Pocket SLP App Reviews & Giveaways! Describe It & Tell Me A Story!

Pocket SLP has developed some new and amazing apps just for SLPs!  I was fortunate enough to be able to check out 2 of them.  They were generous to provide me 2 more codes of each to giveaway to you!!  Keep reading to learn more about this apps and how you can win them for yourself!

Describe It:
This app targets receptive and expressing describing vocabulary and skills.  As you can see above, it allows students to practice describing and listening to descriptions of: animals, household items, transportation, clothes, occupations, food, and others!

DESCRIBE IT gives students audio clues in seven of the most important parameters for describing:  taste, touch, function, sight, hearing, smell, and category.  

DESCRIBE IT provides a “Study” section and two games to help generalize learning: “Pass It” and “Guess It”.

"Study":  In this activity, students are presented with an image and they are required to practice describing.  They can hit the icons on the bottom for assistance, prompts, or to imitate the describing words.  Can your students come up with other describing words other than what was provided for them?!
"Guess It":  This activity hides the image and just provides students the icons to touch to give them clues.  Can your students guess the object based on the clues provided?  How many clues did they need?  Can they express which clues gave it away?  I recommend using a dry erase board and have them write down the different items they can think of based on each clue given.  Then they can erase and/or add to their lists as they continue to hear each clue!  It definitely helped my students when I tried this one out with them today!  We made it a game as well, and kept score.  We tallied how many clues were required for each student.  The student with the LEAST amount of tally marks at the end was the winner!  We kept score on my dry erase board.
"Pass It":  This game was designed to play like the game "Password."  One student should hold the iPad and provide clues based on the image given.  Once the opposing student can guess the object, hit "pass." There is a timer. When the timer runs out, whoever is holding the iPad is the loser.  Students can then keep score for a winner!

As you can see above, you can select how many matches to have.  Another suggestion for use of this activity...I kept the iPad on the table and had students compete for who could express a describing word the fastest.  Once they named 1 describing word, they hit pass to move to the next image for the opposing student.  The student whose turn it was when the timer ran out was the loser.  We had SO much fun screaming out describing words.  For my younger students with more difficulties with this, we stuck with 1 describing concept at a time.  I used my EET to help my students with this app/game/activity!

Learn more about this $6.99 app HERE!

Tell Me A Story:
This app works on auditory memory/comprehension, sequencing, and story retell in a fun and motivating way!

This app allows students to watch 4 different classic stories in a movie form.  The stories aren't too long and allow for multiple opportunities of listening for sequences, problem/solution, cause/effect, and so many other key story elements and concepts!

Then they can create scenes to retell their stories!  
The app provides you with instructions although it was pretty easy to figure out and navigate/use.
As you can see above, you can select one scene at a time to add characters and items from the story.

Can you see the movie camera?  Just by clicking that,  you can start recording your student(s) retelling the story heard using the scene/characters/items selected!  These recordings are saved and can be viewed later for analyzing or student self-reflection.
Learn more about this $4.99 app by clicking HERE!

I will say that both of these apps are not "designed" for multi-users but there are definitely ways to use them with groups.  I had students working together on tasks which was great for social interaction and cooperative learning.  I used my own "scoreboards" as data collection.  I recommend using graphic organizers to assist students with the Tell Me A Story app!  It definitely helped mine!

Want to win one (or both) of these apps?!  Enter below!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Trust me, Jack’s Beanstalk Stinks! Companion Pack!

This download is filled with activities to use with the story, Trust Me, Jack's Beanstalk Stinks!: The Story of Jack and the Beanstalk as Told by the Giant (The Other Side of the Story) by Eric Braun.

Speech/Language Goals Addressed:
-Reading/Listening Comprehension
-Vocabulary/Adjectives/Character Traits
-Written Expression
-Drawing Conclusions
-Wh- Questions
-Common core skills!
-And So Much More!

In this file:
-Sequencing Sentences:  Students can use to retell the story.  Have them place the sentences into the correct order to retell the story.

-Adjective Sort:  Students can sort adjectives used in the story into “good” and “bad” categories.  Can your students recall or use reasoning skills to identify which adjectives were used by who to describe which character?

-Comprehension Questions Game:  Questions based on the story.  Use with the board game provided.  This game targets a variety of wh- questions and yes/no questions as well!

-Compare & Contrast: Students can use the Venn Diagram to compare this version & the original story.  You can decide whether to just provide students with a copy of the diagram and have them write in their answers or use the sorting sentences and have your students place them into the correct spot on the Venn Diagram.

-What Would They Say?:  A variety of scenarios are provided with speech bubbles.  Students should write what they think the characters would say.

-Writing worksheets: A variety of worksheets are provided to encourage higher level thinking such as predicting, drawing conclusions, cause/effect, and explanations.

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

BBQing Up Words To Describe Dad!

Are you looking for activities for Father's Day?  Are you looking for more describing/adjectives/character trait activities?!  This one is for you!

In this file:
-Sort BBQ food into “good” or “bad” categories to describe a person. Can also use food to teach opposites! These vocabulary words can elicit conversations about character traits, what could cause someone to behave a certain way, etc.

-2 Levels included of describing words!

-Students can create a hamburger craft for their father. They can glue the hamburger “fixings” and then color it!! The “fixings” are left blank so students can write describing words learned in the activity onto each piece.

-Hamburger Say & Color: Students must say describing words about their father in order to color each part of the hamburger!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

Fish Bowl LCR: Adjectives!

Have you ever heard of the game LCR?  I often play this game with social skills groups to encourage interaction.  I decided to create a fun version of this game to address a language goal!  Use this version of the game to work on adjectives while still encouraging social interaction in a fun and motivating way!

Using this game:

-Print and laminate one “fish bowl” and place it into the center of the table.

-Print and laminate all of the “fish.”  Provide each student with 3 fish to start.  Put the rest of the fish unused off to the side.  You will not need these fish.  ((20 fish for each level are provided))

-Print and assemble 3 copies of the dice page.  

-Print and visually display the student directions page.

-Students must roll the dice then must pass their fish based on what was rolled (see the student directions for further explanations).  Before students can pass their fish to the left, right, or center, they must express a noun that can be described with the adjective listed on the fish being passed.  Once the student is done passing or holding onto their fish (depending on what they rolled), then they can pass the dice to the next person.  I like to make students pass the dice clockwise.  Keep playing and passing until only one student is left with fish!

-2 levels of adjectives are provided so you can use this activity with multiple groups of varying levels!

-The only student remaining with fish is the winner! 

-Review worksheets: Review worksheets are provided for the 2 levels.  Students must express a noun for the adjective on each fish in order to color it!  There are also matching worksheets and cloze sentence worksheets as well!  **6 worksheets in all!!** 
You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!!!

Expanding Vocabulary Pizza Fun: EET Companion!

Are you looking for more EET companions?!  I have another one for you!  

Using this file:

-Print and laminate a plain pizza for each student.

-Print and laminate the toppings and place them in the middle.

-Print and laminate the visual/directions and display them for your students. If you have a Smart Board you can display this page on it for your students to see while playing. This will help them understand what they need in order to win!

-Place the object pile in the middle. Students will take turns picking an object. They must try and express as many describing concepts (EET beads) as they can. For each description mentioned, they can add the corresponding pizza topping onto their pizzas. Each topping is worth a point! Students will take turns picking an object and describing while building their pizzas until all of the cards run out (**40 object cards included!**)

-Use the score board to keep track of the points. You can laminate this page to use it with dry erase markers (therefore reusable).

-The student with the most points at the end of the game is the winner!

-A black-and-white copy of a pizza is provided to be used as a review worksheet!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

Introducing: Cute Food & Puppet Workshop by Jump App! ((App Reviews & Giveaways!))

Are you looking for more apps that can elicit TONS of language and are motivating as well!?  Jump App has those apps for you!  Keep reading to learn more about 2 of their apps and to get an opportunity to win a copy for yourself!

Cute Foods - Cooking App For Kids:
This is a brand new app and it is so much fun to use!  Students can pick an image and use food to "paint" it or bring it to life!!
 In the main screen, by clicking the "arrow" you will be able to start!

 Above you will see one page of the images to pick from!  There are 20 ready to go images and 4 options to "name that dish" which means student can create their own independent images without the black lines or tracing lines.
 Above you will see the palm tree picture I decided to use (can you tell I have summer on my mind!).  By clicking the "carrot" (vegetables) or "cherry" (fruit) students will be presented with a HUGE variety along the side to pick from.  All they have to do is move the images by scrolling to get more variety and different shapes and sizes.
 To use, touch the food and drag it onto the plate.  Once the student places it into the desired areas, they can move/rotate them and make them bigger/smaller using the green circles seen above!
 By clicking the "eyeball" on the bottom left, the black tracing lines are removed.
 If students want to change their mind of the images, click the "flower."  To change the plate design, click the middle blue tab along the right side which looks like a plate.  To change the background, touch the quilt looking blue tab.
 Once you are done, touch the arrow on the top left to bring down the options tab.  Above, you can see the "delete" or garbage can image, the camera to take a screen shot, and the audio button to put the music on mute (if too distracting).  Click the home button once finished.  The creation automatically gets placed in the "book."  Book filled up, or don't want to save them in the app since you saved them in your photos using the screen shot option, on the main page, touch the "for parents" tab on the top right.  You will be brought to the settings and description page as seen below.  There you can see the button to clear the cookbook!
What speech and language goals can this app address?

  • Following directions
  • Categorization & building vocabulary (fruits & vegetables)
  • Answering questions
  • Prepositions
  • Turn taking
  • Describing (colors, sizes, taste)
  • And more!

Have this app?  Considering purchasing this $1.99 app, I have created a free worksheet to use to help work on speech and language goals!  This is a way for students to document what they created!  You can access this freebie by clicking HERE!
Puppet Workshop:
This app has 20 puppet "characters" to pick from!  They each have a name and different themes (seasons, holidays, and generic).

 Once your students pick their puppet, it is time to create it!  On the right side there are tabs to pick from.  For all of the objects they add, they can manipulate them using the green circle tabs across the top.  This will allow them to rotate, shrink, or enlarge the items.  They can pick a variety of buttons to create the eyes or however they want to use them!

They can use "string" to create hair or however their imaginations take them!

There are bows, ribbon, zippers, chains, belts and more:

If students click the yellow "shapes" tab, they are given felt shapes to add!

By clicking the "scene" tab on the bottom right, students can change their backgrounds without changing their puppets.  Students can even put their puppets with a picture from "your photos" as the background.  You can have YOUR STUDENTS PICTURE in the background!  Or even their classroom!  I can name so many other ideas!!  

Once your students are done, you can take a screen shot using the "camera" tab in the top left.  You can also delete it or turn the background music off.  Once you are done, you can go back to the main screen.  Here you can see my puppet creation in the main page images.  Don't want it there anymore?  Just delete it!

If you want to change any names of the ornaments or the puppets themselves, just tap on them to change it!
What speech and language goals does this app address?

  • Following directions
  • Describing
  • Answering and asking questions
  • Requesting assistance
  • Turn taking
  • Characterization/emotions
  • Creativity/imagination
  • Pretend play
  • Categorization
  • Prepositions
  • And so much more!!

Have this app?  Are you wondering how you can incorporate this $2.99 app into your therapy room?  I created this fun freebie worksheet to use with this app!  This will help students document which objects they used for the various parts of a puppet!  This will help build vocabulary and direct students on what parts are needed in order to create a sock puppet!  You can access this freebie by clicking HERE!

Now it is time for giveaways of these amazing apps!!  I have 3 codes of each to give away!!!  Enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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