next.  It is great for drilling/practicing one concept type.

Students are welcomed with an adorable cartoon:

You can see below some sample pages of various concepts you can address with this app.  For each type, students are presented with a cloze sentence and 2 choices to pick.  I do love how the app will not allow the students to be impulsive and select an answer without hearing the entire sentence and both choices.  This is great for poor readers too!  Students are rewarded with a chime sound if correct and are reinforced for incorrect answers with a sound as well.  It also allows them to try again!  Once students select their response (receptively) they can record and play back the sentences to get the practice using verbally (expressive)!

After a selected amount of trials, students will be reworded with a bowling game.  SO FUN!  I had fun sitting on my couch playing this one :)  It keeps a score and lets students have 2 tries before starting again just like real bowling!

Whenever you feel you are done or once the 15 tasks per concept are completed you can click "finish."  You can view a report at this time or can click "reports" from the main page to check back and monitor progress.

This app is great because it targets SO MANY concepts!  It is great for drilling.  I will recommend teaching the concepts before using "old school" or without technology methods.  Once students start grasping concepts, I do recommend taking out this app and collecting data with it rather than boring worksheets!

Learn more about this $16.99 app by visiting iTunes.

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