Fall Early Language File Folder Activities!

My back to school file folder activities has been such a huge hit, I created one for the fall season!  

Have fun working on vocabulary, categorization, grammar, and expanding utterance length with this fun 6-in-1 file folder activity pack with a fall theme!!

Using this file:
**All of the activities included can be used as sorting activities, file folder sorts, or adapted easily to fit your students’ needs.
**Tons of visuals and sentence strips provided!

-What Does The Squirrel Have?: This activity can be used as a file folder activity.  Print and glue onto a file folder the two squirrel images.  For each item card, students must use the sentence strips provided to express which squirrel has the item.  This activity can also be used to work on “who” questions, pronouns, and possessives.

-I Spy In The Fall Scene: Print the fall scene picture.  Students can use the visual to locate all of the named objects.  Goals to address: prepositions, answering “where” questions, describing, and using fall vocabulary in sentences.

-Could The Squirrel Do That?:  Students must determine which actions the squirrel could and could not do.  They must answer the yes/no question provided and use sentence strip to express complete utterances.

-What Color Is It?: Students will sort the fall items into the correct color category.  Each color has a sentence strip to encourage students to use expanded utterances as they express the colors.  

-Singular vs. Plural:  Students will sort the images into the correct category, singular or plural.  They will use the sentence strips to express what they see.

-Is It Made From Apples?:  Students must determine which items are made with apples and which are not.  They must answer the yes/no question provided and use the sentence strip to express complete utterances.
You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

Fun & Easy Ideas for Working On Non-Fiction Skills

So...I was sitting in superintendent's day this week and I was sitting next to a co-worker.  We were all bored out of our minds (shhh..don't tell).  I look over, and he is holding this book.  Now, it was extremely random but of course, my mind started thinking of how great this book would be for my students.  (Why was he holding this book, NO CLUE....if you know this coworker, you wouldn't be surprised).  

Anyway!!  This was the book he was holding:

Being the nosy girl I am (and bored too), I grabbed it and flipped through.  It was filled with paragraphs of fun facts and answers to questions kids may have such as "Was there really a Johnny Appleseed?" and "Which is stronger steel or a spiderweb?"  

How would I use this book with my students?
  • Teaching non-fiction texts.  Use graphic organizers to help students pull out important information.
  • Building vocabulary
  • Cause/effect
  • Predicting and inferring
  • Categorization: there are several "stories" related to similar themes/categories.  Can students group them together?
  • EET!!  Students can use their EET to describe the different items being talked about such as a spider web, dinosaurs, and more.
My next goal, to borrow this book and not give it back! OOPS..did I just say that?! Shhhh!

While finding this book on Amazon, I found some other ones that looked PERFECT for speech groups!!

Do I need to say more?! Yay, wh- questions!

What books/materials/references do you use to teach students curriculum-based speech & language skills using non-fiction texts???

Expressive! App Review & Giveaway!!

Are you looking for an easy to use, AAC app??  How about an app that you can also use to teach sentence structure?!  Or vocabulary?!  I was recently contacted by Smarty Ears and provided with a copy of their app, Expressive!  They were generous to provide me with a copy and an extra copy to give away to one of you!!!

Above, you can see the main page which is what you see when you open the app.  It looks like any other AAC main board.  You see the "sentence strip" on top.  You can open up "folders" which are the buttons with a "color strip" on the top left of the bottom.

Across the bottom, you will see four buttons.  The first, is the settings option:
The second botton, allows you to back up, restore, and learn more about the app.
The third button is what you click if you want to edit or remove buttons.  I recommend using this wisely.  You can always restore from iTunes if you make a mistake though.  Why would you delete?  Too many buttons for your student/client to scan and locate?  Did you create your own button and don't need it anymore?
The last button allows you to add folders and/or buttons.  This is great for individualizing this app for your needs.  Add vocabulary, people, in an easy way.
Below you can see me create a button for "speech pathologist" in the "people" folder!  It was so easy!!  I clicked "add image."
Then you can select an image.  You can access Smarty Symbol Library.  Yes, the same symbols found throughout the app and Custom Boards app.  You can also change the color!  I like to make all my "own created buttons" a special color so I can easily remember which I made.  Once done, you can hit "add."  You can see my button now on the page:

Here are some views of some folders:

As you hit buttons, it gets added to the sentence strip.  You can work on sentences by going through the folders.  Sorry, I was drinking a smoothie as I played with the app! 
Learn more about this app by visiting iTunes by clicking HERE!  This app is also on sale for back to school for $25.99!

Want to win a copy!? Enter below!

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Silly Sets!! ((product review & giveaway!))

I was recently contacted by Kim Patterson, an SLP that created a fun product for Super Duper Inc.  She provided me with a copy of it to check out and review for all of you!  She also promised another copy for one lucky winner on my blog!!  How amazing!!  First off, I love it when fellow SLPs do amazing things and getting a product published is a huge accomplishment!

Silly Sets: Minimal Pairs for Maximum Progress

This card deck comes in a cute, small box which is easy for storage.  There are 100 cards!!  The cards are color coded to make it easy to find what you need.  The cards are sorted by phonological processes.  On each card are fun sentences and cartoons containing minimal pairs.

On one side is a cartoon/comic.  
On the other side are sentences with minimal pairs:

How can you use this?
  • Auditory bombardment of target sounds/processes
  • Listening skills: can your students hear their sounds and discriminate between those sounds and its minimal pair?
  • Tons of opportunity to practice.  These cards will elicit conversation which will incorporate the target sounds/processes!
  • Great for showing students how when the sound is altered, it can change the meaning of the message.
  • Great way to laugh!!  These are just so cute and funny!  It is humor your students will understand!!
  • You can easily pair these cards with a fun & motivating board game or activity.
  • Have your students come up with their own comic strips!  Great way to add creativity to this activity!
Four different phonological processes targeted: 
  • Final Consonant Deletion
  • Cluster Reduction
  • Fronting
  • Stopping
Learn more about this $21.95 product by visiting Super Duper's website by clicking HERE!

Does this card deck look like something your students would benefit from?!  Now you can enter to win a free set for yourself!!! Enter to win below!

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Back to School Deals Like WOAH!

Are you like me, a school supply/SLP supply hoarder?!  Do you like good, sorry, GREAT deals?!  There are tons of deals this month at popular stores that can help save you $ as you get your needed supplies for the year.  

I have tried my best to gather as many ready-to-go links to help make this time easier for you!!

Where else can you shop?
Visit local dollar stores, Target Dollar Spot, Yard Sales, and Goodwill!!  You will be amazed with the fun finds!!

Did you know that many of the app companies are also having back to school sales?!  Check them out below!

Where else do you go to find great sales and deals?!

Soccer Listening For Details!

I don't know about you but my students are OBSESSED with soccer!  Every day at lunch, they can be found playing soccer on the field.  As I try to come up with activities ready to go for the new school year, I knew I'd have to get a soccer activity ready!  Who doesn't need more listening for details activities?!

How to use this activity?

-3 Open-Ended Board Games: Use game with the card activities provided.
-Listening For Details:  Students will listen to paragraph and answer a question requiring understanding and recall of details heard.  

-Fiction and non-fiction stories provided.
You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!!

Love It & List It: Organization Fun!

Jenna over at Speech Room News is hosting another Love It & List It Linky Party!!  As you can tell, I am participating!  Who doesn't love a party?!
How do I remain organized?! Well, I will be the first to admit, it can be VERY difficult!  Once the annual reviews start, testing, RTI data, and bombarded with laminating/prepping, it can be difficult!  Every summer I ponder "How can I do things differently?"

Last school year, I used my data collection book. Click HERE to view that previous post.
In one large binder, I was able to keep organized my schedule, important student information, parent/guardian contact log, goals, and data forms.  It really helped having everything in one place.

How else do I try to keep organized?  I keep a file holder on my desk at all times.  I label my files: to be laminated, to go home, to be filed, and "memo from speech & language" blank forms for easy quick memo to parents/colleagues.  I personally like having places to store things so it doesn't get too cluttered.  It also forces me to get things done in a timely manner.  

With all of the TpT products I create and buy, I have tons of "little game pieces."  How do I keep my entire activities together so no pieces get lost?
I buy these envelopes in bulk to get them cheaply (and in between, I run to the nearest dollar store).  This has worked best for me for several years now.

Have you seen my previous post about top 10 tools for my "speech toolbag?"  Click HERE to check it out!!

Now that you know some ways I've been organized in the past, how about some ideas I have for this upcoming school year?

I recently purchased from Target a 3-drawer storage.  I found mine for less than $10.  Best part, it has wheels!  I plan to keep this against the wall near my therapy table.  I plan to keep all of my fun "speechie gadgets" that I can never find easily right there.  This way I can easily grab it, wheel it over, and pull something out!
Are you curious about my gadgets?!  Haha!  I plan to keep:
  • Sentence strips
  • Mini dry erase boards and markers
  • Art supplies
  • Dice, spinners, and game pieces
  • BINGO chips
  • Bean bags
  • Index cards
  • Tap lights
  • Fun reinforcers like stickers
Once I finally fill my fun new drawer, I plan on creating labels (probably with Boardmaker) so I can easily find items.  This will also force me to put them back in the right spot!!

Have you seen Jenn from Crazy Speech World's speech supply toolbox?!  Click HERE to view her post.  After I saw it, I knew I had to implement this idea in my therapy room this year.  I don't know if I can be as crafty as she was with the chevron and labels, but I sure will try!

One other way I plan to be organized this year is by using my Speech Newsletters.  I plan on using them to easily notify parents and classroom teachers about the happenings in my speech room.  Click HERE to learn more about these newsletters and ways that you can use them to make your life easier (and to please parents/teachers/administrators at the same time..BONUS!).
As the new school year begins, I will keep you posted on ways I keep organized.  For now, these are plans and ideas that I hope to put into motion come September!

How do you stay organized?  Have you tried any of these methods??  How did it go?  Feel free to share in the comments!!

Going To A Grocery Store: Language & Pragmatic Skills!!

Many of you have enjoyed my Going To A Restaurant: Language & Pragmatic Skills pack.  I've gotten requests "will you make more!?"  Yes!!  My goal for this school year is to have monthly community themes for my life skills students.  I plan to use my restaurant one and now I have a grocery store pack!!

This pack has similar activities and format to my restaurant one.  But I added a couple  new ones!!

In this pack:

-Sorting Items:  Students can sort the pictures into whether or not they will find them in a grocery store.

-Sorting Items:  Students can sort the grocery store items into the sections they may find them in.  Not all sections were included but the most common.

-Grocery Store Vocabulary Matching:  Cards contain a vocabulary word with its definition.  You can use these to teach vocabulary and for memory matching games to practice.  A worksheet is provided to review.

-Following Directions: Print and laminate the shopping cart and grocery bag mats and place them in the center.  Print and laminate the groceries and place them next to or around the mat.  Read the direction cards to your students and let them use the mats and groceries to complete them.

-Role Playing Fun: Two grocery lists were provided, one with pictures and one without.

-Role Playing Script:  Use this script to introduce how to act and what to say when going to a grocery store.

-Scenario Cards:  Students can practice expressing what they would do if they are in the situations provided.  A board game is provided to use as a reinforcer/motivator.

-Make Your Own Grocery List:  Students can create their own lists to use during role playing activities.  Great for eliciting conversation, problem solving skills, and more.  Feel free to provide students with grocery store ads from newspapers.  Let your students look for coupons to help them make a list and save money too!

-The Shopper Has:  This activity can be used as a file folder activity.  Print and glue onto a file folder the male and female shoppers.  For each item card, students must use the sentence strips provided to express which shopping has the item.  This activity can also be used to work on “who” questions, pronouns, and possessives.

-Who Can Name More?: You can use this worksheet as a competition between students.  You can set a timer and allow students to write as many items they can recall for each section of a grocery store.  Points can be achieved for each category.  The student with the most points is the winner!

-Parent letter: Feel free to send this letter home to let parents know about your grocery store theme!!  This will help with carryover of skills.

I hope you love this pack as much as the other one!!! Click HERE to access this pack in my TpT store!!!  Stay tuned for more community activities like this one!

S...Peachy Feedback!

Over the past two day, TONS of you are written amazing feedback in my TpT store.  Thanks you Nicole over at Speech Peeps, your favorite SLP bloggers are linking up and giving back!!
These days, not only do you earn TpT points for providing feedback which can be redeemed for discounts or even free products, but now you can also win!!!  See below if you were my lucky winner.  Also, click the link above to directly get to the linky party and browse through the other SLP bloggers participating to see if you won from them!!!

I will honestly say, this was not an easy decision to make!  But, after going back and forth I made my decision.  How did I make it?  I love feedback which provides insight on how you've used my products.  I also like to hear what aspects of each product you like most so I can make sure I include it in my future products.
Thank you "speurifoy" for that great feedback for my Transportation Expanding Utterances!!!  I love using visuals as well and I am glad they were useful for you!!  Please e-mail me at speechtimefun@gmail.com and let me know which one my TpT products you would like as your prize!

Stay tuned to next month's S...Peachy Feedback linky party to see if you are my next feedback winner!  Keep that great feedback coming!  I do read each and every one!!  :)

Expanding Vocabulary Apple Picking Fun!! ((EET Companion Pack!!))

First off, I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.  Your love and support during this back to school TpT sale has been inspirational.  You keep inspiring me to continue creating and coming up with unique ideas that will benefit your students as well as mine.  As the back to school nerves kick in, it doesn't help to have brand new materials and ideas to help start off on the right foot.  With that said, I have noticed that MANY of you have taken advantage of my EET companion packs (and $ saving bundle). Many have also requested more materials to go along with the EET.  Guess what?!  I listened!!  In fact, I pushed it out so it can be available while the sale is still going on!  

PLEASE NOTE: **Recommended to use with the Expanding Expression Tool (EET) by Sara L. Smith.**

Using this file:
-Apple Tree EET Sort: Print and laminate the apple tree sorting mat page.  Print and laminate the sorting “circles.”  Each circle represents a different EET “bead.”  Students must take all of the circles that represent one object and sort it on the apple on the tree which represents the type of describing it answers.  Different colored circles are provided to help discriminate between the different objects being described. Then there are extra objects (black outline) provided to practice describing without choices.

-Apple Basket EET Fun: Print and laminate an apple picking basket for each student.  Print and laminate the apples and place them in the middle.  Print and laminate the visual/directions and display them for your students.  If you have a Smart Board you can display this page on it for your students to see while playing.  This will help them understand what they need in order to win!  Place the object pile in the middle.  Students will take turns picking an object.  They must try and express as many describing concepts (EET beads) as they can.  For each description mentioned, they can add the corresponding apple into their baskets.  Each apple is worth a point!  Students will take turns picking an object and describing while filling their baskets until all of the cards run out (**40 object cards included!**)  Use the score board to keep track of the points.  You can laminate this page to use it with dry erase markers (therefore reusable).  The student with the most points at the end of the game is the winner!  There are blank apples provided if you wanted to use this activity without the EET.

-Several review worksheets are provided!!!
You can access this EET companion in my Tpt store by clicking HERE!!!

Have you seen my other EET companions?? Check out my EET companion BUNDLE which will automatically save ou 20% by clicking HERE!!

StoryBook Maker!! (( App Review & Giveaway!! ))

Are you looking for apps to help your students express their creativity?  How about a fun way to retell stories they've read or heard?  How about a fun way for students to work together collaboratively to create a story?!  How about an app that allows you to create your own stories to present to your students to meet a variety of goals (answering questions, social skill, auditory comprehension, or build vocabulary)?!  This app is for you!!

Introducing, StoryBook Maker!!!  This app was created by Merge Mobile.  This app was easy to navigate and figure out!  Since I am not with my students yet and I wanted to show you this app, so I decided to work on a fun story to introduce the new school year and work on wh- questions at the same time!

First, I got to pick a title to my story.  Then I got to pick the page lay-out.  You can pick the lay-out per page.  I chose to pick the two images with two spaces for text.

Then, I got to pick my images/text.  You could pull from you photo library or take a photo right on the app.  This is great if you wanted to include pictures of your school, faculty or the students themselves.  Since you can use the photo library, you can easily import images from Google Images or Boardmaker.  I decided to use the cute cartoons in the "objects" tab.  There are TONS of images to chose from.  I used a cute alien, why not?!

You can easily edit the images and text just by following directions (yes, another goal for the students!).

Once you are done with your page there are tons of extras to add to make it prettier, fancier, and more motivating.  The tabs on the top allows you to add borders, backgrounds, and audio (yes, can record your voices, prerecorded audio, or even add music)!

Once you are done, or even if you need to take a break and go back you can easily find your project in the home page.  Just click the blue arrow in the top left corner to get back to the main page.
Once you are done, the app allows you to share the story!!  Yes, share it!  You can e-mail to parents, classroom teachers, or to yourself for safe keeping!
Guess what?!  Not only can you create your own stories, but there are stories already included in this app!  Yes, you can start using it right away!  You can use these stories to work on auditory comprehension, describing, sequencing, and more.  You can compare/contrast as well.  You can use them to introduce what should be in a story to teach key story elements.  You can find these stories in the main page under "public library."
I think I stress all the TONS of goals you can reach with this app!!  Are you excited yet?!  What are some other ways I plan on using this app this school year?

  • Use graphic organizers as a planning page.  Show students that stories need a beginning, middle, end, characters, setting, problem, and solution.  We will work together to make a "speech group" story or have group competitions to see who can use the most key story elements.
  • Using word wall vocabulary!  After working on new vocabulary, I plan on challenging students to incorporate as many vocabulary words into their stories as possible!  This will also include shades of meaning practice!
  • Fun alternative to social stories!
  • Way to introduce predicting, what do you think will happen next?  How do you know?
This app is great!  Guess what?!  It is only $3.99!!  Visit iTunes by clicking HERE to learn more about this app.  View their You Tube video by clicking HERE!  Merge Mobile was generous to provide me with 3 codes to give away!!  Enter to win below!!

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